Monday, November 1, 2021

9-Patch Rainbow

It feels wonderful to have my second of three Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilts done and ready to gift. The first one, an H2H quilt, Delia, is here, and the third, Bowtie Strings, should be a flimsy within less than two weeks, as it is on my #WIPSbegone2021 list for this quarter. This one reminds me of a QR code, especially the black 9-patch in the centre.

This is another quilt from the book Nine-Patch Revolution by Jenifer Dick and Angela Walters. It's an excellent book; last year I made 9-Patch Spectrum, which actually got finished quilting earlier this year.

Each month I made one of these giant 18" blocks from my scraps except for the black one which I did when I made the first block for this quilt. Usually they were leader/ender projects, but often I'd get caught up in making them, and focus on 'just a few more' cute little 9-patch blocks! The weather hasn't been cooperative (rain, rain, and more rain) for outdoor shots, so several are indoors. The one below, however, 'sans binding', was right after I'd squared it up from quilting it, in the after-supper setting sun. It gives an idea of the texture, mmm!

I used a pale yellow Essential thread from Connecting Threads. (affiliate link) The tip to use a pale yellow on multi-coloured quilts is from Angela Walters, and I've done it several times. It blends in so well. This thread is wonderful too, same amount of lint as with Aurifil, and they've changed their spools. They now have a bottom so that you can stand them more easily, and use the detachable base to hold the thread secure when not in use, just as with the Aurifil spools.

With the black centre, I knew I wanted some kind of a black and white binding. When I looked through my black stash and spied this math print, I knew it would work perfectly, most black with hits of white. I sewed it to the back, and then machine-stitched it down on the front with black Exquisite polyester.
Yes, I actually remembered my satin label

The backing is made of two cotton pieces my seamstress-extraordinaire aunt gave me with several other chunks of cotton fabrics. There wasn't enough of either, so I figured I'd use up the dark green floral, and make up the difference with the similar floral in red. They both work well with the colours in the front. The 'Franken-batting' is 100% wool, several pieces of Hobbs and one of Quilter's Dream. The meander quilting ensures they stay nicely abutted. I always do SITD down (at the least) the main seams which you can see a bit of on the back. This keeps the quilt stable and more square imho.

I had the idea to quilt in a couple of words as I neared the end of the quilting.
'smile' in one of the yellow squares, and my initials in the lower right of the quilt

The green arrow is pointing to the word here, 'love'. 

Those two photos above give you a good idea of the crinkling up I got with laundering the quilt. The first one is pre-washing and the second one post. 

Here it is now washed, air dried for ten minutes, and laid flat to dry. A bonus: the sun came out, blue skies prevailed, so I got a couple of outdoor shots after washing.

I am super-excited about giving this quilt away. About a month ago, just after I finished sewing the blocks together into the flimsy, I read a heartwarming story about an over-the-top kind and generous woman in Kingston, Ontario. She befriended a homeless man who used to own his own gas station, but bad things happened to him, one after another, and he ended up without a home or vehicle even. The article is here. Those who follow my monthly Gratitude posts might remember it from my September post. After I read the article, I was so moved by Kim's kindness that I - 'bling!' - had the idea that this flimsy needed to go to David. Anyhow I have reached out to the digital news department for CBC Ottawa to put me in touch with the reporter who wrote the article. Hopefully he can provide me with Kim's address so that I can send her the quilt as a surprise for David, who now has a micro home thanks to an online fundraising campaign initiated by Kim.

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: Designed by Jenifer Dick in the book Nine-Patch Revolution
Size: 54.5" square
Fabric: scraps
Backing: unknown cottons
Batting: Hobbs Heirloom and Quilter's Dream 100% wool batting
Quilted: on Avril 51 233 stitches
Threads: pieced with various; quilted with Essential cotton 50 wt; The Bottom Line in the bobbin.

This is one of my #wipsbegone2021 challenge goals for this second quarter of the last 100 days of the year. It's also another to check off on my PHD list as a project started and finished in 2021. Here are my updated charts.
I think, though I'm not sure, you don't have to finish a UFO each month, just that you have to finish 12 minimum for the year. Since I did two in February, I am just behind one, so need to get two done in November to stay on track.
I feel really good about all the starts being finished projects! Bowties is going to be a flimsy shortly, and then it will get quilted. On the Plus Side baby quilt is a flimsy and will be on my list for the third quarter of wipsbegone. Not sure I'll have enough pinwheel leader/enders to make a quilt, so that one won't count since it's a leader/ender project.

I even remembered yet another UFO from years gone by...the Stack n Whack one at the bottom of this list. Most of the blocks are done (must update that). Having Fleurs done is a major accomplishment for me; I truly was thinking she may never be quilted. The 150 Canadian Women finish is one I'm shooting for by year's end, that and the husband quilt. Either Drift or Sewcial Bee Sampler will be the other to make my 12 for the PHD. I do have a commission quilt to get done before Christmas too.


  1. How heart warming that the QR code quilt will hopefully be going to David. It is a beauty!

  2. I'm sure David will enjoy that beautiful quilt - hope it works out for you to get it to him!

  3. What an interesting quilt!!! I love it! Best wishes for David!

  4. Another wonderful quilt and made with scraps!! Such a quilt made with love will certainly be appreciated by David. I wish you success in getting it to him. And more wishes for success pm on completing those other quilts.

  5. The blocks do have a QR code feeling to them. I love that the universe opens up the doors for your quilts to find such good forever homes. I'm sure this one is no exception. :)

  6. Hi Sandra! This is sure a pretty finish!! The blocks remind me of the different color baskets you made to hold scraps. Yay you for getting another UFO finished. It will be a welcome addition for someone covered in your love. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Heartwarming all the way around…the original story and now your part in it. I hope it all works out to get the quilt to David. I’m sure he will appreciate that all those pieces from so many places come together to make a unique new whole. (Not well-said but I hope you know what I mean.)

  8. What a great quilt! The blocks are so much fun, and certainly do have a QR code look to them. With nine of them, that quilt should be able to go anywhere it needs to, and David's place sounds like a great destination. Such patience to do a quilt that size with 1 1/2" pieces!

  9. This is a great quilt and I do hope you are able to get it to its destination. What a great story and what a wonderful idea. I am sure you will be able to find a way to get it to David if that is where it belongs...things do work out.

  10. Sandra your quilt is a beauty! I’m amazed at how much ch you’ve done this year. Great list for WiPs Begone and your PHD. You are having a great year with so many fun finishes.

  11. Fabulous RSC quilt, Sandra, and a worthy destination for it!!