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I have the very BEST friends, and I shake my head literally and figuratively when I contemplate how they enrich my life, and make me feel loved.

You all know that Rocco had to have surgery May 10 for a torn ACL.  We have been housebound for much of the time since that surgery, one of us with him 24/7 up until a couple of weeks ago.  Because Rocco has not ever liked his crate, associating it with being left alone, something over which he goes to pieces, crating him to prevent movement for the first 6 weeks was not an option.  We tried.  I stayed right beside him for more than two hours the second time we tried it, moving his crate in the main living area of the house as opposed to the bedroom, doing my yoga practice for one of the two hours, reading/computer stuff after that.  He panted and trembled the entire time until about the 2-hour mark, whereupon, probably because he was so exhausted, he lay down and stopped panting and trembling.  That is no way to heal, we decided.

So my husband, aka MacGyver, being the repair and inventive type guy that he is, figured out a way to contain him using the rug under the coffee table as the 'crate' boundaries.  That did require one of us being with him in the room at all times, which is what precipitated me moving my sewing room to the dining table.  No dates or dinners out; we turned down or postponed suppers out with friends because we couldn't leave him alone.

When I mentioned this to one of our friends, and that going out for dinner consisted of me picking up subs at Subway on the way home from teaching yoga, she decided to give us "dinner out".  She showed up for one of my Friday Yin classes in May, and after class said she had something for me in her car.  Opening up her trunk, she pulled out a large box inside of which was this:

Appetizer: homemade bruschetta with baguette slices; a salad with homemade salad dressing, a bag of feta cheese to sprinkle over it, and the pièce de résistance, homemade vegetarian lasagne, toasty warm.  I was blown away by this thoughtfulness and care.  We enjoyed it all so much.  We didn't get just one meal, we got three!  MacGyver and I both agreed it was the best veggie lasagne we'd ever tasted.  I still have to get the recipe as well as the one for her dressing, yum.  We 'fought' over the last of it, LOL.

That same month I received this letter from my friend Linda.
used with permission :-)

I just love the explanation Linda writes as to why she took the time to write me this lovely long letter.  Linda and I worked together for 15 years.  We share a lot of common loves and interests.  Being of nearly the exact same age, we have shared many a laugh at ourselves, as well as the angst of going through this 'interesting' stage of life called menopause. She has a wicked sense of humour, as you can see in her 'So what's happening in my "Oh so exciting I can hardly stand it" life?' line.  The fact that she took all the time to hand write the letter to me (something which is harder to do these days when nearly all of our writing takes places on a computer keyboard) meant even more, and the timing was terrific what with feeling like a shut-in at that time.

MacGyver was out in Alberta for 2 1/2 weeks near the beginning of July, (he's back home now) which is why I haven't been as active in QBL of late; all the dog stuff, house inside and out, meanwhile teaching and doing yoga, was in my hands.  No big deal really, but with the worry of Rocco doing something to aggravate his healing leg or damage the good back one (40% of dogs tear the other ACL apparently), has meant not as much free time.  He and Brady had a blast the entire time.

Preeti called me about a month ago, a wonderful surprise, chatting about this and that.  In a care package I received from her in the spring was this Mysore Sandal Soap from India, and I have been alternating it with my bodywash.  I again told her that I cannot get over how the smell gives me such a strong memory and sense of well-being.  Maybe a yoga studio I used to attend burned sandalwood incense?  I was Indian in a past life?  Anyhow, Preeti said she can't get over how much mileage in the form of thanks from me she's got from one bar of soap!

And then a couple of weeks ago I received this care package from Tish, who you know has become a very close friend:

Now I knew she was sending me the DVD of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" because neither of us have seen it, yet we each want to.  She came across it while shopping and told me she had picked it up to send me.  We had planned to watch it 'together' while MacGyver was out West, but Tish's MacGyver, Dave the Quilt Engineer, decided to be at home on opportune weekend watching evenings, so we have to reschedule.  I like how she staved off the loneliness on the part of the DVD by including a few fat quarters!

Another very close friend, Judy, sent me a care package that arrived the morning MacGyver left.  What impeccable timing, that I should get to drink coffee out of a mug from her!  This is MacGyver's (Yes! She got him one too, knows him very well...her own MacGyver might have this particular trait too...) 
The pretty pink Gerbera daisy is added by moi so no one will er, be offended
I think he smiles (even if it is just inside) each time he has used it for his morning coffee.  Now THAT just does not happen; not only is MacGyver not a people person, he is not a morning person.  Back.  Off.  Don't.  Talk.  I'll let you wonder what appropriate saying is on my mug, wink.

One thing I love about QBL is the support we give to each other.  I decided to support Ruth of Charly and Ben's Crafty Corner by joining her Rainbow Rose Quilt Along.  It has been fun, and the final linkup deadline is this weekend.  I just might have finished mine!  Come back tomorrow and I'll show you.  For now here is a photo of it earlier this week:
Seem to have a thing about ghost geese lately...

