Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Follow Your Own Path QAL - Fourth Set of Four Blocks and Final Layout

As is always the case, it seems unbelievable that we are on the final four blocks and final layout day! I know a few of you have finished all the blocks, and, not to mention any names, but I know of at least one who has her top finished. I'm always glad to hear that people are excited and just go right on ahead. Remember to show off your progress by using #followyourownpathqal on Instagram.
Some of you observant (probably all of you) may have noticed that the shadow, or darker arrow is underneath the main arrow on the hop graphic, yet in the ezine, it's above. As long as you keep it consistent, above or below, it will be fine. Personally, I see the shadow below the main arrow, but depending on the light source, it could be above!
So, if you haven't made your final four blocks, this is the week to do that. Once they are done, then you can head to the design wall to play with your layout. 

The baby quilt has the arrows going in different directions in a horizontal flow.
The blues point to the left, while the greens point to the right, and so on.

What if you had them all going in the same direction, with the colours aligned diagonally?

This is the layout I chose for the throw. I split one colour family in half, with two in the bottom left corner and the other two in the top right. You could mix everything up too; there are lots of possibilities.

The throw does not have any borders. It should measure 54" x 60" when all blocks are sewn together.

The baby quilt has two sets of borders. The ezine Modern by the Yard has the instructions for how to add them. 

Of course, you can always add borders to the throw to make it bigger, or you could omit the borders for the baby quilt. Make it your own!

Just to show you yet another possibility, you could just sew nine of the larger sized blocks used in the throw, and end up with a 41" x 45" baby quilt! This is what I am going to do with the blocks I'm making for my third rendition of the quilt. Fun!

I didn't get all my latest arrow blocks sewn because I spent way too much time making five more Tiny Tuesday blocks this past weekend. You may have seen them on Instagram.

Once you have decided upon your layout, sew the blocks into either rows or columns, pressing the seams to the background blocks. This helps them nest together nicely. Sew the rows or columns together, forming the quilt top. Press, step back, and smile!

Next week I will be back with some ideas as to what to make with those cut off HSTs, as well as some quilting suggestions. This isn't on the original schedule, but I think it will help. I know it sure did when I showed last year's QAL quilt finished. Final parade of quilts will begin on that famous Canadian's birthday, June 15, so you've got plenty of time.

Happy sewing! And thank you so much for sewing along.


  1. As I've not got IG, mine will have to wait until the final showing if you do a link up on your blog. I want to get my first one onto the big machine and quilted before June & I'm still working on the other one in between lots of other things I'm trying to get done. Thanks for these QALs as it keeps me motivated. Take care, stay safe & hugs.

  2. I'll be playing with layouts today. Should be fun!

  3. I'm still poking along with my arrows, making one here and one there. I always feel triumphant when I finish another! (Simple pleasures!) It's great that there are so many possible layouts and size choices.

  4. I just made my last set of mini arrows (3"x5")and am now playing with the layout. My bonus triangles are exactly 1"square, including the seam allowance! making something of them is going to be fun!
    I really enjoyed the arrows - thank you Sandra!

  5. Thanks for this quilt along. I found out I cut my larger strips too narrow (should never cut at night) and had to order more fabric. If it doesn't get here or isn't right color I will have to make up something!! In the meantime, this has gone together very easily. Thank you.

  6. Hi Sandra! We were a little late getting started but this sure is a fun QAL. Your instructions are fab and the possibilities for fabric choices are just endless. I've seen such fun versions already - I can hardly wait for the quilt parade. The layout fun will hopefully begin this weekend. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. I couldn’t figure out why my copy of the arrows looked different than the one above....well the copy I downloaded from the magazine showed the quilt tossed on the hood of the blue car upside down! No worries, mine will just be different! Kinda like me! 😀