Tuesday, October 29, 2019

DrEAMI #33

Well big time oops here. This post should have been on Saturday, as in a few days ago. That was when I was participating for the first time in #missingmarket and it was fun! Sunday it continued, but another reason my head was not on my blog duties was that we had to dog-sit this sweetiepie.

It wasn't hard to spend several hours with her in their basement watching the Lions..... win! She is a snuggle bunny extraordinaire. So it didn't even dawn on me that the last Saturday of October was over until this morning, and well I was in the throes of finishing off the current quilt, taking a certain cat to the vet, and getting said quilt into the mail.
I did DrEAMi! again. It is absolutely glorious just seeing something, and diving in to making it, ignoring all the 'must-do's' isn't it? With all my Island Batik and Benartex duties, and the lilacs quilt that was in McCall's this summer, I haven't been able to DrEAMi as much the past couple of years. However, here are three from this past month!
First up, I had a request from Brady to make him a placemat, but not to match the grey and aqua ones his mum requested I make, no. He wanted red and blue. He even drew a diagram for me to follow, "If it's not too hard, Nana." He's so thoughtful, just unreal for his age, but he always has been this way. Because I was working like crazy on his football quilt while he was here, I didn't get to his placemat until after they left, but it was first on the drop everything and get 'er made list!

It arrived at his house this past week and he loved it. (I love FaceTime for moments like these.) Boy, did he like the backing too! I did have to put in the two lines of grey to separate the reds and blues in his original design. He was okay with that.

Two more occurred in short order, typical Drop Everything and Make it from start to finish, don't even breathe!
More on those another time. AGF on the left and P&B with Cranston on the right.

My final DrEAMi is not exactly a true DrEAMi, more of an ongoing diversion from the regular programming. It's the kind where you do just have to drop everything....and make this first block or two or three of a quilt, and you know you're going to continue making the quilt, but you have to spread it out over a few days or a week or two... because it's such a humongous DrEAMi... And it was totally unplanned.
Not on the FAL List.
Not on the Want to Make List.
Not on the Gifts for People List.

Yep. That kind. Here's mine. As I posted on Instagram when I went kinda cray-cray one day and succumbed to making a couple blocks with some scraps....

Pumpkin Quilt Along! Party of One!

I wrote on IG that I figure if I make just four blocks a week, I will be able to have a finished quilt by American Thanksgiving! These are more of the same pumpkin blocks I used for my Give thanks table runner.

Last month we had this beauty from Dione at Clever Chameleon:
This month I've been very lax in visiting people in Blogland, and a very bad host, in not visiting my linkups, but I've sewed. A LOT! Dione submitted this to Make Modern for the 5th birthday contest, and I do not know if she won anything but I think she should have, as it's great, and based on Smoochy - you must read all about him. Cats just fascinate me with their quirks. Also fascinating is the ezine Make Modern, love them, and yes I'm a happy subscriber, no affiliation.

Allison at New Every MorningPatchwork and Quilting just had to drop everything and make this:
I can totally see why you'd succumb to just diving right into this project! 'Just five fat quarters'.... and she was off. I wonder if she's got it quilted by now!

Well what grabbed your attention in October? Link up below. I'll leave the party open until Friday night. And now I'm off to bed. I'll leave you with one more photo of this sweet little girl. Who's not really allowed on the couch...but hey grandparents get to spoil their grandkids and their granddogs!

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful pup! I'd love to sit and snuggle with her too. My squirrels have been alarmingly (yes, alarmingly) quiet as of late. Makes me a bit sad, really. Perhaps they will come back in December, when I should be working on Christmas gifts. The timing would be perfect, yes? Love your projects, especially those purple pumpkins!

  2. A squirrel for Brady sounds like something you could never resist! My October squirrel was made for my mom - definitely something I knew I had to make. :) I enjoyed your missing market posts, too!

  3. snuggle time is a good time especially with a furry friend! Love those pumpkins!

  4. Oo, your pumpkins are lovely! So many pretty scraps. And I'm very glad to hear Brady loved the placemat that he designed for himself. Too funny!! I've been very lucky these last few months that the multiple orphan block projects for Covered in Love are so diverse that it's keeping those pesky squirrels at bay :)

  5. Aww, Sandra! You're a good spoiler for both Brady and the grandpups. I want to sit on that couch and snuggle with her. That is totally the j.o.b. of grandparents - spoil and release. LOVE Brady's placemat. The best part is that it is his design brought to life with love by Nana. Your pumpkin extravaganza looks like fun - I adore the purple/blue colors. I totally agree with you on Dione and her Smoochy design being a win - a big win! ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Aw, how sweet that you can whip out projects according to Brady's specifications. Best kind of DrEAMi ever. I love that he wanted his own placemat in his own colors. Oh, purple pumpkins! (All the heart eyes here.) And your cuddle puppy. I wish our granddoggie would cuddle like that. He's more into walk-by (actually dart-by) kisses, but he does like us to come over to his (very own) couch and rub his tummy or ears.

  7. It's amazing how a weekend can get away from you. Love your purple pumpkins!


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