Friday, March 10, 2017

Quilter's Laundry Day Blog Hop

Welcome to my stop on Jen and Jan's Mini QAL!  It's no secret that Tish of Tish's Adventures in Wonderland and I are great friends, and that we get each other into trouble, like all the time... This one is on her. 😃  She showed me the beginnings of her version of Quilter's Laundry Day, and it was just SO adorable...  I could NOT.  Well, it's a mini....maybe?  All right, I'm in.  So, with hours to spare to the sign-up deadline, I committed, and came through!
Haven't had a finished quilt in a tree for a few weeks!  This is Jen's of A Dream and A Stitch, and Jan's of Color Creating and Quilting, second mini quilt along.  I wanted to be a part of their first one but timing was just not good.  I'm so glad I got in on this one!  There are lots of us participating; you will find the list of the two days of bloggers at the end of this post.
When I signed up, Jen told me that the hardest part would be choosing the 4" finished block to be the mini-quilt hanging on the line.  She was right!  I wanted something that could actually be an entire quilt, and after a fair amount of deliberation, decided upon this one, Hour Glass, from this site.
I was pretty tickled with how it turned out, all Kaffe Fassett fabrics, and put it on Instagram.  And then, realized, nooo..... there was a mistake! 😫 Ah well, a little time reverse sewing and it was fixed.  Layered it with more Kaffe leftovers from my Three-Quarter Patch Tote, quilted it, and bound it, ready to be inserted into the quilt.

Wait.  This little quilt isn't sewn as part of the mini?  Nope!  I had a brainwave to make it 3D.  If my idea didn't fly, I"d just make another mini-mini, right?  Here is the flimsy:
Not readily apparent that the mini-mini is not sewn into the mini on all four sides....

It worked!  I made the little quilt without batting, bound it on three sides, and sewed the top side in when I pieced the big sky section.  Now I have the perfect teeny clothespegs to attach here but do you think I can find them?  Went through (twice) all the Christmas stuff because that is where they are. I have a tiny 'presents' quilt I hang on a tiny hanger with said tiny clothespegs...ugh!  I'll find them next week, guaranteed.)  Anyhow, can you spot my little secret under the mini-quilt?  I almost always add a little surprise in my quilts, and beneath the free-hanging mini-mini quilt, I quilted my initials!  You can see I also used a couple colours of green threads for the grass.

Of course I couldn't have met the deadline without my feline supervisor keeping those baby blues on me all during the quilting of it.
This is the best photo I've ever been able to get, I believe, of the sparkle in Holoshimmer metallic thread!
I used Sulky Holoshimmer metallic on the window panes, and quilted the cat and butterfly with it too.  That's a Laurel Burch kitty cat, a scrap sent to me last year in with many others, by one of my sweet readers.  I love the sparkle the Holoshimmer adds!  The door is a scrap of wood-like batik, as are the clothesline posts.  The roof is a scrap of black.

I used scraps from my Freefall quilt for the house, sidewalk, grass, sky, backing and binding.  These are such wonderful fabrics by Paintbrush Studio Fabrics, the sponsor of my own upcoming quilt along. 😉 For details on how you can participate in that, see my previous post.
Even had a strip of leftover fabric from Freefall for the hanging sleeve.

Here is the label:
You can see I did the binding by machine.  Quick!  You can also see the brick pattern I free-motion quilted on the sidewalk section.  I had fun with various quilting designs and threads.
Swirls and loops and clouds and wavy lines in the sky with variegated Essential thread.  I also used Essential thread for the sidewalk, door, and the lines on the house brickwork.  For the grass, I used two greens, one a Sulky rayon, the other an Isacord polyester.  For the roof I used a black Gütermann cotton.  The mini-mini is quilted with an Aurifil variegated.  My Bernina loves 'em all.  As do I!
No, those Paintbrush fabrics are not batiks, but they sure read batik, or hand-dyed, don't they?  They are now available in an LQS near you!
Quilt Stats:
Pattern:  Quilter's Laundry Day
Size:  16.5"; 16.25" after quilting
Fabric:  scraps
Batting: Hobbs 80/20 scrap
Quilted: on my Bernina
Threads:  pieced with Gütermann; quilted with Essential: variegated Ocean, Bark, Violet and Parchment; Sulky: Holoshimmer variegated, rayon 1177; Gütermann black cotton 50 wt; Isacord polyester 5324.

I am in love with this little quilt and cannot wait to hang it in my sewing room in Ontario. That hanger usually holds a snowman embroidered wallhanging, so this will be a great one to switch out.  If you would like to make your own Quilter's Laundry Day you can find the tutorial here.
Thanks so much to Jen with help from Jan and from Kate at Smiles From Kate for creating this adorable pattern, and for hosting this fun blog hop/parade of quilts.  To see other versions of the mini, you can visit the blogs below over the next two days!

Oh!! Prizes!!  Yep!  If you visit, and leave a comment on each of Jen's and Jan's blogs, (Jen's today, Jan's tomorrow) you will be entered into a drawing for some sweet prizes!

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