Saturday, May 29, 2021

DrEAMi! #52

Has the month of May contained beautiful weather and the only squirrels you've chased are those of the furry kind, out of your bird feeders, or has the weather been a little iffy and you've managed to chase squirrels of the fabric kind in your studio? Sarah @fabricaddictquilts has a squirrel who is at Olympic levels at her bird feeder. Click that link or the still to watch the little video; crazy!

Sometimes I feel like that squirrel, living on the edge with a deadline looming, but just needing to sew on a particular oh-so-fun quilt. Can you relate? It happened this past week!

I should be sewing the big seam in the backing fabric for the 'Believe in Unicorns' throw quilt for FYOP QAL and loading it to start quilting in preparation for the June 15 parade of quilts for this year's QAL, but I 'just wanted to try this one thing'...

Before I knew it I had a quilt top, and, well, since it was a small quilt, and I knew how I would quilt it, I suddenly had a finished quilt, which I named Blossoms Every Which Way
Modelled (photo-bombed) by the newest member of our pack, Xena. I had to use that photo again; she's just so darn cute!

The unicorns backing? Yeah, I'm on it. Or I will be. But first I need to finish my red string bowtie blocks for RSC. And I've got an idea percolating for Joy's at Joyful Quilter table scraps...😝

Last month we had this beautiful baby quilt from Marie at Octopus Patchwork.

In keeping with small or baby quilts, Nancy of Grace and Peach Quilting made another gingham quilt. I am resisting making one, with not a lot of success, already know what colour scheme I am going to pull, already talked to the organizer of a place where I know I will give the quilt, so yeah, I should be having another DrEAMi this month/week...

Betcha can't resist making at least one of the above temptations! And with that, let's see what you were tempted by over the past month. Remember to use the hashtag #dreamimoment on Instagram. There's a pretty tempting pool of squirrels gathering there.

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  1. I am finally to a point where I could chase a sewing squirrel and just went after it! So fun! Thanks for hosting us, Sandra.

  2. Oh yes, a little squirrel did visit this month, and I was so glad! Love that version of FYOP - now I want to go find more fabric and make another!

  3. Xena makes a great photobomber! What a cutie.

  4. I like the gingham quilt and am tempted to start one.

  5. I love that my SpiderSquirrel made your post this month! He's out there once again, even as I write this post, doing his acrobatic thing....

  6. Squirrels here too & I'll do a post later today, though photos outside have been hard lately due to so much inclement weather, but hopefully by the time I need my FYOP ones, we'll have had a few good ones. Thanks for hosting our linkups, take care & hugs.

  7. Haha! That squirrel!!! I like your quilt design in the blossom theme, Sandra!!! Thank you for featuring my gingham quilt. They are a true squirrel project--I have about 13 more coming down the chute!?!

  8. Squirrels are such funny little rodents. We don't have any at our house, but only because we have no trees and I dearly miss having trees. I saw the arrows on another blog but couldn't figure out how they would go in her quilt and now I get to see it! I'm glad you wanted to try just one thing and finished it.

  9. I love your little quilt. And I'm also tempted by that baby quilt. I'm just now trying to add a couple of hour to every day.

  10. Blossoms Every Which Way -- wow, definitely worthy of chasing that squirrel! Oh, Xena, I'm going to love her photobombs. :-)

  11. Thank you for featuring my baby quilt! It was so fun to be able to start and finish a project so quickly!
    I love your new version of every which way. and congrats on welcoming Xena