Saturday, January 4, 2020

Project Review of 2019 and January OMG

I was updating my 'Quilts of 2019' tab today, and I realized I missed adding a project, as well as I had to enter the rest of the December ones. I thought hmm, I should make a collage of all of these projects I did, as it was a rather productive year! At the end of this post will also be my OMG post for January. Here is the first set of nine projects in more or less order of completion.
Wow, lots of bright and happy colours here! Four of the nine are my own designs too. 😊
Top row: Oh the Places You'll Go!; Moody Blues; Scrap Box
Middle: Burst of Spring; Sparkle On!; Cheerio!
Bottom: Postcard from Sweden cushion cover; Fern; Pasque Star
You can find a photo and a link to each of these posts in the Quilt Gallery tab up top and click on Quilts of 2019.

Top:A Roll of the Dice cushion; Autumn Winds; The Marauder's Map Gryffindor Cushion;
Middle: Good Vibes Only; My Mother's Lilacs (publication); Luminous Layers
Bottom: Sherbet Stars; Cat mats; Night Watch

Top: Placemats for Dayna (4); Ladder Links (publication); Pastel Froth
Middle: Patio Chillin'; Touchdown; Makeup and iPod bags (7)
Bottom: Ripples; 4 more placemats for Brianne; two more scrap boxes

Top: Bear Paw Dance; Give Thanks; Greta
Middle: placemat for Brady; Nana's Closet; La Vie en Rose
Bottom: Fall Maple Leaf Pillow cases; The Kelpie's Star; Holiday House

Grace; Fidget Quilt

There are 38 photos here, but if you count each individual make there are many more. To break down the makes:
Bed quilts: 6 (4 twin and 2 queen)
Throws: 8
Baby size quilts: 5
Wallhanging size/runners: 5
Cushion covers: 7 (includes the pillowcases)
Placemats/cat mats: 12
Bags/pouches: 7
Island Batik makes: 13 (I did two projects for one of the challenges), plus the Patio Chillin' table topper was an extra all IB batiks for fun project. 

Whoa, that totals 50 items. I also quilted a quilt for a customer. 27 of the 50 makes were given away, either as presents, comfort or healing. Also of note for my future self, is that since the beginning of May, I've done this while living in half a house, with a puppy we got February 2 at the age of 6 months, a senior dog who had his second ACL surgery in April, and in a year when we travelled extensively, almost 7 weeks away.

I never did show the scarf I finally finished knitting for Dayna:
I have a toque I want to make for myself next on the knitted items list, uh which was on my Q4FAL List.

Remember the geese I caught in my last post, flying over my Floral Stars quilt? Well early this morning I saw the same ones, I like to think, flying in the opposite direction. I bet they were headed to the  Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary area where there are lots of open fields with good eating! I just managed to catch them in my photo:
As both MacGyver and I have said, we are enjoying the unusually mild weather, but we are also alarmed by it. I spied a chrysanthemum that I left in a pot by the garage, with a good inch of new growth. The dried part of the plant is protecting it, but that is not normal for January. Knowing the devastation in Australia that is going on, I am worried to my core about the planet.

My OMG for this month will be to get the flimsy together for my RSC Arrows quilt:
This is where I left it, when a certain pumpkin-shaped squirrel took over, and then some IB and a few other makes demanded attention. I do have the black and the brown arrows blocks done.
Update: Well, I thought, I'll just take the stack of blocks and lay them back out on the design wall to see where I'm at as far as needing plain squares, and how DO these black and brown blocks look?

A few hours later, this had happened:
Of COURSE the wind whipped around right when I wanted a photo...

There, I had to wait a bit, as if the atmosphere was inhaling, and got this one. I am pretty sure I know how I am going to quilt it eeek! However, it will have to wait a bit, as a couple of Q4FAL finishes are furiously being, well finished, and then there's an IB quilt to make by month's end.

So I AM going to add another OMG since I finished this one in stunningly lightning fast speed: I'm going to finish one more of my scraps boxes by month's end. I have panels made for a couple of the colours, so it'll be aqua or orange, probably aqua, as my blues Rubbermaid plastic box is overflowing.

I've been having a blast watching/listening to bluprint classes. I'll be back later this week to let you know some good ones, but do the words, Cameli and Kennedy mean anything to you?!

Speaking of distractions, I mentioned in my last post the bluprint sale:

In case you didn't catch the update on that last post, I did succumb last night... I just got one item that's been on my Wishlist, and I'm pretty pumped about it. It's Cutting Flowers (affiliate link) and I can't wait to see the fabric! It's got excellent reviews. I got the queen size, destined for our bed once we move upstairs. I ordered it last night (Friday) and it shipped this morning!
I also wanted to mention one more time, the you can watch classes until January 7 for free!

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  1. All of that would have been impressive even if you had a full house to work in and didn't have a new pup to care for!

  2. Lots of great projects for 2019. Your arrows are looking great. I, too, am concerned about the weather...although I am enjoying the mild weather.

  3. You make such a lovely variety of quilts and other kinds of projects, Sandra! I enjoyed your review of them. Can't wait to see how your arrows quilt goes together!

  4. Wow, you are amazing!! A lovely post of your year. Yes, we are worried too about the strange weather patterns & it's been horrific here although we haven't been directly affected by these ones,just lots of smoke. If you pop over to my blog, there is a photo of the smoke on Xmas day. One of the reasons I'm having trouble blogging. Take care and thanks for sharing.

  5. Impressive! I wanted to list my favorite... but it's so hard! There's "Cheerio" and "Fern" and "Scrap Boxes and of course, "My Mother's Lilacs" In the end my favorite, Favorite, FAVORITE has to be... the titles that you give your quilts!

  6. I think that "Sparkle On" and "Ripples" are my two favorites...but that could change the next time I look. Ha ha. Please quit tempting me with that sale! :-)

  7. Lovely projects you managed to do in 2019. Were you sewing at warp speed? Well done 👍

  8. WOW! I am wondering how you managed to get all those done and still had time for vacations, let alone a house in upheaval. What is the secret????

  9. You have had a very beautiful, productive year, my friend! So fun to see all of your quilts in review!

  10. A banner year, indeed. So much eye candy here! Always fun to see your beautiful projects again :)

  11. What a year. How will you top all that?

  12. Such a productive year and a fun goal for January.

  13. What fun to see all the quilts and other projects! I did a little update on my tabs, too, and have a little more to do. I succumbed to Bluprint's sale too. It was a good one and I got fabric for the 2020 Monthly color blocks, and now am thinking I ought to make two of each....yikes.

  14. 2019 was such a creative and productive year for you. I wish you lots of joy and creativity in the new year.

  15. Hi Sandra! YAY! You got your post done in time for linking up. Holy moly, you worked on some beautiful quilts in 2019 and 50(!!!) of them. I just adore the arrows and I cannot WAIT to see how you quilt it. I hear you about the unusually warm January weather - although I just saw on the news that just last year we had 56 degree weather along with a Polar Vortex. I am NOT complaining but it is very, very, VERY ODD to not have any snow around. Anyhoo - great job on your recap post. ~smile~ Roseanne

  16. So many wonderful projects! But that arrow quilt is amazing... great job!

  17. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

  18. Love your arrows quilt, She went That-a-way! would be my name for it, being the strange person that I am.

  19. You had an very, very productive 2019! Love the arrows, that's just a fun quilt. You've gotten a good start on your finishes for 2020.