Monday, July 20, 2020

Blog Vacation is Over

I'll still be taking it a bit easier, (at least that's the plan, ha) on the posting over this month and the next, but there are a few things I want to let all of you know. I didn't go completely 'dark', posting on Instagram, so if you follow me there, @mmmquilts, you'll know a little of what's been going on.

First of all, I've been madly sewing and writing up not one but two patterns. The first huge one I am super-duper excited about is Shine. This is one of my 'secret sewing' projects I've been working on. It is a Christmas quilt for Benartex's Christmas in July Project Hop, which starts today!

Read on to find out the schedule, as the hop starts today!

I don't believe I have ever made, or even started, well maybe started, a Christmas project in July, but this year I have not only started but finished one! I've put out a few photos on Instagram; here's another.
You can see another teaser of my quilt, which uses Nancy Halvorsen's new line 'Better Not Pout', as well as all the other designers and their projects in the video on Benartex Fabrics' Facebook page by clicking the blog hop graphic. Oh yes, there are giveaways!

Here is the hop schedule:

Monday July 20th – Nancy Scott, Winterberry Masterpiece Quilting

Tuesday July 21st – Heidi Pridemore, Rejoice The Whimsical Workshop

Wednesday July 22nd – Laura Piland, First Frost Slice of Pi Quilts

Thursday July 23rd – Lisa Ruble, Camp Joy

Friday July 24th – Debby Kratovil, Festive Chickadees

Saturday July 25th – Wendy Sheppard, Ode to Joy

Sunday July 26th – Debby Brown, River’s End

Monday July 27th – Charisma Horton, Deer Festival

Tuesday July 28th – Sandra Walker, Better Not Pout

Wednesday July 29th – Kate Colleran, Joy

Thursday July 30th – Tammy Silvers, Snow Village & Rustic Village Christmas Tamarinis

The second very exciting announcement is that tomorrow I am releasing the other pattern I worked on right at the beginning of my two-week break. A very sweet blog reader named Jennifer emailed me to ask if there was a pattern for this quilt. Well, I had thought of maybe writing it up, but there are so many others in the queue... Well, I decided to go for it. You've seen this quilt; the actual quilt is for sale in my Etsy hop, but now you can own the pattern as of tomorrow! Of course, it will be on sale all week, 25% off, so just $7.50CA in my Etsy shop. Click there or on the sidebar button.
Come back tomorrow for photos from my pattern testers' quilts.

I am caught up on my RSC dark blue projects, the Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr 2.5" one,

and the 9-patch quilt

I will have a post this week on a commissioned quilt I made as well. Here's a teaser pic.

I've also spent some time preparing for a photo shoot that is happening this afternoon on the shores of Lake Erie. I have the honour of having been chosen to participate in a very special project with Environmental Defence Canada about this lake that I so love. More another time.


  1. My goodness you have been busy. The Christmas in July quilt looks interesting and I love the S, as all my names start with it. Look forward to seeing how everything goes and the photo shoot goes well. Relax a little too. Take care, stay safe and huggles.

  2. I've wondered where you were, but have been seeing your IG posts. You have been up to some fun projects, and congrats on another pattern release for a pretty pattern. Curious about that photo shoot too!

  3. No wonder you've had no time for blogging - you deserved that blog vacation. Lots of new things in the hopper! Can't wait to see the photo shoot results. Fun, fun!

  4. Its great to have you back and fun to see what you are working on!

  5. So glad you have new things in the pipeline. That photo shoot sounds wonderful. You are really spreading your wings, lady. I love all the teasers.

  6. It's great to see what you have been up to and working on Sandra, you used your non-blogging time well. The photo shoot sounds exciting!

  7. Lots of fun things going on with you lately! I hope all the sewing is feeding your soul :)

  8. Hi Sandra! Stay on the dark side, please - as long as hints are shared on IG. I'm so proud of you for getting these patterns finished and published. Yay you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. Christmas in July will always elude me! I do like the colours of your quilt and can't wait to see the full design. Congratulations on the patterns. I like your blue blocks, specially the contrasting whites in the 9patch quilt. Looking forward to reading more about the Environmental Defence Canada project. How amazing!!


  10. You used your two week blog break really well. Looking forward to checking out all the stuff you've been working on. Congrats on the pattern release.

  11. You have been busy during your break. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas in July project.


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