Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Purple-Red Face of Shame OMG for July

I've written about rainbows a few times over the last couple of weeks, so I know exactly what kind of red my face is...
Yup, that centre bit that's quilted?  That's about the right shade.

I've had this goal on the list I think twice already.  Failed miserably.  This is my youngest daughter, Dayna's, graduation quilt.  May 2015 is when she graduated cum laude from Wayne State, her proud parents, nana and boyfriend all watching from seats in Ford Field.

It has been on Avril...
Hauled down to Florida where I thought I could finish it off on the Bernina...
Thought wrong.

It cannot take a back seat to anything now.  I owe it to a very patient, understanding, and quilt-loving daughter.  This WILL be done by July 31.

Back to Ford Field...
Passed out napping pibble on the left; freaking out trembling rottie on the right
A relatively intense thunderstorm rolled through this afternoon. The power blipped out for a second twice.  Prior to the storm, Rocco was snoozing placidly on Naala's bed, cool as a cucumber in the AC despite the humid heat outside the patio door.  Not a half hour later, I had the idea to put Naala's Detroit Lions jersey on her, a gift a couple Christmases ago from Dayna, as a type of thunder-jacket.  It actually did help a little, lessened her panting somewhat, as it's a tight fit.  Here she is pressed against the back of the peninsula kitchen countertop, which has that overhang, so she's shielded from bad booms on three sides, aww.

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  1. With determination like this behind you, I look forward to seeing a beautiful finish. <3

  2. Beautiful shade of purple, rich, royal, and so right for graduation. Many congratulations to your girl and her family. This will get done, you have 25 days to go.

  3. I feel your pain. I am still working on my son's HS graduation quilt, over a year later. Oh well - maybe it will become a college grad quilt instead?! At least he hasn't seen it yet. I'm not even done with the piecing! But it's lovely and I'm sure Dayne will consider it well worth the wait. :)

  4. I feel so bad for animals that react to t-storms. I'm always so grateful that my boy never flicks an eyelash. Dayna's quilt is gorgeous and it will be worth the wait. I can't believe what beautiful quilting you can accomplish on the Bernina (even though you didn't in this instance.) but this is going to be sooooo pretty.

  5. Wonderful close-up pic in your 1st photo, great quilting!

  6. You're in the home stretch! Get 'er done. :-)

  7. When my dogs were babies, I taught them that thunderstorms meant play-time. They've been just fine with them ever since and they're seniors now! Nice quilt.
    From baby brother.

  8. Why is it that our daughters always have to wait for their quilts?? I guess we know how patient they are? Or maybe they're saying things behind our backs. Anyway, I'll be cheering for you. You can get it done, and I bet there are lots of us eagerly waiting to see the finish (besides your daughter). I'm sorry the storm bothers your doggie, but I'm envious of you right now with the rain (was there rain with the thunder?). We are parched.

  9. The quilt will be beautiful Sandra! Keep plugging away! And you're not alone, I gave Sam and Rachel their "going to college" quilts after each of them finished their freshman year.
    Pugs and kisses,

  10. You have been so busy but maybe now is the right time to finish this quilt😀 and poor pooches being scared of the storms...hugs to all xx

  11. Hey! Have you ever tried Rescue Remedy fo Naala? It woks magnificent for some people. Its all natural herbal drops. You can by it online or in stores. Ive never had any pups scared of thunder, fireworks, gunshots, but i do know plenty of folks that do. RR works for some...not all. Im never without a bottle though as ts awesome shit for all kinds of things.

  12. We had similar storms roll through late last night (luckily right after we got home) More flash flooding, but has went down. Maggie and Newton were terrified. Slobbers everywhere from panting. So I'm curious...will you finish her on Avril or your sit down machine? It's going to be absolutely amazing when you get it finished!

  13. Tch Tch Tch, Sandra. It is not just you and your quilt. It is also the question of inspiring and motivating all your ardent fans :-p
    Ok, I am pulling your leg. Honestly speaking, the quilting is so exquisite, I am sure it will be worth the wait. Even if your face was purple, I am sure you'd be glowing with energy and positive vibes. Thank you for everything you do for me.

  14. And don't forget proud Auntie Linda watching niece Dayna graduate from Alberta via Live Stream LOL!
    Oh Rocco, oh Naala ❤
    Dayna's quilt is GORGEOUS!

  15. Oh my, those sneak peaks of the quilting on Dayna's quilt are making me drool. It's going to be magnificent, and well worth the wait!


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