Monday, December 19, 2016

Jethro Tull the Bull

Good and bad news with ol' Jethro... He's done, yay and I love him.  However, something happened when I printed out the pattern last summer, and he is a 1" smaller block than the cows. 😖
You may recall his main squeeze, from my previous post, is Myrrh.  Aka Myrrh Tull. 😉
He goes together very slick, despite the rather daunting amount of, and look to the sections.  This is Maartje's (Maartje Quilts in Amsterdam) Mad Bull found here.

Thankfully I have enough scraps of all these fabrics, well maybe not those eyes, so I was thinking I'd be making another, but when I put him on the design wall amongst his herd, I thought, hmm, he'll do methinks.
This isn't the final layout -- just playing
I'll add some black to the bottom of his body and he'll be fine.  There is nothing wrong with Maartje's pattern; I reprinted one page and it was bigger than my printouts from the summer, so who knows what I did.  Invaluable are those 1" test squares, but there isn't one on this PDF which seems odd, as it's done in EQ7 and I thought that programme would have it.

Churn dash, aka Hole in the Barn Door, blocks will alternate with the cows.  I sewed, or should I say, thanks to Janine of Quilts From the Little House's wit, churned out several yesterday, ha ha.  Just look what a different design is created with a couple of 180-degree turns of sections!
"Kewl!" as my sister Linda would write.
My aunt loves her garden and her flowers, and I'm sure those cows would love to munch on some too, so all the churn dash blocks are getting made in floral fabrics, with maybe a little hay in one...

I laid out my two biggest slabs to date of the Scrap Vortex:
Miss Bella didn't see why I needed a ruler to show you how big they are getting; she was happy to be a measuring device!

She then proceeded to play with her piled together toys and somehow got tangled up and said, with her baby blues, "Take a photo of me now! I can be the poster cat for Windham Fabrics! They know they want me! They just don't know it yet!"
So of course I obliged.

Another collage for your viewing pleasure, one from Instagram so you may have seen it if you follow me there:

You may recall I recently wrote about the random fish painted on the tarmac or asphalt road, Oklahoma Street, to be exact.  That is the first photo.  I knew there were two, but didn't think you needed to see both. Well the other day while walking back home along the street from the opposite direction, I spied that second one, and a third one! If you look very closely, you will see a white blob just under my arrow in the middle picture of Seattle Street.  I didn't want to walk closer for fear of appearing rude or a stalker or worse, a peeping Tomasina, so take my word for it, there's another in the road there.  The third photo is of a third fish!  I just love the whimsy, don't you?

It's that time of year again, goal-setting time, New Year Resolutions looming.  I am a goal-oriented person, and even though I no longer work full-time, I still operate this way with lists, LOVE my lists!  Tish and I had a long conversation last night that involved some goal-setting. I'll be back tomorrow to give you the skinny!

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  1. Old Jethro is quite the handsome guy. Bella, as always, reigns in beauty. My goal for 2017 is to have some goals ... any goals. lol

  2. Mooo! Jethro is one handsome stud! Even if he is 1" smaller than the others in his herd, he reins in big with his striking personality and masculine flair! Looking forward to seeing those goals!

  3. Those cows!!! You know I've been playing I Spy with them in the background of your photos for a really long time. And now, here they are! A dozen of them! I just feel like there needs to be a name and a personality for each one... like there should be a children's story or a poem about them... maybe a limerick for each... Hmmm.... Let me think...
    ...The Christmas cow known as Myrrh Tull
    ...Could never be thought of as dull.
    ...She was brazen and bold
    ...With her eyes of gold
    ...Mooing "Come hither" to Jethro the bull.

  4. I love that the cows are going to be nestled in the grasses and flowers. Great choice! And how cool to see how different a churn dash block could finish with just simple changes in orientation.

  5. Love the bull! And oh Bella ❤❤

  6. Jethrow the Bull,
    head hanging low,
    shuffled over to Myrrh Lynn Tull.
    I say, my dear,
    I don't mean to leer,
    But your udder is stunningly low.

    (Wink wink)

  7. Love the bovine! Also love the limericks people are writing. It always amazes me at how talented you all are!

    1. Hi Verria, I do hope you come back to this post to see if there are any more talented limericists (if that's a word ha) and see that I cannot email you personally because you are a no-reply blogger. Just include your email in your comment next time ephdra (at) gmail (dot) com like that! Thanks for stopping in (to the 'farm') :-)

  8. Ok... one more... then it's someone else's turn..
    Top row, middle cow (from "A Moo-velous Retreat, November 25, 2015)...
    The red cow is named Bloody Mary.
    She’s difficult and quite contrary.
    Her nostrils may flare
    And cause Sandra to swear.
    Which is totally unnecessary!

  9. Some very talented people have left wonderful limericks. I'm not good with words like them so you'll just have to settle for Jethro and his herd are great. The flower blocks are going to be great I can almost see the herd in the meadow.

  10. Jethro turned out great. Too bad he's not the right size. Can't wait to see this all pieced together. Merry Christmas.

  11. Hahaha - great limericks! Or should I say they are udderly hilarious!

    Jethro may be small, but he can handle his harem.
    It's a good thing you only sewed his head,
    because his dangly bits would scare 'em.

    (heh heh... :o sorry)

    I love your plan to alternate the blocks Sandra. And I had not realized just how small the pieces were in your scrap vortex until the lovely Bella's modelling session.

    Merry Christmas!


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