Thursday, October 24, 2013

Technology - ugh! & Menopausal stupidity strikes again!

So I'm about to phone Apple to get them to help me.  Yesterday I got a notification that there was a new iOS for my MacBook Pro.  Okay.  No surprise, as I've already downloaded and installed the new iOS on my iPad and my iPhone, so I figured there would be one coming for the laptop.  I'm learning to be okay with the new iPhone and iPad iOS but there are some things about this new system that annoy me, and the biggest is that I just want to be told when I first start using the system, how to do some simple ordinary things that I do on a daily basis, like close a flippin' app or switch from camera to video when I want to take a video!!  The first of these two major frustrations I figured out thanks to googling it:  a very nice, also frustrated with day-to-day actions such as these, girl had posted how to do the 3 most common actions that had now changed.  All you do instead of hitting the home button and closing the little x when it shows your open apps, is now hit the home button and then swipe up with your finger to close apps.  I'm a freak about closing my apps and saving battery.  Probably too much of a freak, but oh well, this phone is 2 1/2 years old and I've not had a problem with it yet, no dings, no scratches even, and I don't have a screen protector.  And, I use it 24/7, yes, as it's my alarm when needed.  Anyhow.  Oh, to switch to video I figured out by a fluke on my own:  just swipe with your finger rather than tapping.  Speaking of freaks, I probably looked like one if anyone noticed me, getting steadily more annoyed (menopause was kind that time; I didn't just blow and huck the damn iPad across the room, although it crossed my mind), tap-tap-tapping the screen trying to make it switch from camera to video function.  Ugh.

No, NOW I'm more than annoyed because when I downloaded the new iOS, which is called Mavericks, no more cat names apparently; this is from a rogue wave for surfing I believe.  I did find out when searching for issues with the system like I am experiencing, that Mavericks get their name thanks to a German Shepherd who was having so much fun swimming alongside his surfing owners, that he had to be tied to a tree for his own safety.  Guess the dogs now have their time in the Apple naming of systems world.  God, I'm going off on many tangents this morning; welcome to the menopausal world in my melon.  BACK to the topic, Sandra... After downloading the system, I discovered that I now have a whole new desktop on my laptop, without any of my photos, movies, documents, short I thought I'd wiped my laptop by installing this new system.  Heart attack.  Freak-out.  The second for yesterday.  The first? Being a ditz: thinking that the warning to move the see-through vinyl upon which you're  tracing the border to try out potential designs OFF the quilt BEFORE you start using a permanent marker, is for dummies.  I no ME, I won't be THAT dumb to go off the vinyl and make a mark on the quilt with my permanent marker.  Yup.  And, dummy, menopause is to blame here for sure, IDIOT that I am, I did it not once, but twice.  Ya.  I tried hairspray on a test piece and it lifts a lot of it off, but it also tends to make the line fuzzy and fatter.  Haven't tried milk yet.  Yes, google it!  Or rubbing alcohol.  So mad at myself.

And I've digressed again.  This post is now two main subjects: frustrations of technology and frustrations with being an idiot.  And it's way longer than I intended.

So the good news is that I found out, by a fluke again, that I didn't lose all of my life.  I now have two desktops on my laptop.  One completely fresh, and one the old one with everything in it.  However, the old one will not bring in my "" email anymore, no matter what I try.  I am getting email from that address on my iPhone and iPad though.  So I'm thinking I might just use my gmail address and be done with 2 separate emails.  Actually I have 3, as I use a different one for much of my American stuff.  Good grief!  And I need to get Apple to help me combine both desktops into one.

So, all is not all warm fuzzies in my world all the time.  A couple of days ago I was in love with technology, thinking about FaceTime with a good friend, Skype with my grandson, another lesson in my online quilting class with Angela Walters, and today?  I'm just ticked.  However, I did just have a most enjoyable, albeit a tad brisk at the outset, walk with my darling Rocco.  My daughter wants me to muse about him, which I definitely intend to, but the walk reminded me that I have to muse and proclaim my love for more than just him as I was so enamoured all over again with this beautiful area, the southernmost town in Canada, where I am just so very very happy.  There!  Turned an "UGH" (and other bad words that almost rhyme with "ugh" that I will confess I said more than once yesterday, but which I will refrain from typing) into a "MMMMPHH!" of love and utter happiness.


  1. Ironic that I read this post as I was waiting on hold for 18 minutes with wireless issues! It's tough being a 50-something in a techie world of 2016.


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