Friday, February 12, 2021

Wake Up Make Up

This small quilt was finished in January. As it has finally arrived at its destination this past week, and since my daughter reads my blog, I haven't been able to write about it until now. You've seen some sneak peeks  of sections on the blog and on Instagram. Well, here is what I made:

This was another design-as-I-go project and it was so satisfying. I saw the phrase 'wake up, make up' somewhere. Pinterest or Etsy, maybe something on Instagram. It stuck with me as a perfect phrase for the makeup mat Brianne had requested last summer, and which I'd made...but that was a different mat. Let me back up a bit...
Last June when she went back to work after working remotely because of shutdown, she started putting her makeup on in the early mornings at her kitchen table so as not to disturb Brady. She requested a mat about twice the size of the placemats I'd made her to rest her brushes upon. Her dad was going out there for a visit, so I said I'd send it with him. I made one out of scraps (here) because I didn't have time to do a proper nice one, since I was busy sewing projects for both Island Batik and Benartex. So now, with my freed up time, I knew this was high priority on the January list.

I used the paper-pieced letter from Sam Hunter's Quilt Talk book again. I really like this font, and it's fun adding words to quilts; I've been on a bit of a roll with that the past year... Lake and Trees; #StayHome; Avril Has a Jacket. For this mat, I used Northcott Toscana, as the background, Island Batik pink solid for 'wake up' and a variety of fabrics to make the diamonds and rainbow pieces.

The centre came together in a cool way. I had the phrasse done first but wasn't sure how to connect the two. I thought of the sun coming up in the morning, obviously. However, I'd seen a cute rainbow mug rug and thought that would work, and had the brainwave to use a sunny smiling face from Maureen Cracknell's "Sun Kissed" line which I used in my second Beothuk Star quilt. So I had the sun and a rainbow! Again, I did the stripe section either side of the rainbow/sun because I knew I wanted to quilt ribbon candy there. I'd just finished 'Love That For You' which is going to Brianne's BFF Michele, and had all the cut-off corners from making the hearts, so I thought snap! I can use all those twelve fabrics in Brianne's mat and make little 'diamonds'. So the two quilts are connected at the fabric level as well.

Quilting was fun. I love quilting on my Bernina.
Swirls in the diamonds with Aurifil 28 wt

Fun, wonderful pinks!

Loops and hearts similar to the quilting design in Michele's quilt filled the grey area. I bought the Art Gallery 'Cherie'  fabric a few years ago (2015! that's six years ago! Gosh I love my blog. That was a wonderful little trip back to when I made those, and a card from my mum is even featured in the post, a thank you for a bag I'd made her...I do miss her) to make makeup bags for both daughters, which they both love. I had enough left for the backing of this mat, and had the idea that I could maybe fussy-cut two heads peeking out of the 'make up' phrase as a more interesting border. I love it when inspiration strikes like this.

The back, taken outside when we had an incredible pinker-than-I-realized sunset:

I used the pink solid batik to bind it. I do love their solids!

It was a total surprise for her. I'd put it in the package with Michele's quilt. I sent Brady a little fabric bookmark too to match his book bag he'd requested a year ago.
one for Brady; one for a friend

And, in regular Sandra-style, I sent a late Christmas present for each of them, not exactly my fault this year as the company and Canada Post both had delays. She said I could include her text in the post:

Things aren't always rosy with either of my daughters, but my love for each of them never wavers, and when things are good, I am so appreciative of their light in my life. I love that Brianne's sense of humour comes through her sadness too. It's been over a year since I've seen either daughter or Brady, and although I've kept busy and mostly positive all this time, it does take a toll, as you all, I'm sure, know. As for 'that shit' what I had said was both the extreme cold they've had for over a week now, as well as the also extreme t-rump-style politics of the current provincial government there. 

This is another item checked off on my UFO list for my PhD project this year.

Nothing makes me happier than making stuff, be it quilty stuff or food stuff, for my daughters and for Brady, who has put in another request...😇

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: Original design
Size: approximately 21" square
Fabric: scraps and stash; Northcott Toscana is the main grey background
Backing: scrap of Art Gallery 'Cherie'
Batting: Hobbs cotton scraps 
Quilted: on my Bernina
Threads: Aurifil 50 wt various colours and 28 wt pink


  1. I love this mat for Brianne — again, so much thought and live in it. We are really feeling the toll of the bitter cold and pandemic isolation. It’s just too cold to even see my family “bubble.” Once the cold snap is over, I’m getting out of the house — celebrate by buying groceries. Ha!

