Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WIP Wednesday...

And it's totally off topic.  But I had an idea using the Riley Blake fabric I got from Lara...

I really like these happy colours!  Can you figure out what I'm making?

Moda Bakeshop has some amazing ideas and inspiration on their blog...

You probably have a good idea with the zippers now in the mix...  I had some fun with Gutermann thread and Sulky Blendables in 12 wt doing some simple quilting on these.

Speaking of zippers, I would like to commend Canada, specifically Costumakers, for minimal packaging for their zippers, which are available at Fabricland.  No affiliation here, just some love and kudos.

Hmm, that was not the way I oriented the photo..gremlins...

Here you see the comparison between a zipper I bought at JoAnn's and the one I bought at Fabricland.  Packaging for a zipper in Canada? A 2 5/8" long lightweight cardboard tab you see on the top zipper.  In the USA? The two pieces of lightweight cardboard you see on either side of the second zipper. The first is a 9" fold-out (so it's really twice as wide as my picture shows) telling you how to insert a zipper.  This is stapled to the zipper and then both are enclosed in the 10 " long package you see at the bottom of the picture, which also has the plastic film in the window of the packaging.  I'd already torn it out so I could recycle the packaging.  What a waste!!!  So unnecessary.  Come on!

Like Judy's Nugget (Quilt Paradigm), Rocco hasn't made an appearance for a while.  He spent a solid hour while I was doing my yoga today (which I do in my sewing room; it's my happy place in more ways than one!) lying like this.  He has discovered that the low windows in this house are a perfect resting spot for his head, while he takes advantage of my newly repaired window to sniff the air and watch for critters in his new 'hood.

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    1. I removed it as I'm not sure it was even there!
      Trying again.
      You'd think if you're BUYING a zipper, then you don't need instructions on how to insert it!!?! Come on America, step it up!!
      Rocco, awwwwwwww I'd love a pic from the outside of the window looking in while he rests his nobby like that LOL <3

  2. Rocco is in doggy bliss - what perfect windows for him Sandra! I really LOVE what you did with those fabrics!


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