Friday, July 22, 2016

RSC and MM

I've not been in QBL much this past week, but I have got two other ongoing projects up to speed, well one is a bit behind still.  That would be Cheryl's Meadow Mystery.  I was going to shop my stash but then Sew Sisters Quilt Shop sent me an email with "New in Clearance" in the subject line and of course THAT grabbed my attention.  Northcott.  Mmmm, lovely soft hand to their fabrics.  Wow!  My colours!  I spent a little (too much) time deciding, got Tish's opinion, went back the next day (Saturday) to order and two of the fabrics I'd saved in my cart were no longer available! Waaaahhh.  Early bird and all that,, a little (too much) time farting around, re-figuring, and this is what I have:
From left to right, in ABCDE order as per Cheryl's Fabric Selection guide, they are Artisan Spirit Painter's Passion by Amy Sia Blue Planet Abstract Circles in green and the second one is the same line Abstract Floral Dark Blue, third is Leafy Sprigs by R.E.D. Fabrics from my stash, fourth is Tranquil Tides by Deborah Edwards in aqua, and Kona Snow from my stash.  Let it be known that of the handful of mystery quilts I have done, this is the first time I have purchased fabric specifically for one.  Also the turquoise you see across the bottom? An extra metre threw itself into my cart...I am building my turquoise and aqua stash, and I might use this as the flange for the binding.  Sale fabric is sold in 1 metre increments, so what's a gal to do... better buy a metre or two of fabric than pay the shipping is my motto.  The cutting instructions are out, and so I will now have to catch up on that step.  One other point to note: I ordered on Saturday afternoon and the fabrics were in my hands on Tuesday late morning!!  Love fast shipping.

I finished quilting the quilt flag I made for the Henry Glass Desire to Inspire Challenge from June.  You thought it was done, right? Nope. I just was running out of time, so it looked done...could've been done....
That's better!  Note, if one should decide to go back in on an already-bound quilt, and add more quilting that takes one to the binding attachment edge, one should probably undo the stitched down binding.  Parts of my swirls, even though they only go to that ditch of the binding seam, actually cross over and onto the black binding on the back.  Kind of detracts from the back of the quilt.  A bit.  Did I rip once I discovered this was happening?  Nope.  The front of this quilt is more important than the lake sayings on the back, and I very rarely will rip out FMQ.  Way too much of a PITA.

Now it is done and hangs daily in the garden  in the afternoon, when that part is in shade
RSC at soscrappy progress is totally up to date for both of my projects!  Here is my Pop Rocks planning (where I spend the vast majority of my time, digging and scrounging around in my stash, most therapeutic really and most alarming how much TIME this part takes!) and then the row for June, aqua with lime accents:
I do the square ring in each block in the accent colour of the month

The row:
From dark rich aqua to light

For July the colours are hot pink with lime green accents:
Finding light hot pinks was a bit of a challenge

Interesting two photos in that both are taken in the exact same part of the front entryway, but obviously different times of day for the natural light that comes through the glass in the front door.  The pink row is more intense than you see here; the aqua row slightly less intense.  I love both of these rows.  Who am I kidding I love each row!

Since I was on a roll with making these blocks, what's another 6 to add to the 18 I just made:
February colours, when I had not started either of my two ongoing projects for the RSC 2016, were brown with pink accents
This brings me to why I absolutely ADORE scrap quilts: memories.  Colour is a big part of my attraction for them too, but memory is #1.  The teddies?  First quilt I made for Dayna.  The cows, pig butt, and sheep (love that as Angela has a sheep for the February inspirational photo) in those same light brown two blocks?  Runners made for my dad's siblings, an aunt and an uncle, both farmers.  That fabric is Hen-Pecked Heifer Dairy by Andrea Fehr (a Canadian!) for Moda.  The square ring of pink in the medium brown blocks? Scrap from a quilt I made for my mum's 70th birthday that has been on her bed every day since...and that was 10 years ago this Fall.  The pink ring in the dark brown blocks?  Chair pads I made for solid oak chairs, of which I was so proud and then so sad when I had to sell them when we moved, that I bought with some money from my grandma.  They had a grey house appliquéd onto them and ruffles all around, ties as well.  Those are just a few of the memories of that one row.

