Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Ultimate Home Décor Blog Hop Week 3 & To-Do Tuesday

It is the third week of the Island Batik 'Ultimate Home Décor' blog hop. There are four this year, all with giveaways! I hope you caught the array of inspiring home décor projects last week, from quilts to triptychs, from cushions to runners, oh my.
The hop runs May 4 - 26 with new Island Batik giveaways each week, giveaways at pretty much each ambassador's stop, and tons of inspiration and eye candy featuring the newest collections.

It was our Victoria Day long weekend here in Canada, so I'm a day behind with my third week announcement! I don't know, yesterday Monday was like any other Monday during this new corona virus time. We had once decent day, Saturday, and the others were absolute crap, and today still is too, winds like a hurricane, rain like Florida in July 4 pm rains, just crazy. On the plus side, it kept people at home where they are supposed to be.

First I'd like to show you my finished bolster cushion! My post was last Tuesday, (be sure to enter both my giveaway and Island Batik's) and I made a ton of stuff, but I hadn't finished the second bolster cushion; I just had the word Trees done. Well, it is all done now!

As you can see by the wet deck, we have had a TON of rain, and it is still raining as I type. I have another quilt finish, another for H2H, but no outside pics. We may need an ark yet... And I hesitate to type that, because 2020 has been a year of upheavals, strangeness, and deep sadness. Like all Canadians, I am shocked and heartbroken at yet another huge blow to our morale as a nation.

The Snowbirds are Canada's aerobatic airplanes squadron. I've had the privilege of seeing them a few times, and they will make your heart soar and pound at their skill and beauty. They are a squadron of nine planes, and they've been flying since 1971. The picture below is off the Royal Canadian Air Force site.

On May 2, they launched a cross-Canada tour "to inspire Canadians", to let them "know we're in this with you." They started in Nova Scotia, to honour and show support to those killed and those affected by Canada's worst mass shooting in history in April, and were making their way across Canada. On Sunday morning, in Kamloops BC, shortly after take-off, one jet suddenly cartwheeled and crashed. Both occupants ejected, but Captain Jenn Casey, who unbelievably, was from Halifax, Nova Scotia, was killed, and the pilot, Captain Richard MacDougall, seriously injured. Here is an article about Capt. Casey from an Olympic luger ,who got to fly with and race his motorbike beside the Snowbirds, that shows her warm, yet professional spirit. She was their public relations officer.

To-Do Tuesday
I haven't written one since mid-April, so this next week I have these three items to complete:
1. Finish the orange scraps storage box (this is my OMG so time is running out)
2. Get at least the front done for a kaleidoscope cushion for my niece, Sheila
3. Make a start on my June Island Batik project
4. Write the post for my third H2H quilt finish
5. (a long shot but needs to be publicly stated: get Centred and Spring Stars ready for tech editing with Yvonne)

RSC Update
The dark green 9-patch blocks are all done. Still working on them via leaders/enders, so it doesn't seem like work at all. I could DrEAMi and make the other colours in order to be up to speed with this year's schedule, and I am sorely tempted, because they do give me such joy.

Sewing Studio Update
Yesterday was a day of big changes in my sewing studio! Avril made her (hopefully) final trek to her new digs, has been level and track evened out with HandiQuilter and MacGyver magic tricks (though he has a design reworking idea they should hear about, which makes total sense and would basically eliminate the need for this trick where the tracks and table join and where there is often a 'bobble' created).
Anyhow: ta-da!
Two Smooches quilts for H2H awaiting delivery

Here's a reminder of what it looked like back in September.
Quite the change! I still need my counters but I'm waiting for a bit to order from IKEA. This is good because I can work up here and decide what does work and what doesn't. So far I am loving sewing in this bright corner, which has been the most recent plan. Time will tell.

Island Batik Blog Hop
And here is the list for this week's posts. Be sure to check them out, enter their giveaways, and also enter Island Batik's giveaway.

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May 22
Week 3 Island Batik Round-up + Giveaway

Affiliate Updates:
Shop quilting patterns at shop.mybluprint.com
One last quick item of note is that I got word that bluprint is still offering their free trial of online classes. No payment necessary. They also have a new feature on their homepage "Free Preview" where you can view links to free content on their site. And you can get supplies delivered to your door. Lots of great stuff (hello clearance section) and a safe way to shop.

Also Connecting Threads, specifically Connecting Threads clearance items, is another great resource, a safe way to shop, and even better free shipping options available (shh).

Okay foof! That was one info-stuffed post. I'm off to walk my dog in the rain (he won't be thrilled) and then sew. Thank you for reading!

