Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Captiva Meadow for Just One Charm Pack Blog Hop

Welcome to my stop on Cheryl's second book release blog hop! I am so happy to be a part of her book release hop once again. This new book is just the ticket for those of us who have a charm pack (or ten) hanging around. All you need is what the title says, "just one", and a little bit of yardage to make any of the wonderful quilts in the book. I chose to make Blossom Chains.

I love designs that make your eye fly over a quilt. I also immediately saw the large plus-shape negative space between the diagonals and zip! knew I would do a little fancy quilting in there. You can hop over to Cheryl's blog, Meadow Mist Designs, to get links to all the stops on the hop. Links to purchase her book are at the end of this post.

Here is Cheryl's Blossom Chains from the book.
Credit: C&T Publishing

Cheryl gives two colourways in her book for each quilt, something I really appreciate, as it can change the entire look/vibe of a quilt. Yvonne of Quilting JetGirl made a second version of Blossom Chains. You could have knocked me over with a ... blossom when I saw she'd made this quilt. Why? Well, in Cheryl's first book hop, Yvonne and I chose the same quilt to make then too, Kaleidoscope Plus! I love the green background she used, and her spiral quilting.
Credit: C&T Publishing

So I've had this Captiva charm pack (well I actually have two, since there are only 32 charms per pack), for two or three years, and in my 'stop saving this fabric; use it!' motto this year, that's what I did. After all, I even had yardage in the Captiva line, since I had originally intended to use it to remake one of my first patterns, Pocketful of Sunshine, in these colours. I did remake that pattern, but I'd found the turquoise and yellows in a Zen Chic line, so used that instead. So you're thinking, wait, you had two sets of charm packs plus yardage in these sunshine colours, just from different fabric companies? Yep. As Cheryl said to me, "How can one go wrong with teal and yellow?"

I wanted to be a little different from both of these quilts, and one thing I knew I'd do, which Yvonne also did, was control the colours rather than do random as Cheryl did. I controlled not only the colours, but the prints. I know that yellow draws the eye, so I was sure to place those prints along the main diagonal lines in the quilt.

This meant I used my design wall the entire time, and didn't follow Cheryl's order of constructing the block parts. (shh)

The other change I made was to add four cornerstones in the final border, as opposed to doing it all white. This carried the diagonal movement right out to the edges, and that diagonal movement is what caught my eye in the first place. The flimsy still came together quickly.

I used my Quilted Pineapple ruler and a Blue Line marker to sketch the swooping diamond shape I could see in my mind's eye. I wanted some curves to contrast the linear feel of the quilt.

Everyone knows how much I love quilting feathers, so I thought I'd put feathers inside the echoed lines (echo, echo, echo! I still hear you in my head Judy!) and that's just what I did. Know that I first stabilized the quilt with SITD between the block rows, and that I am not afraid to roll a quilt back and forth on the frames to be able to stitch the continuous outside shape of the swooping diamond.

It took a bit to get my brain around the orientation of the feathers! I used the innermost echoed line as the spine, and FMQ-built them from the top down two sides, and then up from the bottom of the swooping diamond. Echoed those puppies three times. I've fallen in love this year with grid fills, since I used one in my latest published quilt for Make Modern (affiliate link), Heading North. I may have also used it on an upcoming quilt for their next issue... So I thought it would look good inside the diamonds, and it does, though this grid is just 1/2" apart. I used Superior Threads So Fine for the diamonds and Aurifil #2843 for the lines. It blended in so well across the printed fabrics and white background. The turquoise was for topstitching down the teal binding.

Behind the diamonds I divided the quilt into quarters and did straight lines, 1" apart, alternating horizontal and vertical. Theme-wise it connects to the grid inside the diamonds.
before binding on the design wall

Binding was the same teal fabric that the 'L' frames are. I took it out in the setting sun that night for a photo. Despite the grass that makes the quilt look all bumpy, the angle of the sun shows up the texture so well! 100% polyester batting helps too.

The next morning I tried for a more flat shot in the newly risen sun...
Do you see who I see?!

I used up almost all the main Captiva print I had for the backing. I was so glad this fabric is 45" wide because I did not have to piece it, though I had to be super-duper-careful about loading it and aligning the layers - oof-dah - as my Scandinavian friends would quip.

I worked my initials into a corner as per usual.

A closer look at the label:
Captiva Meadow - the name of the fabric line with a nod to Cheryl!

I was thinking of selling this quilt in my Etsy shop, but I am quite smitten with it, so I haven't decided just yet. Here's one last glamour shot in the garden. You get the idea that this is a decent-sized little quilt! A great small-ish lap quilt. I've washed it and it's crinkled up so nicely.

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: Blossom Chains by Meadow Mist Designs
Size:  44.5" x 44.5"
Fabric: Captiva by Connecting Threads (affiliate link)
Backing:  as above
Batting:100% polyester by I think Fairfield
Quilted: on Avril: 52 986 stitches
Threads: pieced with Gütermann; quilted with Superior and Aurifil, The Bottom Line in the bobbin

You can purchase Cheryl's book on Amazon or  get a signed copy in her shop. If you do purchase a signed copy there is a bonus: she will send you one free stand alone additional pattern of hers, digital or printed, by adding the book and a stand alone pattern ($12 value) and using the coupon HOPPATTERN during checkout! This offer is good through the end of the book hop which is July 29! That's a pretty sweet deal.


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