Thursday, November 30, 2023

Gratitude Glimmers #79

Still struggling some days at finding those 'Glimmers', moments or sights or thoughts that give me a glimmer of happiness, a lift to my spirits. Being grateful has become a habit though, and I snap photos all month long as reminders of these glimmers. Gratitude does lead to a happier human. You can find more grateful posts at LeeAnna's blog, Not Afraid of Color.

1. I like this sign I saw on a dog walk in Kingsville earlier this month.

2. I also love these beautiful roses and their rich smell on that same walk on November 7. I like living here, where killing frosts don't usually occur until well into November and willow trees are green until mid- to late-November.

November 22

3. I like it when Rufus is my quilt room dog. It doesn't happen too often.
Cropped from the photo is the reason Rufus was up here: my husband was installing the wood ledge on top of the half wall by the stairs, so he wanted to be where both his humans are.

4. I like gingko trees, anytime of the year, such cool shaped leaves. They are really pretty in fall too.

5. I love seeing new murals cropping up all over my town. I have hope for this new, younger town council with only one incumbent and lots of younger faces.
I do love this photo; please indulge me as I show it again. The pattern is Grace - see sidebar.

6. I like sunlight through trees. Our Linden is always very late at changing, but when it decides to change, it happens very quickly, usually within a little over a week.
November 14 and by the 21 it was almost completely yellow

7. I love the thick layer of leaves in all shades of orange on one of our neighbour's lawns last week.

8. I like seeing my two Postcard from Sweden quilts grow this week where I am cat-sitting at Dayna's. I should have one, possibly both, tops done by today or tomorrow morning.
Harper clearly gets the memos about testing new quilt tops, fabric, etc.

9. I like seeing a couple of quilters publicly support Palestine, like Eva @indigo.madder

Can't wait to get home and make this. She also has a dove block, free simply by sending her a screenshot of some way you have supported the Palestinian people in this horrific genocide by Israel. Another who did a call for blocks for a fundraiser is @tenillefati The deadline was up when I discovered her, but she did respond to my enquiry to watch her account for more activities.

I must say I am hugely disappointed in all the major fabric and thread companies' silence. It is deafening, and has certainly jaded me as to supporting and promoting them in future. Aurifil for one, so outspoken in their support of LGBTQ2+ quilters and so supportive of Ukraine in their March 1, 2022 post, "We were horrified by the Russian invasion of Ukraine." has said.......... crickets about the invasion, decimation and genocide of Palestine and its people.
Update: Since this post went live, I've found the fabric store @greatheronthreadco who has stated her support for Palestine and has also linked to @thebrightblooms who gives many resources.

10. I like and admire people who resist. Who stand up in the face of wrong. They give me hope. This bookstore in Spring Hill TN, yet another place in the US where book banning has become an insidious virus, made me glad.

Take a look at these titles, several of which I taught over the years as an English teacher, or got our school library to buy. Shame on schoolboards and politicians who listen to a few close-minded people. 

LeeAnna's prompt for this week was about sending out Christmas cards. I send out a few, but less each year, maybe a dozen now. They are the boxed cards, and sometimes I write a few lines within the card. I tend to keep in touch by text or Instagram or email with my friends and family so don't feel the need to write year summaries. Both of my daughters usually do photo cards which I enjoy receiving. I guess that will be on next week's to-do list when I get home: send out cards!


  1. First, aren't our pets funny. They just want to be where their people are. Second, I truly think a yard filled with fallen leaves is nearly as pretty as trees filled with colorful leaves. And third, banned books... sigh... Sometimes I have to actually google up what on earth the reason for a certain book could be. I think often the reason is that the book makes you really think. Sheesh... can't have too much of that!

  2. We recently learned the Japanese word Komorebi (approximately translated as sunlight leaking through trees). A true glimmer, indeed!

  3. Your gratitude is overflowing with great things! I like people who resist too!

  4. You always pay attention to the beautiful plants and trees around you, and I love those photos, Sandra! That yard full of leaves is such a pretty sight. Hope you've enjoyed cat sitting at Dayna's and gotten lots done. I appreciate seeing businesses in our city that post signs and flags showing they are open for all - makes me want to patronize them!

  5. Wonderful trees. And beautiful things all around. One of these years I'll need to do Postcard from Sweden

  6. Beautiful pictures of nature showing off. Fall is such a pretty time of year, except for one little thing the approach of winter and that four letter word.

  7. Love your gratitudes....especially Rufus in the sewing room and the postcard from Sweden, not to mention all the natural beauty you share. It is a hard time of year, and the world is so unsettled but I believe every bit of gratitude extends outward somehow and makes a difference.

  8. I enjoyed seeing all your lovely Autumn photos. All the trees are already bare around here. Your photo of Rufus really hit home, I always thought my dog would spend time with me in the sewing room, and he was just starting to get into the routine when I got one of those Oliso irons that lift up off the ironing board when you take your hand off. It makes a little zzzipp sound when it lifts, and it drove my dog right out of the room.

  9. Lovely post Sandra and although I did leave a comment on my old laptop, once again it hasn't appeared so doing this on the PC. I always like your gratitude posts and it makes me realise I should think more about keeping my blog up to date and getting on with life. I've also and idea for Tinker Toy pattern, as I purchased the mag. Take care and hugs.