Thursday, December 11, 2014

Savannah 2 - A Finish on Friday!

I've been busy!  I got most of the binding sewn down on the 18-hour drive down here...but then that last section took me a week!  Good thing we had the ducts cleaned yesterday, so I sat on the lanai with the animals and finished the last half of the last side!  Done and done!  Washed 'er up today, and I have to say, I'm actually a little less not in love (get the double-negative?) with Savannah.  Okay, pics.

Under my favourite kind of tree!
Texture - mmmm
The thread has sunk in and blended beautifully.

Another shot of the thread and the loose, flowing leafy designs I quilted

I showed these in the previous post, pre-washed stage but worth a second look now the quilt is washed
The back.  FMQ feathers in the border
I'm getting better at turning corners!
A shot of the back where I pieced in a strip because I was short on the backing fabric, and this way I could once again piece the label in as an integral part of the backing!
Texture, and green grass!!
Folded up -- love the poinsettias that are outside everywhere!
Joe and I were musing about that today: how on our first trip here we marveled at seeing poinsettias absolutely everywhere outside: in pots, planted in the ground, on steps...we'd only ever known them as inside plants!  True Northerners... We still appreciate it.

Bella is settling in nicely to our very own sewing room.  She was visibly happy the other day when I was organizing some of the projects I have brought down with me to sew, sniffing and then rolling on them as if to say, "My stuff!  My smells! I'm okay now!"  She misses our basement sewing area, I'm sure, but she's fast adapting to this new space with familiar items from Kingsville as well as from the condo in Bradenton.

That's a subject for another post.  Lara of Buzzin' Bumble (you need to check out her Spoonflower fabric, a piece of which I won last week!  Woot!  Woot!) asked me today how I manage my sewing "world" between two homes.

Savannah Quilt Specs
Pattern:  Turning Twenty Around the Block
Fabric: Shangri-Là by 3 Sisters of Moda
Backing: Jacobean Joyeux/Provence by Benartex
Batting: Warm 'n Natural
Quilted on my Avanté using Sulky Blendables 30 wt and Aurifil variegated 50 wt
Size:  80.5 X 96.5"  (it shrunk 2" after quilting and washing! Might have to remeasure...)

Linking up with TGIFF on this week at Quilt Matters!


  1. Sandra, it is lovely in all its crinkly glory! Love the quilting, the feathers look fabulous! Glad to hear you are all settling in and enjoying the warm temps :)

  2. Your quilting is so fantastic Sandra - it really brings a whole new dimension to Savannah! I love the fabrics when you see them close up. Aww, poor Bella. Thank goodness you bought some familiar softness from home so she can feel comfortable. It's harder for cats to get used to new surroundings I think. LOL, It is very funny that you linked to me at the same time I linked to you. Well I will look forward to reading about how you transfer yourself and all your quilty goodness from place to place.

  3. It's beautiful, Sandra! Wonderful quilting too. Lucky you to live in such a beautiful place! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  4. As always, a beautiful finished quilt! Love the colours and warm textures. Bella <3

  5. Yay for a great finish! :D I had hoped to join in with a finish of my own this week, but I'll just keep enjoying everyone else's. I giggled at your double negative of being less not-in-love - I've felt that way before! I can picture my Isabeau being the same way if we changed locations - she would definitely be happier once my projects got pulled out, as she frequently snuggles in them while I'm working. Funny kitties!