Thursday, May 21, 2020

Elvira Hands2Help Comfort Quilt #3

Back in March I participated in the Elvira QAL hosted by Gudrun Erla. Although I didn't sew the entire weekend with everyone, I did get my top made within the week that followed. I knew this would be another H2H quilt.

Our local CBC news had run a story around that time about a house for men who were in the process of recovering from substance abuse. This is Launch Pad Recovery Centre's fourth house (isn't that such a great name?) They showed the home, and the rather austere look of the bedrooms made me immediately think that they need a quilt on the bed to brighten things up and to let the men know someone in the community has seen them and cares. So this quilt, and possibly at least one more, will be finding its way there.

I used Essential 100% cotton 50 wt thread from Connecting Threads to quilt it. (affiliate link) Avril my longarm, hums away fabulously well with this thread. I didn't adjust the tension once after setting it at the beginning when I had some Aurifil on a bobbin, and then when that was done, switched to The Bottom Line, no adjustment needed. A secret? The lint amount is the same as both Aurifil and Gütermann, and it's a lot cheaper. It is slightly thicker than both of those though. I did a large meander across the quilt.
This bright yellow was just perfect! Doesn't it make you think lemon meringue pie? Guess what its name is? Lemon! 21170 That affiliate link will take you to it. It doesn't cost you any more; I just get a commission from Connecting Threads. I only talk about stuff I use and like, and I did mention that even though it is 50 wt, it's slightly thicker than Aurifil and Gütermann which some people/machines do not like. Thank you so much for when you do support me! Connecting Threads has a great free shipping policy too, not just US only. And contrary to what some bloggers are saying, the US is indeed shipping to other countries like Canada and UK and Australia and many many more. Just head to USPS to check it out.

I did the binding by machine, top-stitching it onto the front. I had a piece of black with grey leaves embossed on it, but there wasn't enough. However, beside that black were two fat quarters of a similar colour, so a couple strips of each and presto, enough binding. So nice to make a little space in my Sterilite plastic drawer system where I store less than 1/2 yard pieces.

This fabric is really pretty, isn't it? It is unusual in that there are flowers, butterflies, and graphic geometric designs all within the line. I designed a modern log cabin for Benartex's ezine, Modern by the Yard, last year using this fabric, and they sent me some of the actual fabric! That log cabin block is the block we've used in my Centred QAL.

For the backing, I pieced together some of the remaining hunks of fabric along with a hunk of yellow 'barbed wire' fabric I've had forever that went perfectly. Another space made! There is one extra block that I also incorporated on the back. I don't remember now why I have an extra block!

I mainly got inside shots; it rained for like three days when the quilt was finished.

I did wash and dry it and got a photo outside a couple of days ago.
The batting is two pieces of thin polyester fleece, and it was the last quilt I quilted on Avril in the basement because she is up here beside me now, forever and ever amen!

Ready for delivery!
This is on my Q2FAL list which you can see on Instagram.

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: Elvira by Gudrun Erla Designs
Size: 49.5" x 64"
Fabric: Benartex 'Limoncello' by Greta Lynn for Kanvas Studio
Backing: as above and from stash
Batting: polyester lightweight fleece
Quilted: on Avril my Avanté; 37 492 stitches
Threads: pieced with various on my Bernina; quilted with Essential 100% cotton 50 wt, Aurifil and The Bottom Line in the bobbin

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  1. The difference between Aurifil and Gütermann is likely the number of plies. Each strand is the specified weight, 50wt, but Aurfil is a 2 ply and I bet the Gütermann is 3 ply. ;)

    It's a great quilt to gift and hooray for Avril being up with you out of the basement!

  2. This is a great finish. Now, as soon as I read your blog title, all I could think about was the song Elvira, and I might have sung it...think I'm dating myself. LOL I love Lemon, but I think Honeysuckle is starting to take the lead.

  3. Beautiful quilt, I love these Lemoncello fabrics! It's going to be a great gift, well appreciated.

  4. Lovely quilt & great of you to gift it to the home. I was also impressed by your new studio in the last post. Think I could be a little envious. Take care, stay safe & hugs from down under.

  5. A lovely finish, and a great place to donate it to. Hooray for Avril being in her permanent place.

  6. I have used the CT thread and it does well for the most part. I do like the thinner thread for piecing. But for quilting the quilt OR for improv piecing I frequently use my stash of CT thread - I have a nice selection of colors in it.

  7. I love yellow, gray, and black together, Sandra - like sunshine in an aspen forest! That's a beautiful quilt, and sounds like have found a great place to donate it.

  8. It's beautiful!! I have not tried Essential in the LA yet but I have in the domestic.

  9. Well, I'm glad Avril has happily settled into her new digs! What a nice quilt and a kind gesture to donate it to the recovery house!

  10. This is a beautiful one and is sure to make someone very happy. How could you not be with those fun yellows! Glad to hear Avril is back home where it belongs :) I bet Macgyver will be happy to not move it again :)

  11. Beautiful Elvira, Sandra!!! I love the colors! That will greatly cheer up a room at the Launch Pad!

  12. Hi Sandra! This quilt is a beaut and what a nice charity it is finding its way to. Not only will it brighten a room considerably but it will also brighten the heart of the person that gets to sleep underneath it. Just knowing that there is someone who cares enough to make something special has to warm their heart. Plus they'll feel all the care and love you stitched into every area of this piece. I love that pattern! It really lets the fabric shine yet it's not one bit boring. Nice job. ~smile~ Roseanne

  13. Beautiful finish, love the colour combo. You really didn’t need to send the rain West. 😂😂😂😂

  14. Your quilt turned out great and I love the back as much as the front!!

  15. I really like that pattern and the fabric you used. I think it will really brighten a room and bring comfort to someone who is struggling to stay on the right path. Congrats on bringing Avril back into the daylight.

  16. What a wonderful quilt to bring sunshine and warmth to the men at the recovery centre! Love the yellow and black fabric, and the yellow thread with it.

  17. Beautiful Elvira! And what a great cause to donate it to. I love the idea of it brightening up an austere room. Yellow will certainly do that! I have one of the machines that doesn't like the CT 50 weight, alas.

  18. Your finished quilt looks just perfect for where it's going. A lovely finish - and the backing looks great too. Yaay for Avril's move upstairs!

  19. I love your version! Such fun prints and so many different ones. I think the recipient will treasure it always. Fun that it was the last quilted in the temporary location!

  20. It’s a wonderful quilt Sandra. I’m sure the recipient will love it!
    Barbara xx

  21. Thank you for linking your beautiful quilt at Patchwork & Quilts ;))

  22. What a great quilt - and a great place for it to be loved!


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