Friday, June 27, 2014

Quilting Definitely IS More Fun Than Housework!

Cynthia is sooo right.  I didn't get much done in the sewing world or the housework world today!  I spent some time on the computer, visiting a few blogs, and responding to comments on mine.  I am tickled pink to have two of my finished scrap-a-palooza quilts as well as the flimsy for another pictured on Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework!

I could have sewed for a bit this afternoon when I got home from my yoga class.  Instead, I chose to join my good friend Jude next door, reclining on her oh-so-comfy lounge chairs on the patio.  Always a good decision to spend time with her.

I started vacuuming, later in the afternoon, but didn't get it finished.  Instead, I had a phonecall from my daughter, Dayna, which was much better.  Then off I went to teach yoga.

I could have finished vacuuming this evening, but I chose instead to go downstairs and sew for a little bit.  I'm loving making these cute little 6" blocks from Tula Pink's 100 Modern Quilt Blocks.  This is the quilt I didn't realize I was going to make.  And I am making two.  Remember I said my Higher Self must know what I'm doing?!  Here are the latest ones:
I'm using scraps from her Parisville line and mixing it with some of the Acacia line

I chose to make the blue and green one this evening instead of finish the vacuuming.  Another good decision for today!  So far I've made six blocks.  94 to go, LOL!  I was able to renew the book out of our library.  I think I know what I will be buying with the remainder of a gift card I have.

I did get my two walks in with Rocco, a long one this morning, and such a beautiful morning, well, entire day, it was!  This evening, on our shorter walk, I saw a groundhog.  These are entirely foreign to me, as we didn't have them in Alberta.  They are so cute!  Rocco was oblivious this time.  However, he did find a treasure:

which, after smelling and inspecting thoroughly and only picking it up after I nudged it, giving him permission, he proudly carried all the way home!  He had to go and show Jude.  She had to show me a comic strip from yesterday's paper...

Talk about timing!

Quilting, visiting, walking, yoga. . . all much better use of my time than doing housework/schmousework I'd say!


  1. I'm doing the City Sampler aswell. I'm doing mine in Batiks. I'm up to no 48 and have put it away for a bit to work on other things.
    My black labrador, Stan, is a nightmare with balls. He finds them everywhere. We've loads around the house and I haven't bought any of them, he keeps finding them xxx

  2. Boo to housework!

    I have that book. I haven't looked at it in a while. Time to maybe get it out for inspiration.

  3. LOL awww Rocco, just LOVE him <3 <3


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