Friday, January 5, 2024

Sofia’s Quilt

This was the second quilt commission that I got in 2023. One of my neighbours asked me to make a quilt for another neighbour who had a baby girl in the middle of December. Technically the quilt should’ve been easily finished by December 31 but the flu that weekend prevented that from happening so it only got completed on January 2.

I gave some glimpses on Instagram during the construction and quilting process. It is the third time I’ve made my pattern, Sunset strip, which you can see on my sideboard where there is a link to it in my Etsy shop.

It is a really quick make and I had the top done well before Christmas. Marybeth, my customer, couldn’t get over the difference from flimsy…

To quilted quilt (first photo) to laundered, soft and crinkly, cuddly quilt:

The weather has been abysmal for more than two weeks with very little sunshine, so the best photos are actually inside photos. Of course, today it was sunny, but I’d already delivered the quilt!

After she had seen the flimsy, she had asked if I could put some “material hearts“ on it, and I think it was because she didn’t see the vision that I had for the negative space even though I had showed her Abigail‘s quilt. I said I'd see what I could do... 
But I couldn't, knowing what I wanted that negative space to be.

So this is why I decided to use a meandering hearts overall quilting motif, and then do the same flowing feathers which echo the swirl of the x’s and o’s as I did on Abigail‘s.

Sofia‘s feathers are traditional, echoed separately twice, whereas Abigail‘s were Kathleen Riggins’ echoed feathers

Well, she was moved to tears when she saw the quilt before I’d put the binding on it. 

Binding in progress and a view of my initials in the lower corner. The colours of the sweet backing fabric are very true here.

She had picked out the five fabrics for the sunset strip section from my healthy ‘store’ as my daughters call my stash. She gave me free rein to use whatever I wanted from my stash for the backing. I happened to be in Fabricland before Christmas picking up some sewing machine needles on sale when I saw this sweet rainbow hearts cotton that I thought would be perfect since she had mentioned hearts. I picked up the yardage and got her resounding approval. 

She wanted a cloth label put on as well as Sofia’s name quilted into her quilt. Marybeth has had another quilter make quilts for Sofia's big sisters in the past, and asked her to quilt in their names, something she said the quilter had never heard of or done until Marybeth asked. I think that is so neat as it’s something I’ve done since…forever, and Marybeth is not a quilter; she just loves quilts. 

Marybeth told me exactly what she wanted on the label

I had originally quilted her name in white thread, subtle, but Marybeth asked if I could go over it in pink. So I did. I had the idea to make the dot over the i a tiny heart and she loved it. 

I did get one outside photo. The grey weather washes out the colours as you can see.

She called me today to say how very much they love the quilt!

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: Sunset Strip
Size: 38.5" x 44.5"
Fabric: Stash
Batting: Pellon polyester
Backing: Fabricland cotton
Quilted: on Avril 46 244 stitches
Threads: pieced on my 1947 Featherweight with Gütermann cotton; quilted with So Fine 401 polyester.

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  1. Love the quilt, and the space you filled in so beautifully, no one can quite understand unless they are a sewer or quilter how different the finish will be.Another treasure for a wee girl to love for many years.

  2. This is an awesome finish and sure to be loved! This pattern is on my bucket list to do...

  3. Sandra - this is such a sweet quilt. I love your quilting and all of the nice touches used to make it a personalized gift. I know your friend and the family who received this will treasure it! Happy New Year Sandra.

  4. Love this quilt Sandra & funny thing is I designed a quilt with a similar block many years ago, but it's never been made. Maybe............with scraps/stash & a background, I'll try it one day. Your quilting certainly makes it sing. Thanks for sharing, take care & hugs.

  5. A very cute finish. Love all the little details you worked into this quilt.

  6. thank you so much for sharing your creativity and the story of the beautiful progress. hope you are feeling better now after all the nonsense of being ill. (-:

  7. Such a beautiful quilt with such a nice story to it. I love the way your daughters refer to your stash as the "store". The backing is a nice touch. But the quilting is oh so wonderful and all the little details, like her name with the little heart, your initials, the lovely cloth label. This will be an heirloom. Glad you have recovered from the flu.

  8. wonderful quilt and full of good "stuff".

  9. Another lovely finish! The backing is just perfect.

  10. Hi Sandra, what an amazing quilt! I love all of the quilting, the label and Sofia's name. I'm sure that it will be greatly used and loved! Thanks so much for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks. Happy 2024!

  11. it is beautiful!! That quilting just makes the quilt - so I am glad you didn't put the hearts on it ;-) but that is a good idea for another version

  12. That is gorgeous, Sandra! The piecing is pretty, but the quilting is what takes it all over the top!

  13. Isn't this why we do this - I love how quilts work their way into the hearts of those involved ♥. Beautiful finish, Sandra.