Friday, May 15, 2020

Centred QAL - Blocks B2 and B3

I cannot believe that the final four blocks are out today, and the next time I 'see' you, it will be with flimsy 'in hand'! I laid my twelve blocks on the design wall today and had a little shiver of excitement pulse through me, because oh wow, it's going to look terrific! From what I've been seeing on Instagram and in the linky, yours are going to be giving that same shiver. 😍 I cannot wait to get my last four done and in position. They are half done as I type, so with any luck, they'll be in a photo at the end of this post!
Remember there is a hashtag pool for the quilt along too, which is a great way to see what others are up to. It is #centredquiltalong
It is still not too late to jump on in, now that you're seeing how easy these blocks go together, and how they fit together! The main page with the schedule and links to all the posts is here.
All right here we go!

Block B2
Make two more Block B, but with the following difference: in the final round, the 2 1/2" x 9 1/2" rectangle is navy, but the 1 1/2" x 10 1/2" rectangle is white. All seams are pressed away from the centre to ensure nesting with Block A. See below. Make two.

Block B3
In the same manner make two Block B3, but with the following difference: in the final round, the 2 1/2" x 9 1/2" rectangle is white, and the 1 1/2" x 10 1/2" rectangle is navy. All seams are pressed away from the centre to ensure nesting with Block A. See below. Make two.

And that, my friends, gives you all the instructions for your sixteen blocks!

Lay all sixteen blocks out according to the diagrams below. Here once again is the final layout map:

Sew the blocks into columns or rows as you prefer. Join the first two columns (rows) together, and the third and fourth columns (rows) together. Finally, sew the two halves of the quilt together to complete the top. The example below shows the columns method I like to use. All seams should nest nicely.
                                Column 1            Column 2                 Columns 3 and 4

Here once again is a finished shot of my quilt if you would like some quilting ideas.
It quilted up very fast, as the horizontal lines are spaced about 7/8" apart.
For the centre rays, I quilted a horizontal and a vertical line through the centre of the four blocks, and then an 'X' from corner to corner. That created eight sections. Then I evenly spaced out a few rays in each of the eight sections. I bound my quilt with a 2.25" binding.

Remember to tag me and add your blocks and then top and then finished quilt to the hashtag pool on Instagram. #centredquiltalong

Well, I hope that was pretty mindless and easy to put together! Now, you have one month from today, so until June 15, to get this puppy quilted and bound and ready for a parade! The final linkup will open on that auspicious day. Let's have another look at the sponsors:

Details about the prizes can be found here. Thank you to all my sponsors, and thank you to all of you for participating!

Here are my last four blocks:

And here they all are on the design wall.

I really like this multi-colour version! Now to sew them up and then quilt it!

Remember there is a terrific blog hop and giveaway going on at Island Batik over the month of May. I also have a pretty sweet bundle of fabrics up for grabs on my post which is here, so be sure to comment on my post for my giveaway, and also on Island Batik's for chances at theirs!


  1. Yay, so excited! I admit I made my last blocks last week, just reversed the pressing directions, but I haven't laid them all out yet to see it together. I love your QAl version! The colors in the center are lots of fun and absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Woo hoo...I have my blocks finished! Now that I've seen all the blocks, I can visualize better using different colours for the blocks. I might make another one. Thanks for hosting the QAL.

  3. All my blocks are made; after a few stumbles and a bit of ripping. Can't wait to put it all together.

  4. Love this version. I have pulled out my fabrics for this now that my IB project is done for May. Hope to get started this weekend.

  5. I wound up outside this morning working in the garden since the threatened rain held off until the thunderstorms rolled through about 3 PM. Got the last four blocks about half way done before dinner. Can't wait to put the together and see how it came out.

  6. I just finished up my A3s, now to get B2 and B3 taken care of! Thanks so much, Sandra - such a neat design!

  7. Thanks for the QAL, it's fabulous!


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