Wednesday, May 27, 2020

To Do Tuesday and River Valley Winner

I hope your days include lots of outside fresh air time, whether you're in the southern hemisphere, where fall is established, or in the northern, where spring, and definite summer weather is happening. One thing about having a dog is that they force you to get outside, fair or inclement weather, and I don't know about you, but I always feel better for that fresh air. The post of my River Valley home décor projects was three weeks ago, so it is time to pick a winner of the yard or so of cuts of this gorgeous 'oh so Sandra' line.

There were 73 comments, and the random number generator chose 49.

That would be Cindy of Stitchin at Home! It's lovely to 'meet' new kind people who comment on my giveaways, but it is also an extra thrill when I already know the winner. 😁

So last week's To Do list had five items:
1. Finish the orange scraps storage box✅ the post is here
2. Get at least the front done for a kaleidoscope cushion for my niece, Sheila✅
You may have been watching the progress on my Instagram

3. Make a start on my June Island Batik project ☑
This one has a half checkmark, because the fabric line I'm working with has been decided, as has the pattern, and it's actually sitting on the cutting table ready to be cut up today.
4. Write the post for my third H2H quilt finish✅
5. (a long shot but needs to be publicly stated: get Centred and Spring Stars ready for tech editing with Yvonne)☑
Another half checkmark; Centred is ready, but Spring Stars is not quite there. I had to spend some EQ and digital fabric time on the weekend with a new design destined for Make Modern in the future!

I'm pretty happy with that, especially since the past several days have been gorgeous and I've spent a lot of time outside, which is as it should be. I've also spent some hours folding (and petting) and organizing some more fabric onto a temporary shelf for now until we can get my planned IKEA cupboards.

For this week:
1. Finish the kaleidoscope cushion and blog it (the plan is for a Friday finish)
2. Write up my I Like/Love post for Thursday and the DrEAMi post for Saturday
3. Get blocks made for my June Island Batik project
4. Make my 12 orange blocks for the 9-patch RSC project
5. Long shot: get Spring Stars ready for Yvonne
6. Long shot: start work on the cat mats for this quarter

I also plan to get a start on painting my wicker chairs too!
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  1. Your cushion top is AMAZING!!! Lucky niece!!

  2. Good morning, Sandra! I have been watching the kaleidoscope project on Instagram. WOW! It is amazing, stupendous, and an incredible show of love and affection for your niece. You did great on your to-do list and I think I forgot to drool and ooh-and-ahh over your orange storage box. It sounds like the nice weather is supposed to turn more Spring-like here. I will not miss the high humidity one bit but enjoying the sunshine has been great. Take care and stay safe, my friend. Thanks for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Congratulations to Cindy! That is such gorgeous fabric! Your Kaleidoscope pillow is a neat design in beautiful fabric, too, Sandra. Sounds like a busy week for you!

  4. Well done Cindy, I'm sure this will be put to a new wonderful project. Sandra, do you ever stop creating fabulous things?,Love that kaleidoscope, I had a genuine one when I was a child, made with New Zealand timbers, not like the plastic ones today.

  5. Great list and good luck with your week! I seem to have misplaced a day again, how does that keep happening! I'll squeeze it all in before the end of the month, and that is a good thing.

  6. That kaleidoscope is beautiful. Is that Paula N. fabric?

  7. Oh my goodness, that kaleidoscope is so cool - I've been watching your IG posts as you were constructing it. Wowza, my friend! Congrats to Cindy on winning the fabric - yippee! So happy for her.

  8. How exciting to win! I'm sure I'll find a project to use them in.

  9. Congrats on all the check marks on last week's list, hope you've already checked off a few from this week's list. Love that cushion piece, very pretty.