Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Follow Your Own Path QAL - Third Set of Four Blocks

I am hearing that the blocks are easy to make, yay me, and I'm seeing some beautiful colour combinations, yay you, and I'm excited to see these quilts grow, yay us! If you missed linking up your progress in last week's linky, not to worry, there is the hashtag on Instagram, #followyourownpathqal. Thank you so much to those of you who have been sharing your progress; it gives me such a thrill.

Here we are at the half way point of block making, and the start of May! Get ready to grab your fabrics in the third colour family for this week's four blocks.
You may have noticed that I am back to .com.  As I said in my previous post, it seemed like a good idea at the time... I had excellent help on the original switch with some minor issues through the Google chat as well as their help desk through email. However, I recently discovered that there were some issues with older posts, such as my tutorials, or my quilt gallery posts, that either wouldn't go anywhere, or would bounce back to the home page. Most annoying and unhelpful when I want this to be a helpful site with inspiration and how-to's! So, it's back to .com (which I did all by my little old self and it worked just fine) and shall forever remain that, amen. Make that ah-women. 😇

All right, so here's the deal for this week! You pick your third colour family to work with, and you pick which direction you want the arrows to point for this family, and off you go! I don't need to provide piecing directions because there are only two ways, right or left, for your blocks to point!

Click the link to be taken to the instructions for that specific shadowed arrow block. 

As a reminder, you can always choose to have all sixteen arrow blocks pointing in the same direction, as for the throw:

And you don't necessarily have to have just four colour families either, as is evident in the above EQ drawing!

I received some more gorgeous fabric from Benartex on Friday. If you didn't see it on Instagram, here it is:

The majority of these are Fossil Fern, a longstanding line of Benartex's, several of which I've bought. These are some of the newest colours, just beautiful, so painterly. The light one is New Hue in cream, a basic by Kanvas for Benartex. It has a faint metallic dot throughout, very pretty. The paisley at the top is a wide back that I am using to back this quilt. It will be in an upcoming issue of Make Modern. In with these fabrics was the bundle that is one of the prizes for the QAL.
Seventeen fat quarters of this beautiful line!

And an update on the temperature quilt, first quarter complete!

April hasn't been joined because I've decided to replace the dark orange you see in March with Kona Mango, a more medium orange, which you see in mid-April. I felt that there wasn't enough contrast between it and the orange Grunge which you see popping up in the second week of April. I think the gradation is good now between cheddar, mango and Grunge, all of which are in use in April. I've learned if something keeps niggling at me, I need to fix it, so there will be a little more unpicking and reinserting in my future. I'll have my May update on Instagram shortly: I got to use a new colour, Lipstick, for Sunday's high of 25! 

Happy sewing, and I'll see you in one week for the final four blocks, and layout decisions!


  1. Pretty fabrics! Your temperature quilt is looking good!

  2. I'm back on track!! I forgot to link up on the weekend, but I've shared on IG. The blocks are easy to piece. It didn't take me long to catch up.

  3. I figured out a silly thing the other day, Sandra! Any arrow block can go either way, depending on where you want the shadow section to be oriented, above or below. Light bulb moment, lol! Love the look of your temperature quilt, and the flow of its colors!

  4. It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks! I’m having trouble remembering to press the seams open! As it goes along, I’ll get better! Wait till you see the green blocks! Bad fabric choice, but I’m not changing it! I’m making the baby quilt and babies don’t care!

  5. Been busy & although I've made progress with FYOP I couldn't link up last time, but will for the next one. Ummm.......mine has gone it's "own way", but now I'm thinking of another one as I love that little block.(smile). Which issue? Take care, stay safe & hugs.

  6. I love the arrow blocks and the temperature quilt looks great.