Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thankful Thursday #5

The news today was full of the 70th anniversary of D-Day.  Watching and listening to a veteran recount his story, I couldn't help but be upset.  We do not ever do enough for veterans, no matter what their age.  I do not support war; I do not understand why we can't live and let live, as humans.  We don't see eye to eye with everyone, and that is okay; that is called diversity, and it is often a way in which we grow.  We learn to accept, even if we don't agree, or maybe we do change our thinking, or broaden it at the very least.  Live and let live.  I can live my life in total happiness, even though I do not get along with all with whom I come into contact.  I don't wish them any ill; I don't feel a need to be vindictive, crush or control them, as do those who enter into war.  Each person in this world does have goodness inside him, or her.

Sigh.  At the end of my yoga classes I teach, I always say, "The light within me humbly honours the light within each and every one of you."  This is the translation of the Sanskrit word, Namaste.  Would that everyone reach into themselves and choose Light rather than Darkness.

And that brings me to my gratitude topic for today: Yoga.

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I have been intrigued by yoga most of my life, since back in the 70s when my mum and my aunt did it.  My aunt continued to practise yoga for decades; in fact, she might still today, at age 77!  When I'm thinking of nothing else but my breath, and watching my body from the inside out, I am at peace.  When I'm teaching Yin, and I see my students so into a pose, I beam inside.  I am so grateful for this beautiful meditative practice, that gives me health on so many levels.  I love doing it and I love sharing it.

SO!  Perfect segway into my third part of this post:  I am going to commit to another month of Melissa's A Lovely Year of Finishes, and FINALLY!  Yes!  I can!!  Make the yoga mat bag I have had in my head for about a year now.  My old yoga mat bag's zipper gave up the ghost about 4 years ago now. . .

I'd thought about inserting a new zipper, or making a new bag, but then about a year ago I had the brainwave of what I want to create, using Leah Day's motifs --eek! that excites me:  teal or maybe blue thread on black!!  However, it got added to the UFO pile:
Black Kona cotton with thread possibilities

Hopefully it will come into being by the end of the month!

What was I working on today?  A brand new quilt top!  Angela Walters' Textures fabric I bought online this winter while we were in Florida.  More on that another day!

And where is the hand-quilted runner that was my goal to finish for May?  Cough.  Same place as last week...

I did get Brady's Christmas Party! quilt washed and dried.  It's so soft and cuddly.

Both the Isacord and the Robison Anton threads sunk nicely into the quilt.  The spiral motifs are more visible now that it's crinkly:

Namaste everyone.


  1. I cannot WAIT to see what you do for your yoga mat bag! What an awesome idea!

    Love the Angela Walter's fabric. .. hell, I feel a shopping spree coming on and you know I just blew a large sum of money! ;)

    The Christmas quilt is great! nothing better than the after wash crinkle :)

  2. Oh I love Brady's quilt!!! And your yoga mat bag......that'll be really effective!


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