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  1. I was so sad to hear about the flight crash and the loss of life. It's been a tough year for all of us, but Canada has been hit hard as of late. Love those bolster cushions, and I hope the rain has eased a bit (and the wind). I'm so excited to see your new digs - how fun! Your 9-patch blocks have given me a solution to a quilty conundrum, so thank you! Enjoy your week, Sandra!

  2. Happy Tuesday. I love your cushions and pillows. So happy. I really love to see the Air Force put on shows. Our son is now 35, but when he was 3, we went to an air show. He has always been a huge fan of the Air Force. Well, after the show, they had people and such in one of the hangers. Our son got to talk to 3 or 4 of the remaining Blue Angels. Ohhh, but our boy was in heaven, he LOVED this team of pilots. He talked to them and they talked back. They all enjoyed the situation. Strangely there were not a lot of people around this table, so we let our son talk. The men completely enjoyed that this little boy loved them so much. They gave him a number of souvenirs that were not on the table. Our son has them to this day. I really like your 9 patch. I can see this in a lap size and I will put it in Burgundies to match our front room. Thanks for inspiring and sharing. Oh, I love your new sewing area. All that natural light is wonderful.
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  3. Your sewing room is looking wonderful, Sandra - lovely space and light! The Island Batik blog hop project is so neat. Completely useful, and beautiful at the same time! I like your RSC blocks, too - they will make a great design. May you have some sun and clear weather this week - that always makes life feel better.

  4. We're on day 3 of sunshine!!! But Saturday, we have enough rain to last the entire month. So sad about the Snowbirds. That's the third Nova Scotian woman in service..... :(

  5. Sandra, you are right! This was surely packed full of info. So sorry for the loss of the Snowbird pilot. It seems that Canada keeps having tragedies. It has been cold and windy here for a week and the threatened rain never makes it over the Sierras. If I walk at 6:20 AM, I am fine. Any later than that, too windy. Hope Brady is still doing his walking.

  6. Hi,
    Like your green blocks...so pretty. I envy you your
    sewing room...so much room..have a great day!

  7. Don't you wish we could just have a do-over of 2020?! I have to honestly say that I am not a fan of flyovers, which probably relates much to my phobia about flying in general and fears for these kinds of tragedies. Nevertheless, I'm sorry for such a loss when the intent was to bolster the country during such a stressful time. Your studio looks like the perfect light-filled retreat to sew away all the cares right now. What a lovely space! Now I have to go back and read your post about your cushions. Lake and Trees--you know how we have to picture our peaceful place during guided imagery? It has to have lake and trees for sure. And now I see that one of the blog hoppers is from the tiny town (by lake and trees) we vacationed in last June. I have seen her beautiful photos in a facebook group, and now through the link in your blog, I find that she is also quilter!! Oh wow. I bet we walked right by her studio a million times last year as we walked every inch of that town many times. I wish I had known about her then! Stay dry if you can. We are waiting and waiting for two consecutive days of sun to restain our deck.

  8. Hope your weather improves, and I was so saddened about the Snowbird. I need to hear MacGyver's trick! I just got my Handi-Quilter Amara moved up to a new space, too. Not as big as yours (jealous!!) and not as roomy as before, but should make things easier. (Long story). Anyway, gorgeous projects!

  9. Love the green blocks. Nova Scotia just can’t catch a break.

  10. Wow, I love your sewing space! It looks like a dream come true. All of your projects are so inspiring. Thanks for sharing beautiful things when the news is so heavy. Right now I'm torn between "sewing therapy" and walking around our neighborhood lake. I guess "both" is the right answer!

  11. You have a wonderful sewing room. So many creative sewers, I am inspired.

  12. Your sewing room is looking wonderful, love your color accent wall!

  13. Hi Sandra! WOW! That picture of the Snowbirds is stunning and it gives me the chills just seeing it. Gosh, I am so sorry to hear about the crash. What a horrific thing and I can't imagine having to witness it. Isn't it just amazing that one survived?! Wow, he had an angel on his shoulder for sure. I am so happy to see an update on your sewing room. All those windows!!! Does Bella and Rufus join you when your working in there? {{Hugs}} and take care. Thanks for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

  14. Those crashes are so tough. I grew up near an airfield where the Blue Angels performed every year and was thrilled watching them. Your room looks fab! I wish I had a huge room...I don't think there is much I could do in this cottage, but a girl can dream!

  15. I have been saddened to see Canada in the news so many times lately for all the wrong reasons. We over here are thinking of you all. Your finished studio is crazy amazing. Well done to you and MacGyver. It is also great to see your finished Island Batik projects. Thanks for sharing at the Chameleon's Colour & Inspiration Party.

  16. I had this post open the other day, and didn't get past learning about the tragic crash. Such a devastating thing to happen, especially while lifting spirits. I adore your new studio. Your patience has been rewarded. Your bolster cushions and chair pads are lovely too - great idea to make those for your hop project.