Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This 'n that

Slow going today, but I played a little (avoiding appliqué? moi?):

I got Tula Pink's book out of our county library!  Until I made Over and Under, I did not know how much I LOVE Tula Pink's fabric.  I'd heard of her, and admired her drawings and talent, but hadn't seen her fabric.  I had the kit for Over and Under (first and only project I've ever bought from Quilt Sampler, and I've bought that magazine for well over a decade.  I made it this winter, and lo and behold, it's Tula Pink's Parisville line!!  Now that also has importance of the "Twilight Zone" variety, because as anyone who knows me knows, I have always loved all things France!

These are 6 1/2" blocks, so those 4 centres in the log cabin-style block are 1" finished.  Teeny!  That is block #1.  The first block I did I just let the book fall open, and it landed on #38, which is the triangle one.  These are made out of leftovers from Over and Under.  Think I've started another quilt. . .   And why am I making two?  I'm not sure, but I listened to my inner gut.  I, nope, my higher self has a bit of a plan here, but it's top secret still, even to me, lol.

I pieced the backing for Summer Breeze.  As of tonight after yoga class, Skyping with Brady, and watching half an episode of "Call the Midwife" (loooove that show, and the Tigers got rained out, so yay, I was able to watch a little TV) it is loaded onto the Avanté (pieced some batting today too, love it when I can make some big pieces from other projects useful).  I have a pretty good idea as to how I'm going to quilt it, and doodled around for 1/2 hour today just to be sure.

Bella had to get some kitty fur onto it too:

Look at her twinkle toes stretched out!  How can you get exasperated with such an adorable posing girl?!

Okay tomorrow I am GOING to tackle the appliqué on my Round Robin!

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  1. LOL
    LOVE the twinkle toes!! Methinks Bella's been watching Rocco (and Joe for that matter) too much LOL!!


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