Saturday, July 31, 2021

DrEAMi! #54

Welcome to the July linkup of DrEAMi where we celebrate and share our 'off-track' moments! I shared this meme from Carol last year, but when Tish The Madd Quilter, brought it to my attention, and I saw it again on Carol's blog this week, QuiltSchmilt, I knew it was such an apt description for this party that I had to use it again.
I mean, it's perfect for what happens to us. All right, come on in and let's see what distractions we've been chasing in July.
I was a bad host last month and never did visit the linkups, so please accept my apologies. It was a very busy month in the sewing room, and we spent the last two days of June running around the Toronto area. I had three quilt commitments, the biggest for (affiliate link) Make Modern (can't wait to reveal it!), one for Cheryl's new book blog hop, Captiva Meadow, and something, wasn't sure exactly what, but knew it would be a quilt, remaking one of my patterns, for Sarah's Christmas in July blog hop.

Well that remaking of a quilt turned into a DrEAMi, because instead of doing the one I'd originally thought of, for which the pattern was already released, I thought why not do that very popular, according to Benartex, Let Your Star Shine quilt and get the pattern released too? I mean what's a little more pressure? Besides, it would get some good exposure through Sarah's hop. So I dropped everything else and got not only the quilt done and listed in my Etsy shop, but also the pattern. You can read the post on Joyful Star for Sarah's hop here.
The quilt pattern is for sale here, or see the new widget on my sidebar.

Well, this little DrEAMi of mine, gave birth to a few other DrEAMis that I know will be linked up below, so be sure to check them out as wow, wow, they are marvelous. See photo collage I made from the Instagram posts.

Clockwise from top left: Carol @quiltschmilt; the next two are Tish @tishnwonderland; and the bottom left is Wendy @piecefulwendy

Rose calls me the mmm-nabler for a few reasons (inspiring fabric purchases and quilt makes) and apparently I was in fine form last month and didn't even realize it.

turquoise heart cushion cover that I made actually two of in May, inspired a DrEAMi for Kate at Arts and Socks!
You have to read her post about this hanging for the pulpit, called an antependium (new word for me, and I love it) in her church and what else she made to go with it for the Pride.

And, I guess I inspired yet another, with my gingham quilt DrEAMi, (which, in turn, was inspired by Nancy at Grace and Peace Quilting).

Carol at QuiltSchmilt not only made one, but two!
Be sure to check out the second gingham quilt; it's so pretty.

Back to the hearts theme, here is Nancy's heart minis she linked up last month, so adorable. I think she's been quite the mmm-nabler too!

All right! Let's see what inspiration we can share with all our squirrel-chasing, having-trouble-focusing, friends!

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  1. I love the monthly squirrel party!!! Thanks for featuring my patriotic hearts! Your Let Your Star Shine quilt is so cute in all the different versions popping up!!!

  2. Woo Hoo. Thank you Sandra for the shout out! It was so much fun to see my quilts on your blog post! 😉I do love all the pretty hearts in this post.

  3. Clearly others are very happy with your DrEAMi Let Your Star Shine choice; it's so fun to see the other versions being made!

  4. Though I don't have a quilt to share, I did get a kick out of the squirrel's thoughts. I've been watching the youngsters frolic in our yard, jumping straight up in the air, rolling in the grass, wrestling each other, and darting back and forth. Generally, being crazy squirrels!

  5. I love joining in with this, but with such bad i'net connection of late & windy, inclement weather, lousy for photo shoots, I've not had the incentive to do much at all. I need a gentle shove to start blogging again. Thanks for these posts, take care & hugs.

  6. I love love your new star pattern!!

  7. Hi Sandra, what a great quilt! It's really great seeing it different fabrics too. I love those alternating borders. It's really effective. Thanks for hosting! Take care.

  8. How wonderful that so many quilters love your new pattern! It is a winner for sure!.