I got to thinking about all these wonderful friends (and there are many many more, like Pat, who reads and comments on every post, and told me last week she'd missed me), how they are like the pillow I made Tish earlier this year:  I was disappointed that after having had to wash it, it had crinkled up more than I'd anticipated, and then sending it to her put even more wrinkles in it, but Tish had said not to worry; it was fine.  And yes, like that wrinkled pillow cover, good friends really don't care if the other sees their 'wrinkles'; they see the soul, and that is all that matters.

Next on the agenda is an ongoing project with some more friends!  The Mini Round Robin.  I have oh, 3 days to get Round 2 complete and in the mail to Tish...

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  1. I'm so glad that things are well even though it's been quiet here from you lately. And friends can be such blessings. I'm glad you've got such a great support network!

  2. It sounds like you have a pretty amazing group around you. It is always nice to have such support when you need it.
    Your Rainbow Rose is just lovely!

  3. Replies
    1. The network of quilty friends is very strong . That's good to see x

  4. That's a lovely, heart warming post. As are your bunch of wonderful friends, who are there for you every step of the way.

  5. Friends, especially quilty friends, are the best! I do hope Rocco is on the road to recovery! Love those ghost geese!

  6. Friends who live so far away, are in our hearts as much as those close by. To share happiness, quilty things, sadness, illness, our dogs,cats and horses through their lives and when they leave, sharing projects, quilt- alongs and more, and those parcels in the mail, with hand written words, these are the wonderful parts of our lives as a blogger.hugs to you, the man, and Rocco too.

  7. Friends make life better :) I know the thrill of a hand written letter. I have a friend I've known for 25 years, and in that time we have only lived in the same town for about 6 months over two summers, but she's the best friend I have thanks to lots of letters (going both ways) about life's ups and downs. When we do see each other every three years or so, it's like we saw each other just the week before. A letter from Monica in the mailbox always lifts my spirits, no matter what kind of day I'm having :) Kind of like comments from you :)

  8. Lovely to read your post😀 wondered where you were, but thought you must be off on a quilting mission lol. Poor Rocco hope he is improving. And gosh what lovely friends... they are attracted to a lovely person😀😀 I feel that from over the big blue sea... hugs and kisses xx

  9. This is a wonderful post Sandra. I'm glad you shared the good feelings.

  10. A truly heartwarming post Sandra. Friends can brighten up a day as you can well attest to. I hope Rocco is well on his way to a full recovery.

  11. Sandra, your heart is so big and kind, it is no surprise to me at all that you are so loved in return. I really think there is something to we attract the energy that we put out. And the fact that you and MacGyver basically rearranged your life so that Rocco could have the nurturing he needed to heal, speaks volumes about both of you. Cause let's face it, left to his own devices, Rocco would have continued living life at 100's the pibble way. Surgery wouldn't slow him down, there's butts to smell! And come on, we still have 3 days to finish our pressure at all there :)

  12. Thank you dearest friend, so much. Now about that sandalwood soap - well, I did not think much about it growing up in India. There were many soaps - herbal, medicated, lemon-lime etc. In college, I was so fond of Olay because it was 1/4 moisturizer (I had dry skin). Then when you confessed about your love of India, I decided to send you this bar of sandalwood soap. And thanks to the MILEAGE it received, now when I send something quilty, I include a bar of soap. Mary and Lara can thank you for the reason that their mailboxes were so fragrant.
    About the MUG - When it comes to BLEEPing, I have only done it with people. So I can safely say that I am a BLEEPing-people person:-D
    For the English teacher in you.

  13. Sandra Jane---your warmth, humor, sweetness and just plain "good old goodness" came through loud and clear in this heart-warming post. I've missed your posts as well...I just figured you were like most of us with summer busy-ness. I'm sorry to hear that Rocco is not quite up to par yet. You are blessed to have people who care about you, but I suspect THEY feel just as blessed to have you in their corner. Blessings from a very HOT West Virginia....

  14. That is one of the most amazing things about blogging, that you end up making such good friends! You are so caring and so funny that people cannot help but warm up to you immediately Sandra. I'm glad you have such good friends locally too.
    The mug is very funny and that lasagna looks very yummy!

  15. I really don't know how I missed this lovely post. So heartwarming to read.

  16. Wow, Sandra. Thanks so much for the kind words about my letter. As I said, hand written letters are kind of like a heart touch from afar and it warms my heart that you got this. I so treasure the years of friendship that we have had and am thankful that distance has not severed those bonds.

  17. Ahhh, friends are wonderful!
    Mind you younger sisters ain't half bad either LOL! 😉
    Was there supposed to be a pic after thus sentence? "He and Brady had a blast the entire time." I have a large empty space after it, looks like a pic should be there.

  18. Poor Rocco, hope he is recovering well. Glad you were able to find a solution to contain him more comfortably. Thanks a million for supporting the QAL - your quilting looks amazing!!! It's wonderful to read how well you are being looked after with care package after package - so thoughtful!

  19. You've had quite the time. But glad to see goodies arrived in the mail to cheer you up. I love all the new friends that I've made here in QBL. People I would not have ordinarily met. Yeah for friends!!


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