Monday, June 5, 2017

June OMG & Winner

For the month of June One Monthly Goal, at Elm Street Quilts, I plan to have the cows quilt quilted, bound and on its way to my aunt.  It will only be a year and a half late...

I have had the backing for some time, snagged in the Sew Sisters Quilt Shop  clearance section, which, btw is pretty fantastic. It's Windham Fabrics "Farm Chic" by Kate McRostie.

Then, this past winter I discovered the farm animals in various yoga poses,  "Willow Creek" for elizabeth's studio, so of course, I had to snag a little of that to incorporate into the back as well as some other fun future project!

Besides the OMG goal, I have a personal goal to be caught up on my 150 Canadian Women QAL as well as my three RSC projects which have been sadly neglected since leaving Florida.  I did work a bit on green, which was May's colour, for project #3:
Trying to bring a bit of order to a scrap vortex-looking quilt by doing the opposing corners in fabrics that read solid; multi-coloured ones are going down the centre, framed in black strips.
There's a rogue block, bottom left corner, that was my test block, before I had the idea to calm the crazy a bit.  It takes a bit more thought than I'd realized: do you see how I have the start of 3 more purple squares, another turquoise one, and another green one, even though I have four green corners? That's why I've started leaving one side of the black strip empty so I can hopefully work around this!

And project #2:

I didn't do any April multi-colour blocks/rows for any of the three projects since I just want the rainbow effect; however, my multi-colour scrap challenge was fulfilled when I did the Welcome to Canada quilt.
Sadly, I didn't even make a dent in the multi-colour strips or scraps boxes. 😖

This is just one example of why things are moving at a snail's pace in the sewing department of late:
Pieces from a Freefall cushion cover I am making, for which I made a test block before we left Florida, and also for which I was sure I had cut all the pieces.  Yet when it came time to sewing the last 3 blocks, I was short several pieces. 'How odd,' I thought.  Looked around on the cutting table and the former shoe rack-turned-fabric-shelf that had sat there before I got to have yet another piece of the former kitchen cabinets up here...  Nada.  Weird.  Weird.  Well, maybe I'd thought to wait in case I changed my mind about fabric placement...but the missing pieces had no logical order to what had not been cut.  So I cut those I needed.

A few days later, I pulled the shoe rack out to move this shelf in its place, and what did I spy?  Fabric pieces.  WTH...  Emit another massive sigh...  That shelf didn't end up there; it's in another place.  Yes, I will be giving you a tour of progress up here one of these days.

All right time to announce the winner of Star Blossom, Tish and David's beautiful pattern!  Remember if this is not you, then you have another week I believe to snag your copy at a discounted price!  Thank you to all of you for your wonderful comments and such kind words on my version of their pattern.

There were 76 comments, and the winner is:

Congratulations to Donna W!  This is a first: the first number pulled had an email!  When you make Star Blossom, Donna, be sure to shoot me a photo as well as Tish.


  1. Extremely moooving (groan..) cow the animalistic yoga going on there too...nice quilting on your project...hugs, Julierose
    (trying some deep breathing--as far as I've gotten except for the sitting pose...trying to clear my rampant "monkey mind" these days...)

  2. Hey better later than never!! I hate it when things like that hide from me-and it seems to happen all to often, LOL I am liking your string blocks a lot.

  3. Donna W, congrats, This is a fantastic pattern, and I am sure we will be seeing lots of versions with different fabrics. Mine is going to be deep purple, blue and teal, with what now will be darker grey. The batik shopping will start in July, after freefall is done and the 12 days of Christmas blog hop is over!!! Freefall, I have 2 rows sewn together downwards, very slow progress, no more days out till it is all finished!!!

  4. I love the cows with the churn dash and the backing is perfect!!

  5. You know what... I'm glad it's taken you so long on the cows. It's a been kid of a "where's Waldo" to spy one of them hanging around in-progress in the background of other photos over the months.
    You already know, but I love, Love, LOVE this one.
    Can't wait to see it after it's been quilted!

  6. Thank you very much for sharing the update about winner. Best of luck for those who won.
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  7. I like the direction your scrap vortex is taking. Love the cows!

  8. What a great cow quilt! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

  9. Love the cows and you are right, the backing is perfect! Oh, those yoga poses, perfect!

  10. Congrats to Donna W.!!! Hope she enjoys Star Blossom and I can't wait to see what she creates. Oh, the cows!!! I am so happy to see the girls are on your list for the month. The yoga farm animals just makes me smile, I mean how can they not?? Do you have a plan for quilting the happy cows and their hunka hunka bull yet?

  11. Pretty animals in yoga poses! Your aunts wait will be well worth it! The quilt is excellent and she's going to 'jump over the moon' when it arrives at her door. I thought I was the only one who experienced things like that! Oh, well, into the scrap box with those pieces. Congrats to your winner!

  12. Our Aunt will LOVE the quilt, so cute!! And I love the scrap quilts. I could look forever at all the different colours, patterns, and I'm a non quilter! They're beautiful!

  13. I love that scrappy string/scrap vortex quilt! What a great way to use up those scraps! Is it ok if I feature it on my Wednesday blogpost?

  14. I love the cow quilt and the backing fabric is fantastic!
    I am so happy to know I am in good company when it comes to the RSC challenge. Things started going awry in April and I haven't stitched one piece of fabric since then! (UGH!!!) My daughter came yesterday and helped me get started on straightening and organizing my (in total disarray) sewing room. That helped...late last night I made the first move toward catching up with all of my monthly sew alongs!

  15. Love your creativity with the cows. Those cows are darling.

  16. There is suddenly new meaning to the saying - till the cows come home!!! Who else, but you, can be the rightful owner of the yoga pose farm animals? I have a feeling they have been following your Sunday Stretch for Sewists :-D Congratulations, your string quilt will be featured on Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

  17. I'm gonna have to make myself a herd of cows cause these are So. Darn. Cute. and I can't NOT have a herd of my own! LOL I love the backing fabrics, and can't wait to see how you quilt your herd. :) I'm constantly losing quilty things. I spent an hour yesterday looking for a quilting ruler that I had just had in my hand the day before. Geesh! An hour of my life I'll never get back....

  18. I stared and stared at that yoga animal fabric before I read the paragraph that explained their positions. It hurt my brain for a moment there. Clearly I need to stretch it more before reading quilting blogs :)

    I have a secret place where quilt blocks and fabric pieces hide, too. Since I do most of my work on top of the guest bed, the sneaky little buggers are always lurking in the space between the mattress and bed frame. I get Deadly Quilt Spoo Build Up there, too.

  19. I love your cow quilt....and the cow/yoga fabric! I was just saying the other day that I miss the cows that used to be in the field across the street from my house. They would stand and watch me as I walked out to the mailbox. I think I'll have to find some of that fabric. BTW....are you going to Quilt Canada next week?

  20. Good luck with your goals Sandra - I love those cows and of course the backing will be Perfect!!!

    1. PS I am very good at misplacing bits too - and finding them as soon as I have replaced them!!!!

  21. The cow quilt is so fun! Good luck with your goals this month. Happy stitching.


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