Saturday, February 27, 2021

DrEAMi! #49 Chase Squirrels, Chase Away the Blues

That title came when I was responding to a comment left on Wake Up Make Up by Roseanne, and I liked it so much, I immediately named this month's post that! I was saying how I was chasing another squirrel and it was taking away some of the blah and blues that February tends to bring with its never-ending feel of winter, and longing for spring. Whether you watch the squirrels in your yard or you chase the squirrels I your sewing room, they certainly bring joy to us don't they?

Thank you to Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for this month's squirrel video. It's the best! It comes from this TikTok user. He has uh, a few squirrel videos, fair warning!

I had quite the squirrelly month! Warning: plenty of distractions to follow.
Squirrels interrupted squirrels around here.
Of course, the Project Quilting challenges are all squirrels because I do tend to drop everything I am working on and focus solely on the project, especially because both in February I started at the almost last minute. One was my beach glass mini, Varadero Vibe, and the other Mr. Whiskers. Each were true DrEAMis in that I did totally set EVERYTHING (even house duties for these two ha) to complete them, not stopping until that binding or facing was on!

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC) Card Trick quilt was going to be a second project to work on over four months since it required four colours, black and grey being two, which I planned to work on within the next few months because I wanted the quilt done for a Hands2Help quilt, and they are due by the end of May or in June, can't remember. Well, I had such fun with the pink blocks, and my binding triangle cut-offs (leader/ender project) were dwindling, so I thought I'd sew some grey blocks as leader/enders. And...totally got captivated, going into the black strings, and then contemplating sewing yellow for the fourth colour (which would have been great and don't think there isn't another gently tapping me on my shoulder saying, "You should make me! as a leader/ender of course)." Green (thinking Spring, and having a gut feeling Angela would choose it for March - update: she DID!) was the fourth colour choice. So that became a flimsy well before I had planned on it.
I'm hoping to get it quilted this weekend so I can add it to the Inspiration Collaboration collection for March. But I also chased mug cosy squirrels. Andrée of Quilting  & Learning- What a Combo! had ordered two from me, and then once they arrived, she liked them so much she ordered two more for other members of her family! When I was combing through my stash for suitable fabrics, well, need I finish that sentence beginning? So some of these are going in my Etsy shop, and two are going to Andrée... Those below were true DrEAMis.

The earlier ones were not quite, because some got interrupted by my Valentine's DrEAMi, which isn't a true one because I didn't actually quilt it, but I did make the flimsy as a true Drop Everything and Make it project.

And now thanks to Yvonne at Sew Yummy, who linked up a wonderful bear paw scrap quilt in a previous DrEAMi month, I've got another leader/ender project going...

How's that for a DrEAMi queen? The crown is securely on my head this year! Speaking of being 'all that', ha, if you subscribe to Make Modern, (see link on sidebar which is an affiliate link) the Australian online magazine (which is a really good one, and yes, I'm a subscriber and have been for a few years now, love them, and they've sponsored every one of my QALs), did you see my quilt? Here I've been keeping it under wraps, but you can see it in all its harbour-front glory in the email they sent out because they have three contenders for the cover! And my quilt, 'Heading North' is one! 😎

Last month we had more eye-catching projects. This beautiful fussy-cut PQ challenge is from Frédérique at Patchwork & Quilts.

Frédérique hosts a monthly linkup for works in progress on her blog, which is open now through Thursday.

Another pink project from last month is Pat's @pate393 table scraps challenge hosted by Joy of The Joyful Quilter.

And because this post is chock-full of distractions, I got an email yesterday from Connecting Threads announcing some new wide backs. I've only used them a few times, but oh, what a dream! (ha, see what I did there, not at first intended) No long seams or puzzle-piecing out a backing on the design wall. I really like this paint spatter one. Click the photo or the link (affiliate) to go directly there.

All right! On with this month's party!

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  1. I LOVE your cat quilt. I have a sister who is a "crazy cat lady" and this one may have to be on my to-do list as a gift for her. Glad you liked that crazy squirrel!

  2. Meant to comment about your potential cover girl! Yeah you (and my vote is in!) I also thought that paint splatter fabric would be good to have on hand for quilt backs. (great minds?!??) Have a good weekend.

  3. Zowie, what a month you've had! I need to up my DrEAMi game; I've fallen off a bit (at least with the posts). That squirrel and his tail action - LOL.

  4. WOW! You are certainly the Dreami queen! After much deliberation and back and forth trying to decide if I had a fav of your Dreami projects Card Tricks came out on top just by a swish of the tail mind you.

  5. You had quite the dreami month! I am starting to feel settled in enough that I might be able to scratch an itch here or there, but that has a lot to do with how long we keep remodeling on pause around here!

  6. Wow, you did well this month & here I am wondering if I can post anything actually finished. Been tidying the garden a bit too much, but hope I can join in before the link ends. The mug cosies remind of gum nuts. Ah, I got my email too & voted for a certain one for the cover..............(giggle). Take care & hugs.

  7. You've been busy this month! I've enjoyed following along with your squirrels. Lots of inspiration!

  8. Hi Sandra! Aww, thanks for the shout out and this title is quite apropos! You have the Grand Poobah of Squirrel Project for good reason. We had to drop every single thing in spite of needing a baby quilt finished, and make a Valentine's Day topper. The holiday window for those toppers is fairly short! I am going to check out Connecting Threads - I love wide backings and use them often. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. I had a sort of DrEAMI this month in that an idea took over and it's all I've worked on for the last 10 days, but it's far from done. I really need to set it aside and quilt another baby quilt before the recipient turns 1.

  10. Squirrels are more fun than the real deal! That squirrel vid really made us laugh! Some wonderful squirrel projects going on in your studio. I especially love your sea glass quilt. I'd like to make a Japanese version...

  11. Fun post today. Ooh! I hope that one does show up on Inspiration Collaboration! But, don't stress over a deadline. We don't worry a bit about keeping submissions in the right month. Anyone is welcome to join in anytime.

  12. I really like the exuberance of this post!

  13. Definitely the DrEAMi Queen this month! Lots of fun projects to chase the blues away!

  14. Wow Sandra. You are the queen of the squirrels this month. I’m impressed. 😉🐿 Carol