About Moi

Hi!  Welcome to my blog.

Feel free to email me:   ephdra (at) gmail (dot) com

I have loved writing since I was in grade 1.  I've kept a journal much of my adult life; I've always felt the need to record my thoughts and the events of my life.

I have sewed and knitted pretty much my whole life.  At about age 9, I even made a quilt for my Barbie doll's bed, stuffing 1 1/2 " square pillows and attaching them all together by hand.

My quilting journey began in earnest in 1995, when I went in to the Lori's Fabric (now Country) Cottage, looking for some velvet for fancy collars on dresses I was making my daughters.  My eldest, Brianne, was with me at the time, and convinced me to enter a draw for quilt blocks.  "It's only $2, Mum!"  I thought, what the heck; I'll give it a whirl.  Wouldn't you know it; I won!  10 blocks!  Of course, more fabric purchases and courses ensued. . . in short, I was hooked.

My youngest, Dayna, showed the most interest in learning to quilt, making 3-4 small projects.  She, along with my sister, Linda, have been the biggest supporters of my blog since I started posting in September 2013.  It took me five whole months after I created the template for this blog to get up the nerve to actually post something and "go live".   I now find blogging is the perfect blend of two of my loves:  sewing and writing.

Creating quilts give me such rush, an excitement in the pit of my stomach that flows up into my chest and through my arms, making me dizzy with anticipation and possibilities.  I am a self-professed fabric-petter, a selvedge-reader, a design and designer-admirer; in short, a quilt-aholic. . .and I'm not interested in a cure!!

In August 2012, my husband and I made a major life change.  Both in our early 50s, we quit our jobs, and moved from Alberta to southwestern Ontario.  We live in the small town of Kingsville on the shore of beautiful Lake Erie.  It's a dream come true, but a dream we've worked hard all our married life to achieve.  Now we divide our time between Ontario and Florida, where we spend a couple of the winter months.  I should have hours upon hours of time to quilt now, but I do enjoy other activities which I write about from time to time:  yoga, reading, walking (always with my darling "pibble" Rocco), a little cooking, and of course, blogging.


Of course there's always time for visiting with new good friends, as well as spending time reconnecting with several dear friends from our time here in the 80s, petting Bella, my cat, or hugging or playing with a dog.


Although I often don't get as much accomplished as I feel I should, I really do have a sense of "living each day to the fullest", a sense of peace and contentment, and of real happiness with where I am in life.

I hope you'll stay a while, snoop around a little, maybe discover a tip or two, learn a different method, see what I'm up to, and enjoy a little humour as you spend some time with me and my oft-vacationing melon (brain).  I'm told it's going to come back!  Then I guess I will have to devise a new "post-menopausal" blog title!


  1. Oh hey!! I just discovered the tabs on the top of your blog! Great idea! This is the first one I've clicked on. Great "About Moi" blog, love it!
    5 months??! Was it REALLY that long? I recall encouraging you to just go for it! You need half the faith in yourself that I have in you!
    So.......if it was 5 months before you finally went "live", what else are you holding back on? Seriously! Go for it!!! Start your own business! Sell some quilts!!! You won't look back!

  2. A quilting friend introduced me to your blog. I love it. You're able to put pen to paper and write down things that often come to my mind. "Fabric Petter" that's me. I look forward to more of your postings.

  3. Don't you sort of wish you still had that Barbie quilt? I made so many things like that and it would be fun to see them again!

  4. What an interesting life! I've never heard of pickleball. Now I have to go look it up. ;)

  5. You are also a awesome yin yoga teacher. I took classes from you in Amherstburg and occasionally make the Trek out to Kingsville. I always feel so wonderful after your class. I never knew you were so talented.

  6. Good morning! So fun to find another Canadian blogger, and one so similar to me! I felt like I was reading about myself, lol. Quilting, sewing, knitting, yoga, early retiree (yipee!!!) I look forward to following your blog and getting to know you. Have a lovely day today. :)

  7. No blogger here, but a fellow Ontarian! I found you via your post on The Canuck Quilter, and her 150th quilt. Now, you have me intrigued about your Spring Fling, and thinking 150th as well. Now, looking forward to following you ... Thank you for sharing!

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  9. I just found your blog and I like what I see. I would like to follow it, but I don't see an email option. Would it be possible for you to add that way to follow? That is how I follow other blogs. Thanks for considering this request.