Here are all the Pop Rocks blocks so far for the year:
Right after the edge of a storm blew on through, without any respite from the steamy heat and humidity but I am just fine with that!
In furry news, Rocco is now up to two walks around the circle, one in the morning and one in late afternoon or after supper.  We've bumped it to walking a bit through the field where future houses will go, across the street in front of the white house you see in the photo and back onto our lane.  There are driveway entrances at all three entry points so no curbs to negotiate with his healing knee.
Happy beautiful boy
In case you haven't heard/seen Craftsy is running a Christmas in July weekend sale on Kits and Supplies.  Don't do as I did, and put stuff in your cart and come back in a couple of days to buy it...other quilters are actually buying those great deals too, zut! as they say en français.  As of today you will find fabrics and kits from 20% to 60% off.  60%?? A Tula Pink pillows kit anyone?  Yup, 60% off.  If you click on the text link or the button in my sidebar, those are both affiliate links and I will get a commission on your purchase.  Thank you!  :-)

Note that I learned last night: if you put stuff in your cart and leave it there for more than a week, then go back to buy it, the "cookie" that gives the credit to the affiliate you clicked through, say, for example, me, won't get any credit, as that cookie only lasts for 7 days.  Just something to remember.  How to avoid that if you are like me and like to stick items in your cart for later?  Before going to Craftsy, just click through the affiliate blog link on who you want to credit to ensure the cookie is updated.

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  1. The cutting instructions for Cheryl's Meadow Mystery aren't out yet, so don't worry, you're not behind! I love the colors and think a flanged binding with the extra fabric you picked up is going to be lovely. Sounds like you are staying busy and productive, in QBL or not. ;)

  2. The colors are so rich, they will make any pattern come alive. Your quilting spirals are so neat!!! Did you just window dressed the quilt for the photo shoot? Well, we have some talking to do then. Don't we?
    The pop blocks do rock :-) I have been eyeing the Tula Pink FQ bundle for some time and it is now 40% off. May be I should just save the money for the road trip to Niagara ;-)

  3. Superb spirals, and those blocks, love the way they all sit there, and so many colours but go so well together in any combination.

  4. So much to say about this blog post and so little phone battery . Love the Henry glass . Love the fabric choices , all of them . And I so love the Tula cushion !

  5. Yes, those Pop Rocks are fab. I am giving the Midnight Mystery a miss this year, too many other things to finish, and just don't have as much time as before to give it justice. And another year older, so all things take a little... a lot longer. I am enjoying smaller projects, and love making bags.And Rocco, good news that he is doing so well.

  6. LOVE those blues and aquas! But I love my pibble nephew more! Oh Rocco❤

  7. I need to find fabrics for Cheryl's mystery. Just back from being away for two weeks. You sure miss a lot in blogland.

  8. Glad to see that Rocco is on the mend and out and about having walks. I just love the fabrics in your mystery pile. I love turquoise and you have quite a variety there.

  9. I have been back and forth from Craftsy to a couple other sites trying to narrow down fabric for Cheryl's mystery.

  10. You've been missed! The "Roc" is looking great; glad to hear he's doing so well. LOVE that flag!

  11. I like that you put the swirls in the geese background, nice texture there. Your mystery fabrics/colors are oh so yummy!! Glad to hear Rocco is doing well :-)

  12. wow, what a great post. Love the chains blocks, and the pup picture

  13. Your Pop Rocks blocks for RSC are so fun and will be gorgeous when all are put together! Glad Rocco is able to walk more and more and is healing!

  14. I like the memories in scrap quilts too. Not just my memories. A friend of mine was looking at my latest scrap quilt and picking out fabrics that are in the quilts I made her and her kids. It was fun!

  15. You know what else you shouldn't leave up and then go back to later? Comment windows. I fell asleep last night and then today wrote a nice long comment and poof it disappeared into internet space.
    It's so great to see Rocco outside and grinning a happy dog grin!
    I love your fabrics for the Meadow Mystery - They are a gorgeous combination and I'm jealous! :)
    The quilting you did on your Mariner's Compass is gorgeous Sandra!

  16. Your mystery quilt fabrics are beautiful, they are going to be beautiful in the quilt! I have gone back and added extra quilting recently to a quilt and had the same problem of the quilting going onto the binding on the back a little. I also left it is as too.


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