Friday, November 24, 2023

Rainbow Gingham Quilt

I’ve had a few finishes under wraps of late, some because of surprises, others because they’ve had to wait their turn. This is one of the wait your turn finishes.

You’ve seen this one as a flimsy, the quilt I made after my first three presentations to guilds east of Toronto in mid-October. It was a DrEAMi, a Drop Everything And Make it quilt. Last week I got it quilted and I think I’m as excited to show the back as I am to show the front!

Here is the back! I am on a mission to use up the several test and lonely blocks in the drawer I have reserved for them. Why not put a few on the back of a donation quilt? I looked for blocks of the same size, and found these five 8" finished blocks - perfect! The half WOF yard of fabric, 'Welcome Friends' by Fabri-Quilt, on the right was originally split with a friend many years ago to make a stack 'n whack quilt that never happened. I had it out as a possible part of a backing for an RSC quilt but felt it might work well on this one...oooh just a few inches short, but use it I did. Again, I looked for WOF pieces in coordinating colours to the Welcome Friends fabric, and found some in the red drawer.

One of my Sterilite drawers where I store stash/leftovers less than 1/2 yard, holds striped fabrics for binding possibilities, so I used up one of the chunks, adding to it with a couple of others.

Quilted initials in a bottom corner and satin label.

The grass is so green in October and November, soaking in the plentiful rain we get in fall. I used a couple of leftover pieces of Hobbs 80/20 black batting. Note how it doesn't affect the white and cream squares.

I'm not sure where this will go just yet, but I know the right home will appear.

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: Gingham quilt here
Size: 40.5" square
Fabric: Scraps
Batting: Hobbs 80/20 black
Backing: scraps, stash and leftover blocks
Quilted: on Avril 
Threads: pieced with GĂŒtermann cotton; quilted with Coats & Clark cotton 50 wt

For the next week I'm looking after my grand-cat in Tennessee while her parents are off to sunny realms to celebrate their fifth anniversary (cannot believe how the years have flown by). 

We've already had a few good games of chase; well, more like Sandra throws one of the several bouncy balls while she watches, all bright-eyed, sometimes running up the stairs part way, tail swishing.

I plan to read, sew, watch some movies and have my own private quilt retreat while I sew up two Postcard from Sweden quilts.😊 I bought a kit last year from Mad About Patchwork (great price, and so nicely labelled), and between it and my leftovers from the previous two PfS quilts I’ve made I have enough triangles with just a couple of substitutions. I used my AccuQuilt 4” finished HST due to cut all the triangles. 720 of them!


  1. Greetings from Tennessee! I hope you enjoy your time in our beautiful state.

  2. I love your rainbow gingham - such fun color and organization! Your own private retreat sounds like fun. Enjoy!

  3. The DrEAMi rainbow gingham quilt is lovely and I have a feeling it will find the perfect home. Have fun sewing and watching your grandcat; sounds like a nice and cozy time!

  4. I saw you posted on IG from Spring HIll and wondered what you were doing there. I forgot Dayna had moved to TN. I've always wanted to make a Postcards from Sweden quilt, but they timing was never right. Enjoy your visit. I hope it's a bit warmer there than at home.

  5. Love this quilt...such a fun rainbow plaid. Enjoy your retreat-cat sitting time. Wish TN were closer!

  6. Love that Dream-i gingham quilt. The back is gorgeous and so nice to use up pieces that are just waiting to be loved and highlighted. The time at your private retreat will be well spent. More Postcards from Sweden. That sounds so fun. I love the photo of the quilt. Is there now a printed pattern with that as the cover? Have fun.

  7. I hope you are greatly enjoying your quilt retreat. Time alone is such a treat every now and then.

  8. I love your gingham quilt, and its brilliant backing too! I hope your home alone quilt retreat is going well!

  9. Hi Sandra - I was scrolling along BlogLovin looking for a photo to grab my attention and the rainbow gingham quilt did just that! I love it. Just so soothing and I always love the gingham look to these quilts. Have fun in TN - I smiled at the visual of you trying to play with the cat. Cats are certainly the ones in control of the vibe.

  10. I just love the postcard from Sweden quilt design! Enjoy your sewing.

  11. OK, here I go, gushing again, but I mean it with all my heart. How can one person...that's You, Sandra! so incredibly gifted, creative, talented. Your quilts and your posts make my heart sing 🌈❤️đŸŽ¶..