Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Scraps Boxes

I now have two more of these scraps boxes complete!
That photo right there makes me HAPPY! I cannot wait to have them all done, in a pretty rainbow, in my new sewing room one day in the not-too-distant future.

I already had finished the green one back when it was a squirrel. Yeah squirrels have babies. (known as kits!) These are made following Angela's tutorial which is here. I actually made the green one slightly bigger as I have a lot of green scraps. It isn't really apparent from the photo or IRL, and I'm glad because I now want them all uniform, and I do like Angela's size specs. I made it slightly bigger because I have a lot of green scraps (they have, make that had, their own dedicated Rubbermaid plastic container), and they all fit wonderfully inside this one. When it comes to blue, I'll be making two, a light blue and a dark blue one. Oh, and I have the panels made already for the turquoise one! It's my largest stash stack and scraps box.

I did show you the panels for the red one back in about April/May, but here they are once more:

I find that these work up quickly as leader/ender projects. And they may be rather addictive, like a jigsaw puzzle... 'just one more piece...'

The red one all done, back and side view:

I quilted it with a simple ballpark 1" grid with straightish lines.This is the first one where I put a label on it. It's one from the batch they sent me that was incorrect. The 'mmm! quilts' is there but they forgot the 'Made by... ' part on the flip side. Do you notice a few pieces of my daughters' smocked dresses in the box?! I told you they've worked their way into pretty much every RSC project since I joined in. This box is the most creative with flying geese, HSTs, and pinwheels.

The inside:
One of my favourite reds is this cat fabric by Buggy Barn. I have it in dusty purple too. I decided to make one end scrappy with a piece of this Daisy Kingdom check fabric.

The yellow one, back and one side view:
See that dusty gold rectangle second from the bottom on the seam line? That's from about 1996, used in a Stack 'n Whack quilt (Bethany Reynolds' method for creating kaleidoscopes) I made for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. There's another much-loved scrap on the side towards the bottom with red in it. That's from France, bought in 2007, with making a quilt as a memento in mind.... no, the quilt isn't made but three makeup bags are from it! I need to make that quilt...I've been back twice since that first trip!


This lining I made really scrappy, using three different yellows. I love the Zen Chic one. It's a piece from the first pattern I released, 'Pocketful of Sunshine', which used to be on Craftsy as a freebie, but they removed it. However, as of today, ta-da! It is on Etsy right here, and for a mere $2 for the next two weeks . You read that right. It's not quite as polished as my second and third ones, nor the subsequent ones, which, yes, I'm working on! Once I get these next ones out, I plan to redo this one so that they all have the same 'brand'. In case you are curious, here it is:

In the bottom of the baskets is a rectangle of this foam:

A few people have asked about it, as I use it in bags on the bottom too, encasing it with a slipcover to match the lining. It is campers' foam. I got this at Canadian Tire years ago in the camping department.

I have panels made for the turquoise, orange and pink ones, but now it's time to switch to Brady's quilt, and get planning the September Island Batik bear paw one.

And be sure to pop back on Saturday for the monthly DrEAMi! linky where we celebrate all our squirrelly habits by linking up a post with a project from the past month that had us Dropping Everything And Making it!

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  1. Lovely baskets of scraps sure to brighten your sewing room.

  2. They're all beautiful, Sandra! If I had a sewing room, and therefore space to spread out a little, I'd be planning on making a rainbow of these as well. Maybe someday... :)

  3. You remind me that I have a half finished rainbow of these too. Perhaps next month's squirrel? I use a LV or contrasting lining though so I don't lose my scraps.

  4. One has to love scrappy quilted baskets as they are just too cute. I still have and use the one you sent me a few years back. In fact just yesterday I was digging in it looking for the right scraps. I keep some leftover parts for ongoing runners in there.

  5. I love seeing your scrap baskets - such a good idea, and one I have on my list. All those bits and pieces sewn together just make me smile! Hope your remodeled studio is close to readiness!

  6. Such cute scrap baskets! Sure to brighten up any room, but especially a sewing room. And what a good idea, too, for scraps!

  7. Those baskets are going to be so fun and so pretty in your new sewing digs! I cannot wait to see them all on display. Wish I had the room to do the same, but will just have to admire yours. I might've had some squirrels this month. I better do a review, or see if there's one waiting impatiently in my quilt room today. :-)

  8. Love those boxes! I was going to buy a few jars for sorting the scraps this weekend - but now you've sent a squirrel my way :-)

  9. I love those scrap baskets, Sandra! It’s lovely that they remind you of all those past projects too!
    I’d love to make some, but I don’t have anywhere to keep them.
    Barbara xx

  10. Cute, cheerful, and useful. Can't beat that!

  11. Hi Sandra! Those baskets!! Sweet. I would be smiling from ear to ear, too, just looking at them. Red, yellow, green, with turquoise, orang and pink to come. What?? What about purple? Maybe there's no room - that would be the first color I'd cut. Anyway - please share a photo of them all in a row in their new home someday. That camper's foam looks slick - I imagine it's a lay on instead of right on the ground?? Pocketful of Sunshine - an apropos name for the pattern and you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  12. I love your baskets and the idea of storing the appropriately colored stash in them. I might have to borrow that idea. I just returned from my annual trek around Minnesota on the shop hop and have been posting about my trip so not much sewing this summer.

  13. These are so fun! And I'm imagining the scrappy rainbow order goodness when they are all finished, lined up on the shelves. Heavenly! :)

  14. Nice! I would love to make some of these and use them in my organizing.

  15. Your baskets are wonderful Sandra and just what I need. I have scrap baskets already but at least one not enough and another was broken by a cat friend... and they're commercial, plastic and not a touch on yours. I'll be trapping this squirrel for later, I could do these early next year I think.... hmmm that's getting closer by the moment and all!

  16. Those are happy baskets and just perfect for your new sewing room. How is that all coming? I guess taking a bit longer than one likes - as in all construction projects. My squirrel will be done (unless the grommets give me trouble. So much more information on squirrels than I used to have, but I like your kind of kits better than the real ones.

  17. These baskets are great. A creative way to use up scraps...and to score those scraps. ☺

  18. LOVE LOVE LOVE what you are doing with these baskets! I have always wanted to do this exact same concept but have I made a single one? Nope! So I shall live vicariously through you for now and just maybe you will inspire me to make my own baskets one day. :)

  19. I love your scrap bags. Do you offer the directions for sale

    1. Hi Mary, you are a no-reply so I have no way of reaching you, but these are not my design but Angela's. I gave the link in the first paragraph under the first picture to super scrappy. Hope you come back and find my reply!


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