Thursday, December 21, 2023

Sewing Forever

Since the Christmas Tree Farm quilt finish I've been steadily sewing. I have a baby quilt commission that I need to finish by the end of this year, and I completed a couple of small Christmas presents as well. Here is what I’ve been up to.

I mentioned in The Christmas tree farm post that Brady had requested a bigger library book bag. It took two tries before I got the size where I felt it was not too big, but not too small either… Just right! As with the first bag, I made him in January 2020, it has a pocket on the front for his library card with his initial, which could also stand for books! I found a font that I liked in the computer, blew it up to the size I needed, lightly traced the letter onto paper laid over the laptop screen, and then used my Hera marker to trace imprint it onto the fabric. From there I lightly went over the imprint with a Bohin fine chalk pencil onto the dark fabric to be sure these eyes of mine could see where to stitch! I used a Sulky Blendables 12 weight cotton thread to FMQ embroider, going over it four times to fatten it up. 

The burgundy is leftover from the backing of his parents' wedding quilt and the books fabric is all that's left from using it as the lining for his first bag. For this bag's lining I used up all I had left of some Harry Potter fabric, and the last of some music fabric that was the exact same colours. Love this use it theme I have had all year.

I think sometime last year, Brianne asked me to make her a mug cosy but one that was bigger than Brady‘s because she likes large mugs for her morning coffee. So I made sure to whip one up and put it in their parcel. The link to the free pattern for this is still available here. There is another link there to a PDF copy of the pattern if you prefer.

I found some pink Christmas fabric as well as some regular pink fabrics, gave her a choice of three, and she went for the Christmas one as I hoped!).

The cosy is reversible, so on the inside I put a coordinating plaid from the same line, Better Not Pout by Nancy Halverson.

I’m happy to report that the parcel arrived yesterday, just four business days after I posted it! Pretty good job, Canada Post: 3000 km from small town to small town across the country!

I posted a work in progress shot on Instagram earlier this week. I'm happy to report that the quilt top is now complete. I just love these fabrics together. The pop of bright pink gives a bit of whimsy to it, doesn't it? My customer picked the fabrics. All but the bright pink are Benartex, and the white is Kona white.

Once we are back from spending Christmas with Dayna and Tyler, I'll get this quilted up. The baby girl was born a week ago, so she'll have it by the end of the year.

Wishing you a peaceful holiday season, whatever occasion, however, with whomever you celebrate. And if you don't, for whatever reason (I'm seeing those who have lost loved ones, or those who just don't feel it) may you have some quality time however you wish to spend it, when most things are shutdown.

May all beings be free from fear and harm.
May all beings be content as they are.
May all beings be peaceful and at ease.
May all beings be happy.


  1. Wonderful bag for Brady and lovely tea cosy for Brianne. Hope your time with Dayna and Tyler is lovely. The baby quilt is beautiful and will be just perfect when it gets there! Happy holidays to you and yours! We are traveling tomorrow to northern NJ (went to Boston today), and then drift into PA on Saturday. It breaks it up enough that if that traffic is ungodly, as the East Coast can be, we arrive feeling human Saturday. The bonus is a special night with our son, and we know to treasure these.

  2. A pretty mug cozy! Happiest holidays and have a great time with Dayna and Tyler!

  3. Such a fun bag for Brady! I need a use it up year in my sewing room. Enjoy your family time this holiday season. May it all be joyous.

  4. Happy holidays and best of the new year to you and yours dear lady

  5. May you find joy, peace, and ease this season as well, Sandra. What a delightful library book bag for Brady, new tea cozy for Brianne, and quilt top to look forward to quilting after family celebrations!

  6. Hi Sandra! Oh, Brady is going to love his new bag. I love that he goes to the library for real book instead of just enjoying the e-versions. I have to admit that my Kindle gets most of my reading time unless I'm desperate. Then I fall to a hard copy of whatever is handy! Merry Christmas to you and your family. Enjoy the time with Dayna and Tyler and safe travels. {{Hugs}} a bunch! ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Love the book bag too! Great idea for the initial. I’m going to try that next time I need a letter and get stalled cause I don’t want to appliqué! I found the cup cost I made last year, while cleaning after the DIY project in the downstairs! Yay!

  8. Enjoy your holidays with Dayna and Tyler. I am in TX celebrating with my step-daughter and her family, after attending my eldest grandson's (my son's son) wedding last weekend. Good to get away from the cold weather. Love the book bag and mug cozy.

  9. What a great book bag for Brady. I love the books across the top and the initial on the pocket. The mug cosy is so nice and I'm sure it will be well received. It's wonderful to be able to visit family for Christmas. You have been super busy this year but slowing down a little to enjoy the holidays seems like a nice change. Merry Christmas.

  10. It's always enjoyable to see what makers make for Christmas presents. That library tote is totally perfectly servicable, and nice-looking. And a mug cosy? I've never heard of such a thing, but that too seems quite practical. Do you use a particular batting inside (like Wrap 'n Zap or Warm Tater) so the drink stays hot longer? Your commission quilt looks really good too! It's especially nice for you to be able to spend time with family at Christmas. Merry Christmas!

  11. Lovely gifts Sandra & I am still having trouble with blogger most of the time, trying to comment & publish my own stuff. Hopefully I'll be back on board in the new year. Have a great Xmas & I'll be in touch soon. Take care & hugs.