Saturday, November 27, 2021

DrEAMi #58

Welcome to DrEAMi for November. What kind of squirrels have you been chasing? We've set up a few bird feeders for the winter and consequently we've been on actual squirrel the point where MacGyver had to go online to see what kind of squirrel baffles he could create to foil these smart critters who sit and totally decimate the bird seed.
A simple piece of furnace vent ducting has done the trick, though he had to fashion a third one since they were LAUNCHING themselves from the lilacs and Jimson weed plants onto the green house-style feeder.

So, you can see that both humans in this house have been chasing squirrels, as it were...
In the wipsbegone2021 I'm doing, I had said I wanted to make two makeup bags for my Etsy shop this month. Well. I had an order for an aqua one, so I decided to make two, since aqua has been the best seller. Then I had the idea to make a Christmas one with modern Christmas colours, so of course I made two, because it's almost as fast to make two as just one... So my total is four and the quarter isn't over yet! Here are the two Christmas ones which were true DrEAMi moments in that I didn't do the other things I was supposed to be doing, like the final border on my 150 Canadian Women quilt, or the husband quilt, or make a start on a quilted tote custom order I got... nope. Here they are, now listed in my shop. 

Each one has the same fabrics but arranged differently, and a different lining is in each one.
A Henry Glass Fabrics in this one

A Benartex fabric in this one

That Benartex fabric is from my Shine quilt. If you'd like a quick quilt or even make the 'Shine' panel as a banner, the pattern for it is here.

The boxed bottom.

They are listed in my Etsy shop, SandraJaneQuilts. And wouldn't you know it, that second aqua bag I made? Sold within a couple of days!

Here are the highlights from last month:

Anne Marie's (Stories from the Sewing Room) 'hairy coo' all quilted up, so cute! I'm in love with this quilt and desperately want to make one as a nod to our memorable trip to Europe in August 2019.

Nancy's (Grace and Peace Quilting) Tenugui wallhanging for her daughter is jaw-dropping-open gorgeous:

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  1. Hi again, Sandra! Looks to me like you need to whip up more makeup bags. You only have two left - and the Christmas ones are g.o.n.e. Such a great problem to have, eh?! BRILLIANT idea of using the furnace venting. MacGyver is a good guy to have around! I don't have a squirrel project to share but I look forward to seeing what other's share! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. The squirrel patrol is quite the job. I think you may have outwitted them! I love your bags. I have two small finishes that should show up, so I will link up in the next day or two...I hope.

  3. the squirrels are active here, and not afraid of the poodle. He's tired of me disappearing into the studio, going OOooooooo and he gets there and there's nothing but fabric, what's the big deal?

  4. Had not thought of the vent. One of my feeders was covered with this large hat like contraption, but the squirrels managed to wiggle down and over and feed from the bottom. They don't try for suet, fortunately.

  5. Two squirrel chasers in one house makes for fun.. maybe. The piece by Nancy is stunning!

  6. Great fix on the birdfeeder/squirrel situation, Sandra! Love the turquoise in your Christmas bags!!! Thank you for sharing the tenugui wall hanging I made for my daughter!!!

  7. I just showed hubs your squirrel solution (MacGuyver's, not your makeup bags - haha). We usually grease the poles, which doesn't help much, but does slow them down a bit. Those makeup bags are so cute and perfect for the holidays. The squirrels have been far too quiet here as of late. Maybe they will perk up in December.

  8. Cute makeup pouches, Sandra! We also have furnace duct piping around our bird feeder, and it does the trick. And I even had a squirrel of the sewing kind drop in this weekend, so I'm happy to share it.

  9. No squirrels here of the furry kind as we don't have any in Oz, but I love your solutions McGyver. The fabric kind have happened but none finished this month, so hopefully I'll remedy that for December. Your bags look great. Well done to you both. Take care & hugs.

  10. Hi Sandra, those are really great bags. I'm not surprised that they are selling quickly! I've been feeding squirrels more than birds these days, but that's mostly because there is too much construction behind us - the birds don't like it but the squirrels are fine with it :-)

  11. Your reasoning for making the dREAMi pouches is so valid! Best wishes for the sales. Not having squirrels here in NZ, I'm always intrigued by the photos I see showing their agility and cunning!