Thursday, October 31, 2013

Update on Seaside Rose

So here is the progress!  I'm hoping to have her off the frame by tonight or tomorrow morning.  I have a baby quilt that needs to get on there and off again very fast, as I'm planning on taking it with me on my trip to Alberta next weekend.  No pressure.  No.  Did I mention I work well (and my focus goes waaay up) under pressure?!

Think I mentioned that since there are 8 rows of these on-point 9-patches,  I'm doing 2 different designs per row on 4 rows, and then repeating that sequence for the remaining 4 rows, if that makes sense.  Here are two more designs of Leah's that I used on the 9-patches:

Poseidon's Eye
Beaded Curtain
 This is one of Angela's, from her Free Motion Quilting book:
And this one I developed from an appliqué pattern in the magazine, "American Patchwork and Quilting".  I added the swirlies (adapted from a flower of Leah's) to fill in the open space in each petal.  I like how it turned out; makes me think of a soft ice cream cone!
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So I"m on the last 2 rows of 9-patches, and I'll post this, so I can get back at it!

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