  2. I can tell there is so much love stitched into that fun mat for Brianne. I know you miss those two, and you have such a special connection with Brady. Thank goodness we have technology to help keep us connected, even though it sure doesn't beat face to face.

  3. Aw, so sweet. This post went in a totally different direction than I was expecting. Given all we've been through in the last year, I thought Wake Up Make Up was an admonition about our current social/political climate. How fun that it was a literal use of those words. I hear you about not being able to get together. But now Brianne has a cheerful reminder of your love every morning. (And an aside--I see you used Aurifil 28 for some of the quilting. I feel like it's time to try some different weight thread. What do you use in the bobbin and what kind of needle do you use with it?)

  4. Awww, you had me in tears too. End of a long week of cold weather and I'm on the end of the phone when people ring up to complain. Oh well, thaw supposed to start on Sunday - then it will be flooding that I'll be dealing with. The quilt is lovely and I love the faces peeping out. Now I'm off to get a big glass of red wine :-)

  5. Oh, what a fun and proper makeup mat for the mornings. I like the touches of the prints peaking on each side as well. I sure hope we are heading in a better path with vaccine rollouts so that we can sometime in the year start to safely get to be with family again. Sending you all love!

  6. That Art Gallery faces fabric was perfect for the make up mat. Don't you love when find just the right fabric in your very own stash. As we approach a year of these awful stay-at-home/social distance edicts, it is wearing on the soul. While the vaccine does bring hope, the distribution is very chaotic here and I still don't think we will be safe to travel until much later in 2021 than we had all hoped.

  7. I am crying reading this. It is so hard. I have grandnieces I haven't met, an aunt and siblings and nieces and nephews that I have not seen. I am feeling hopeful (maybe too much) that I will be vaccinated in April (the pace is picking up a bit here). OH, and the makeup mat is just fabulous - what daughter wouldn't love that! Wishing you more light each day as we get closer to seeing our loved ones.

  8. Like Kathleen I am crying reading this post. Your love of family is shining through the words, even while the sadness of just missing them is always there. CBC on the radio while cooking is such a Canadian thing that so many of us share. What a sweet, thoughtful gift and yes, Brady’s wonderful bookmark would have brought on the tears in Brianne’s household. Here’s hoping the Provincial Governments will get it together and have uniform guidelines for us all so we can see and hug our families sooner.

  9. The mat is lovely & I like how your inspiration pops in at odd moments & then comes together so well. Wish I'd seen that backing fabric at some time, especially with that name for my DD. Oh boy, I can see why you are so upset & know how it feels with not seeing children & grandchildren with most of ours out of reach as well. Tough times for all. Take care, stay safe & enjoy the extra time for your own sewing. Hugs from down under.

  10. Oh Sandra I can feel your pain of not being with family. What a lovely mat and those faces peaking out perfect! The love for Brianne shines through in this piece. Take care and sending hugs.

  11. It is really difficult being separated from family. My nieces and I do facetime when I am at Mom's so they can see their grandmother. A close friend and I zoom every night to visit and not feel so isolate.

  12. What a loving way for Brianne to wake up and make up every morning! Neat bookmarks for Brady, too!

  13. Lovely sewing, such a special gift, and I love the cute wee bookmark/s for Brady too. These times are so hard for so many, I hope the roll out of the vaccines, etc, heeds a return to better times.

  14. Hi Sandra! Aww, B&B loved the care package I am certain of that. It's like getting a big 'ole {{hug}} from mom/Nana just when you didn't even know you really needed it. How nice to send Brady the bookmark and a spare for a friend. Love that idea! Wake Up Make Up turned out so darn cute. Sorry you're having to deal with #45-type politics. Ugg. ~smile~ Roseanne

  15. a beautiful gift! it would be great to a friend of mine! thanks for inspiration!

  16. What a great idea, and perfect with the quilted hearts!