Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Surprise! A New Tea Cosy That Fits!

Last year my daughter Brianne had an idea for me to make to sell in my Etsy shop, SandraJaneQuilts: tea cosies with funny 'tea' sayings, as in, "I've got tea!" and "Spill the tea!" The double-entendre is on 'tea', which is modern slang for juicy gossip. I made three. One I sent to her, and two got listed. One sold. And the one I sent to Brianne?

Didn't fit.

Gack! The tea cosy I made I based on one I've had for decades that fits both my teapots, which are, apparently, not as wide as Brianne's.

I had planned to make her a new one, but, as they say the best-laid plans...

Finally, in late October, I carved out a couple of days, and carved out (ha - that wasn't originally intended) a wider tea cosy from more of the grey batik I have left from my time as an Island Batik ambassador. Fabulous three years. Demanding. Challenging. But rewarding. I must mention they are accepting applications for 2022 ambassadors. The deadline is November 15. Click the link or the graphic below to read all about it and be taken to the application form. Their ambassadors are worldwide.

This tea cosy was actually a DrEAMi, because even though it was not unplanned, it still happened in the way of a Drop Everything and Make it! projects because of a postal deadline. Every Tuesday in October Canada Post has a 'Ship one Package for Free' (within Canada) deal for small businesses, and I needed this done for the final Tuesday, since I'd used the other three free shipping days up. Did I mention (yes I did, multiple times) that I work very well when under a deadline? The focus! From cutting to quilting to stitching down that binding, I did not stray from this project.

The height of the tea cosy is the same as the original ones, but the base is wider. I am happy to report that the package with the tea cosy arrived Monday  afternoon, and, as I watched, she tried it on her teapot...

drum roll
anxious heart...

It fits!
She and Brady have tea every day, a tradition that has been passed along through the generations, from my nana, through my mum, through me, on to both my daughters, and now Brady, who has, in true Bryce (my nana's surname, mum's maiden name) fashion, loved tea from being a baby. Hmmm, I'm thinking the other daughter may be in need of one of these too...

I quilted it just like the others, on my Bernina with my walking foot. I printed out the phrase off the computer, traced it with a chalk pencil and then free-motion embroidered it on my machine with Sulky Blendables 12 wt cotton. My Bernina sews with anything, and she had as per usual beautiful tension here. I use a Schmetz Topstitch 90 needle which gives excellent results with this thicker thread.
The mug appliqué is from EQ8. I used scraps of Crafted Appliqué pieces from prior projects. I love that method.

The back is the same as the front without the appliqué and saying, but with my satin label.
I bound it with some leftover Free Motion Fantasy by Amanda Murphy for Benartex.  I was in a blog hop a couple of, no, three (how can that be?) years ago and made this bed runner with the line. The pattern, which will include instructions for a cushion and a small lap quilt, should be out this month, fingers crossed.

I absolutely am in LOVE with the Kaffe Fassett fabric I used for the lining; I have hoarded saved it for a few years now, but it felt right to be inside this tea cosy.
It's fabulous, isn't it?
Quilt Stats:
Pattern: original design
Size: 14.5" wide by 11.75" high
Fabric: scraps and stash
Backing: Island Batik solid (as is the front)
Batting: Hobbs and Quilter's Dream 100% wool scraps
Quilted: on my Bernina
Threads: pieced with various; quilted with Madeira 100% polyester; free-motion embroidery with Sulky Blendables 12 wt

The others I've made are for sale in my Etsy shop. Might be a good Christmas present...
The green one is sold, but the other two are available.
I also sell mug cosies, that go over your mug of tea, coffee or hot cider, to keep it warm longer. They really work!

Speaking of cosy...
Now that the weather has turned cooler, we shampooed and brought up Rocco's old snuggle bed for Xena. We had it in the living room for a week for her to get used to it (didn't take long), and last night she slept in it, nice and cosy!

This guy LOVES the cooler weather, but when it's later evening, he likes to get all cosy. His feet here--! He trusses himself up like a stuffed turkey.
Can you make out both back legs, his left front leg, all lined up together, propped up against the loveseat arm, with his right leg resting on top! Ah Rufus, you have such personality.

Hope you're enjoying warm drinks, crisp days, gorgeous tree colours, and time in your sewing room to create! I don't know about you, but reading, either a good book or a good quilt magazine, goes so well with tea (and chocolate!)
Make Modern (affiliate link) issue #43 is coming out very soon, and I can't wait! My quilt was in issue #42 (see sidebar), and it's just such a thrill seeing one's work in print.


  1. I'm so glad the new tea cozy fits, and what a lovely tradition to pass down through the years and family. Both Xena and Rufus are giving off very strong napping vibes, but I need to resist those today, haha!

  2. What a fun Dreami! I’m glad it fit! Tea is a tradition in my family (except I think it stopped with my generation). I don’t care for hot tea in hot weather, but have definitely been making it this week. Brr. We had a couple snowflakes fall on us during our walk today. Tea and then curling up for a nap sounds just right.

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  4. These are great. I took advantage of free ship as well. I've only sent one of them. I'll use them to send goodies to my nieces over the next few months.

  5. I like a good cup of tea when the weather turns cold. Free shipping is a wonderful thing when I'm shipping to my son.

  6. Nice tea cozy. Yes, tea is my beverage of choice. Hot in the winter; iced in the summer. The colors are so beautiful and the applique and quilting are nicely done. And the puppies (yes, I know they are grown) look happy to have the beds to snuggle in.

  7. I think a tea cosy like that would make me want to take up tea-drinking! Hehe I like the surprise of the colourful lining. Love those dogs looking all snuggly.

  8. Lovely tea cosies and so great the new one is a perfect fit. Such a wonderful tradition. I love the mug, btw. Your pups are making me want curl under a quilt with one of my kitties and a good book with some hot tea. Alas, that has to wait!


  9. So nice that your new cozy is all cozy at your daughter's! We are green tea drinkers here, but a Japanese teapot doesn't lend itself to a cozy--the bamboo handle goes above.

  10. Wonderful project and I am so glad it - arrived - and - it fit! Two wins and what a great tradition. I had real tea the other day when we had company and forgot how much I love it. Really is the time of year when I start wanting a cuppa in the afternoon!

  11. The hat for the teapot is perfect ... I like it a lot. What a good idea.
    Nice to meet you ... have a great weekend.
    Many greetings to you. Viola

  12. Hi Sandra! So glad you were able to make the needed bigger size of the tea cozy. If you can't count on Mom and Nana to make it right . . . well, who can you count on then? I just LOVE that Brady is carrying forward that wonderful tea tradition! He'll need his own cozy soon . . . and maybe even a special tea set, too. {{Hugs}} I love seeing the pups and that Xena is getting so comfortable and relaxed in her home. It is for keeps, after all! ~smile~ Roseanne