Monday, January 22, 2024

Harper's Heart Quilt

Another long-standing request of Dayna's is a quilt for Harper. Yes, I made her a cat mat a few years ago, which she loves, but Dayna wanted an actual quilt for her. When I was making the pixellated heart quilt for Millie, Dayna's BFF's daughter, I made one using 2.5" squares that ended up being too small. I made the second one, using 3.5" squares to get it to a better size. The small pixellated heart has been sitting for almost exactly two years, waiting patiently for something to happen with it.

When Dayna and Tyler were in Detroit for last week's game against the Rams, which the Lions won, woot woot, we met them at Toast, a family-owned restaurant in Windsor (no relation to Toast in Ferndale, Michigan across the river). Meeting up with them was the impetus to check off this item on her list of quilt requests.

I had fun quilting it with double loops. Of course I wrote her name on her quilt.

Dayna gave me a set of four fat quarters for Christmas. This beautiful one just had to go on the back. To make it big enough, I used scraps of Minky from the very first Grace quilt I made which was for Millie‘s mama, as well as some pink Minky from Brianne‘s ‘not quilty’ quilt.

I found a few leftover pink binding scraps in the bag where I keep these, and added a couple more to have enough to go around the quilt.

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: Pixellated heart, my own method of construction
Size: 26" square
Fabric: scraps and stash
Batting: Quilter's Dream 100% wool
Backing: Stash and scraps of Minky
Quilted: on Avril 18 063 stitches
Threads: pieced with cotton; quilted with Essential cotton 20994 Tea Rose, Bottom Line in the bobbin

In other news, the cat hammock/scratching post/attached ball toy that Dayna bought for Bella nearly a year ago has finally been accepted, and she has figured out how to hop into the hammock herself: hops onto a Singer machine sewing stool I keep pulled out for her, then onto the counter, from there onto the window ledge, and then gracefully leaps into the hammock. She is in there constantly now.

It was a fluke that I set it there while I was running the Roomba. I had set the stool and this on top of the counter. I popped her in there.

The next day I her in the hammock and she spied the birds flitting merrily around the feeders, and stayed there for awhile.

For a full week I had to place her in there, putting her front paws on the rim and then boosting her bum into it in an attempt to prove to her she could leap into it, even though it's a sort of bowl in which to jump. Well, she figured out what works for her. I have a practice-on-Avril FMQ quilt tucked in there though I don't think she needs it with the furry fabric, but it was familiar to her. She certainly likes her perch and on sunny days (few and far between this winter) she loves the warmth.

Now I'm off to the races to get a purple makeup bag finished up and mailed off to Canmore, Alberta, and see what the first round for the SAHRR is, start a fabric pull for an idea I have for PQ15.2 (colours of the sky with no more than 10% blue) and finish quilting Dayna's Christmas runner!

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  1. I can't wait to see all the beautiful quilts inspired by the PQ15.2 prompt; it's going to be a lot of eye candy, I think. And what a perfect use for the heart. I'm sure Harper will get lots of cuddles and naps with it!

  2. YAY, Bella. We all knew you would figure it out your own way . . . no matter what help Sandra offered. People. You just have to live with them, and I think you got a few good peeps in your life. YAY, Sandra. I love the pixelated heart pattern. I am going to make another version myself. For next year's Valentine Day. This public announcement will serve as my reminder because I will forget by the end of January. Love this finish! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I love that Harper has a quilt and that Bella found just the right spot for the hammock! It is funny how one spot works and another doesn't with cats. She is beautiful on her perch!

  4. What a cute quilt for Harper!! I love that you added her name to it! The backing is perfect. I'm sure she will love it. And look at Ms. Bella all up in that perch! I bet she enjoys looking out the window at the snow! Thanks for linking up with Monday Musings!

  5. Harper is so lucky to have a Grandma like you. Such a wonderful little quilt and the backing fabric is quite the cat's meow! LOL. And Bella is quite the little Belle waiting for the boost up. Eventually, like kids, they figure things out on their own. Can't wait to see what you do for Project Quilting.

  6. It's lovely and the backing fabric divine. Can't always comment & any replies come to me via email, which then brings up a subsystem error. stuff. Take care & hugs.

  7. Very cute quilt for Harper, love that cat fabric on the back. Cats and windows are just a thing. Grad Girl's Queenie loved hanging out in any of the window sills in the house.

  8. Hi Sandra, I love the FMQ on the heart quilt. It's great that Bella finally figured out how to get into the hammock. Thanks for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks...and the reminder about PQ. Take care.