Saturday, January 28, 2023

DrEAMi #69

I was debating on whether to keep hosting this DrEAMi linkup, when a quote sent to me by Helen at Word Weaver Art made me decide yep, another year won't hurt! She said: "I read a quote once that reminded us that it's good when the muse comes, but you can't always wait on her to begin your task. She has a lousy work ethic." HA!

Well, this linky party is for those projects that the muse brings us that we can't NOT stop until they're made and out of our head! Welcome to the first linky party of 2023. I've had a few this month...

This came about through a DM on my Etsy shop where Eleasha asked if I accepted commissions on my makeup bags. Well yes I did. And poof! Off to the races and away went half of the weekend when I should have been sewing my 'The Art of Riding Thermals' quilt. Ah well. It got done in the end; she chose the colours and fabrics with lots of back and forth-ing, and she loves it, put out a lovely post in her stories. She is using it for her stationery items, and boy, do these hold a ton of pens, erasers, little notebooks, PostIt notes and so forth. So I made a new little video showing just that for the blue one that also grabbed me this month.

With bright and dark blue being the colour for RSC this month, and because I like to make two bags at a time as it's more efficient, I started a second makeup bag, and well, once 'Thermals' was done and blogged, I just HAD to finish that bag.

Of course the two PQ Season 14 projects are drop everything projects:

There were a ton of cut-off triangles from 'Thermals' and the first few I tossed because I have soooo many HSTs I am (uh huh) going to make something with. But then I just couldn't let them go because I could see a lovely table mat maybe, or a couple of placemats, but wait! Hold the phone! I could see a new design for a makeup or stationery bag, and once my SAHRR was done, I let the muse take me away again...

I’ll be finishing this this morning in short order and then turning to my PHD for January. (so she tells herself).
Update: Well, no PHD yet and here we are on Tuesday, because PQ has taken over. I did finish the bag and posted it on Instagram on Sunday, but here we are for the record:

Here is the link if you want to take a look in my Etsy shop.

Here btw is my SAHRR just for the record, in case you didn't catch it on my Instagram:

The first round is spools. I put 3" spools on just two sides, kind of balancing out the wonky centre block. I made them using stitch and flip corners, and put a couple striped ones in there though I may redo the red as the unaligned stripes bug me. I introduced a bit of blue in this round as the palette was just red, green, gold, purple and brown. I had to add two coping strips to the centre block to make it a divisible by 3 number, 12.5" x 15.5". It is now 15.5" x 18.5" 

The party was small in December I would imagine because everyone was focussed on Christmas gifts/projects/activities/family! One I really love is Kate's (Art and Socks) bear modelling the set she knitted:

Have you allowed the squirrels to play in your sewing/quilting room this year? Show us your Drop Everything And Make it project(s)!

Remember this is NOT for works in progress or for regular finishes please. It's just for squirrels! Distractions! Baubles that grab our attention and just have to be made. Right now!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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  1. Your pouches are so pretty - no wonder they sell so well! My DReAMi this month was exactly what you mentioned - something with those cut off triangles from Snow Goose. I just "had to!" Thanks for continuing on with the link-up - you never know when the muse will strike!

  2. Yes, the squirrels have been busy in my sewing room! Mostly, they've been making a mess! It seems every time I go in there, it's worse and then I just walk away. It's good that you've decided to keep the Dreami linkup going again this year, Sandra. I'm going to try "really hard" to write a post monthly and add my link for those squirrely projects. Your zipped bags are just perfect for so many the blues!

  3. I've certainly had a few DrEAMi moments this month (Project Quilting being a new addition for me) along with the I just have to write up a quilt pattern ASAP. It's fun when something really captures our attention. Thanks for hosting!

  4. Bear is thrilled he was featured this month. Thanks for continuing the link up. I love to see what others are doing.

  5. Glad to hear the linkup will continue though not sure I've had any proper squirrels this month as it has been busy with a quick family trip, doctor/dentist appointments (still on catchup from the pandemic), blueberry picking & general catching up slowly in the garden, even through some of the heat. Love your bags & can't wait to see the the others finished. Take care & hugs.

  6. Lovely makeup bags! HST's aplenty over here too, someday they'll grow up and become something.

  7. I'm not sure what happened to my link but it's showing some kind of glass bowl? & Just a picture of my hot pads,sorry I'm not sure how to fix it

  8. Hi Sandra! I'm so glad you decided against ending this fun monthly party. I cannot believe it is the end of January already, though. Gosh, that set that Kate made and shared on the bear is so darn cute! I can see why your makeup bags are selling well - they are a good size and so well made, not to mention cute. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. Ha ha ha!!! That muse! She can be amazing... but you just can't count on her!

  10. Other than the Project Quilting challenges, there have been a lack of squirrels in my quilt room lately. I am going to try to find them in February - they must be lurking somewhere . . .

  11. Zippered pouches do hold a lot. I've used them for stationery as well.

  12. Love both the pouches that you finished this month. Love your SAHRR, the spools really work well with your center.

  13. The bags you make are really cute, but the one with the triangles is too cool!