Saturday, July 25, 2020

DrEAMi! #42

Are those squirrels still showing up in your sewing room? Are you inviting them, or are they inviting themselves, as squirrels are wont to do...

especially when there are sunflowers to gorge oneself upon! This is one of many squirrels honing in on my dear friend Helen's yard in Arkansas. I have to say if there were free fresh sunflowers seeds (already shelled thank you very much) I'd be hanging out at that place too. You need to go and read the whole story, which is at Word Weaver Art.

Well, I did have a DrEAMi this month, and it was a good one, AND I'm going to share what I did with you so you can just go have a similar DrEAMi of your own!
My DrEAMi was making the quilt, Still Waters, which you can about there.

It was such a good DrEAMi, that not only did I start a second one, but after reading several comments on Instagram and on that post, I decided to start a third one (I'm nuts I know.... ha, see what I did there?) and tell you exactly what I did. I mean DrEAMis are meant to be shared, just like sunflowers and seeds!

This quilt is inspired by, if not an exact copy of, the quilt I saw on Jasmine's blog, Quilt Kisses. She used a layer cake; I used my stash and scraps.

All I did was cut rectangles 5" x 9.5", one or two from a bunch of different fabrics that go together in tone. After I had 30 or so rectangles, I started laying them out on my design wall in pairs, alternating the direction of the seamline horizontally and vertically. Below you see my two quilts started. One will be oranges and pinks, a nod to the canna lilies blooming in our garden, the other similar to the original, in turquoises and greens.

Once you are happy with the layout and distribution of colours, sew the centre seam of the pairs. The blocks should measure 9.5" square. Join the blocks in rows or columns as you prefer, joining them all together to make the quilt top! I made mine five blocks by six which made for a 45" x 54" couch throw. Do let me know if you make one of these!

Last month Carol of Quilt Schmilt had a wonderful DrEAMi with a little side effect, as her squirrel pic said, "And just like that...    Poof. Weekend gone."
If you didn't catch it, be sure to hop over there to read about it, especially if, like me, you have exploding 2.5" squares in your life.

I often get little instances of happiness, unexpected joy, surprises, warm fuzzy moments all, from my blog. One such moment occurred this past week when Kathy, who writes the monthly newsletter for her guild, The Molly Pitcher Stitchers Quilt Guild, wrote to me to thank me for dreaming (ha) this DrEAMi thing up. She hoped to get more response/input from members by asking for any DrEAMi moments to be shared with her for the newsletter! I love that, made my day.

Well, what happened in July? Focus or frolic? Do share!

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  1. Ooh, I love this quick quilt with those big patches. I wanted to make it right away (squirrel enabler, you). But then I realized that I don't have many fabric pieces big enough. What a good reason to shop! Hmm. My biggest local independent quilt store is trying to start an online shopping service with curbside pickup, which I have been hoping for, so just maybe this could happen without all the precautionary measures. Stay tuned. Congrats on inspiring the new column in the guild newsletter. I'm sure that will be popular, and maybe those guild members could also add their squirrels to your DrEAMi. :)

  2. I am totally smitten with the blue/green version and would love to make one for myself. I made a somewhat similar quilt years ago for my sister with the minky backing. Those water colors are calling, but I don’t have anything like that in my stash. I was happy to have a Dreami of my own this month. This weekend I’ll be diligent to sew more masks since they’re now required in Minnesota. We each have one or two, but we need more. Happy sewing, Sandra!

  3. Blue/green or pink/orange - difficult choices! I like them both. Nothing better than an easy quick quilt design. Love those photos by the water. I'd like to be sitting there, relaxing.

  4. Such calming colours in the blue / green quilt! I've done this style before but made it as rag quilt with 1/2" seams. Super fast!

  5. I focused and frolicked! I am in the middle of sewing some Burrito style pillow cases together as a thank you for my daughter's employer for coming down and mowing 4 or 5 acres of ours that we don't have the equipment for. That's my focus. My frolic was a find in my stash of a kit from FQS of a small (6.5 inch block) It's like a beginners kit, I don't even remember when I got them! But I figured what the heck, might as well sew them up, since I found them!
    I love your DrEAMi projects. I have tons of layer cakes sitting around. I need to cut into those and do some DrEAMi stuff myself.

  6. Sandra that quilt is just the sweetest. Another month of frolicking and fabric fun for me! Thank you for posting my scrappy quilt Sandra. This time it’s 2” squares making me DrEAMI. So sweet that Kathy enjoys your posts as much as the rest of us. Carol

  7. It will be fun to see the pink/orange version! And nice to have an idea for a quick quilt that is pretty and can make a thoughtful gift, too. Thanks for hosting this fun link-up!

  8. I love this version and we’ll see if the squirrel calms down, as it is telling me to do something fun!!!

  9. A quick project made from scraps which everyone seems to have an abundance of. Love the turquoises and greens.

  10. I made that same scrappy quilt as Carol and it was a great scrap buster pattern! Did I blog about it? Nooooo. Plenty of squirrels around here, but they seem to be the mute, illiterate species. Sigh. Thanks for sharing the block details for your latest easy-peasy fast-n-breezy quilt design. Those silent squirrels are making all sorts of paw gestures that I need to start cutting fabric for one of those...

  11. Such calming colours that blue and turquoise! Would be a fun design for charm packs, I think.


  12. I think it’s great that your squirrel was a fast finish. I’m following a squirrel right now, but it is not very fast.

  13. Oh I have had the squirrels, the problem is the blogging and the linking up. My blogger has gone all weird on me. I KNOW it has updated, but I can only see a few lines at a time when I type, and as for inserting photos... well don't start me. And for some reason I cant comment now on blogs from my phone. How come I hit 60 and I have become a technophobe. Anyhows, I love, simply love your blue quilt Sandra. A really successful quilt. Now, if I can chase my squirrels in the right direction, I can maybe link up next time


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