Thursday, July 14, 2016

Q3FAL - My List

Here is my list for the third quarter of 2016. How can it be into the second half already, and HOW can it be 16 years into the millenium???  All right then, here is what I hope to have done and dusted by the end of September.

1.  Dayna's quilt
I don't normally "double-dip" as in put the same project on both OMG and my Quarter FAL, but this one is over a year overdue, has been on both lists, ahem, more than once, so I am bound and determined to get this one done, public shaming and all that.

2. Rainbow Rose

3. Half Hexies

4. Walleye potholder.  Not much left of the Better at the Lake fabric from the Henry Glass Desire to Inspire Challenge, but I have the pattern drawn up and the fabric prepped using Crafted Appliqué of course!  That is the last block from the fabric panel HG sent.

5.  Cows quilt - these were the most recent blocks from ahem, several months ago...  I followed Angela's at soscrappy RSC 2015 colours:

6.  Radiance (a long shot)
7.  A QAL with Judy at Quilt Paradigm, based on Soulful by Hideaway Girl.

8.  Midnight Mystery 2015

9.  A quilt for Brady.  He gets one every year when he comes for his September visit.  Of course he does.  He LOVES quilts.

I have two possibilities: either Allison Harris's Touchdown quilt.  I already have pattern and the Minky backing for it (bought it last summer with the other piece of lovely Minky when I visited Julie).  Here's a quick fabric pull (man, I love shopping in my stash!) for the football quilt.  Brady's favourite player is J.J. Watt, so I would put red and blue for the Houston Texans with the footballs. Red is Brady's favourite colour too!
OR I might make him Tish's Dandelion quilt.  So here's a quick pull for the Dandelion quilt; Brady loves dandelions.
Wow, both those pulls have me excited!

I love lists; I use them every day to help me focus.  It works.  Uh, mostly.  I hope this will help focus me for the next 2.5 months.  :-) 

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Looks like I am #152 in this worldwide Finish Along! Wish me luck.  


  1. Focus yeah if you say so...until the first squirrel comes along. Wonder how long that will take? I could send one your way if I ever get my blocks and instructions done...

  2. They are/will ALL be glorious!! Brady ....oh my wonderful great-nephew will LOVE whichever quilt you make as we both know!!! ;))

  3. I think this is a very attainable list. Once you finish Dayna's quilt you will be on such a quilting high you will breeze right through the rest of those projects. If you end up doing Dandelion, I do love that fabric pull :)

  4. Now is tish optimistic or realist ? Discuss !
    I never finished meadow mystery , bought facrics but never even started . Good luck with your list Sandra x

  5. So many fun projects! Definitely keep the cows going, they are staring you down...

  6. You have an ambitious list and I wish you all the best in getting it done. Stay focused and you will I am sure!!

  7. My mystery quilt is still in you are much farther along! Looking forward to seeing your progress on all of your projects!

  8. You are going to be busy but it all looks like fun to me!

  9. I've got my eye on #5 up there. :) Still watching. :)


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