Monday, September 5, 2022

On the Garden Path

I have a finish this week, and it's the table topper or wallhanging option of my newest pattern, The Light Within. I've called this one 'On the Garden Path' because of the path-like appearance, the garden blooms and birds in Pat Sloan's beautiful new line, 'Bird Song' by Benartex Designer Fabrics.

It truly is a thrill when something you've designed and mocked up in EQ8 comes alive in fabric.

It goes together super-quick!

I had the flimsy together, which consists of just four 12" finished blocks plus a border, in no time at all.

These fabrics are just so sweet! I kept the quilting simple, all straight lines. I'd originally thought to do an all-over meander, but then thought it would be cool to accentuate the diamond shape, so off I went.

The lines are 3/4" apart. I did some dot-to-dot quilting in the centre star and arrow-type shapes formed by the pink flying geese and blue rectangles.

I moved it to a sunnier spot on the lower deck so the quilting texture shows up better. I like the grid formed in the side stars. I got carried away quilting and suddenly realized, wait a minute... I don't recall seeing this grid appear in the top half-star! Rolled the quilt back a bit and nope, I'd kept the crisscross effect to the border only. Oh well, design element! So I was sure to crisscross the lines on the right half-star and then end them in the background of the lower half-star.

Wait until you see the backing! eee! I love it. The cloth label works so well on this fabric too. The fabric I chose for the binding, 'Twigs' looks a bit like knitting, and has a wonderful soft stripe effect.

A sunny shot of the backing and I used the first of my new labels from Ikaprint!

It's on our dining table, and is the perfect September table topper, lots of flowers, butterflies and birds, in soft colours!

I mocked it up in Amanda Murphy's new Christmas line, and I am having a hard time resisting 'just quickly making this one'...

I may have had the outer shell of a makeup bag virtually make itself out of some of the extra fabric during the piecing of this top, lol. The ninth anniversary of my blog is later this month, so I think it may be one of the thank you gifts I'll be sending out to celebrate.

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: The Light Within by me! Pattern available at SandraJaneQuilts
Size: 28.5" x 28.5"
Fabric: 'Bird Song' by Pat Sloan for Benartex Designer Fabrics
Backing: as above
Batting: Warm and White 
Quilted: on Avril: 22 129 stitches
Threads: pieced on my Bernina, and quilted on Avril, both with Aurifil

Almost forgot! Watch for a new issue of Make Modern coming out this Friday!


  1. Great! I'm loving this pattern and your quilting makes it pop. Spoke to Lara last week about the new issue & maybe meeting her in November. Always look forward to seeing the work of others. Take care & hugs.

  2. I really do love the fabrics in this one and love the way they work together. Just such pleasant color combinations and print combinations. There's something very modern/old-fashioned about this little quilt that makes me scroll back up and look again then again then again. Lovely.

  3. The backing fabric could not be more perfect! Looks like you have your table set and ready, and I can see how fun it would be to customize this design for seasons and holidays.

  4. This is gorgeous and the quilting really makes it come alive. I love it on the table and can see how fun it would be making a few to change out for the seasons. Fun to see that little squirrel of a bag sneak in there!

  5. Neat design. I almost think I have that backing fabric. Sorry to see that the American penchant for mass murder seems to be moving into Canada.

  6. That is a pretty design, Sandra - I especially love the partial stars along the outside edges! Such a beautiful fabric line, too. This is a lovely pattern!

  7. Pretty table topper! I love the quilting! I can see you making seasonal toppers.

  8. Oh this is nice Sandra. I am looking forward to Friday and seeing what you've got in the upcoming issue of Make Modern.

  9. Beautiful on your table!!! I'm looking forward to the next MM mag now!!!

  10. Ha ha hubby just walked in whilst I was reading this post and said when was I making this quilt - he also said it was gorgeous. I think that's permission to start a new project: don't you?! :-) Now to go to the haberdashery and choose the fabrics. Looking forward to Friday and MM magazine, which I found via you BTW. Oooh, never thought to cut my corners before putting the bag together - I just follow the instructions :-) Sorry to read about the mass murders in Canada, so sad.

  11. I'm sorry I am so late commenting! I love this version, Sandra - so pretty in those fabrics! That little makeup pouch in those pretty fabrics - love!

  12. Love the new quilt Sandra. It would be hard to resist making it up in those pretty Christmas fabrics. Great new pouch project, too 😉

  13. Such a beautiful quilt and I love your quilting on it. It really would look pretty in Amanda Murphy’s fabrics.

  14. This is a beautiful quilt Sandra - it looks stunning in the fabrics you've used - and looks great in the Christmas line too.