Friday, January 6, 2023

Project Quilting 14.1 One

When I read the challenge, "The First One", almost immediately I knew what I was going to make! I think this is the earliest (Tuesday evening!) that I have finished a project for Project Quilting which is hosted by Kim Lapacek.

For some time I have wanted to make a make up bag using a whole cloth technique. This was the perfect opportunity!

A few days ago I came across a little stack of leftover Island Batik fabrics, 'Citified' by Sherry Shish, that I had won from Anja at Anja Quilts. I really love white thread on a white fabric and the top fabrics happened to be white. Perfect!

Well not exactly perfect; there wasn't enough of any of the whites to make two sides of a bag. Not to worry; they're very similar in tone. I layered it with Thermore by Hobbs Batting. It's very thin batting that gives terrific texture.

I pulled out Christina Cameli's Step-by-Step Texture Quilting, looking for the large pebble in a grid design I'd done on my longarm machine cover. However, the design I chose just leapt out at me, and so I originally thought I'd do it on one side and the pebble on the other.
Sulky rayon thread on top for a gorgeous sheen; Aurifil 50wt in the bobbin for beautiful tension and gorgeous, beautiful Bella overseeing the entire operation!

Once I was done quilting it on my Bernina, I thought nope, my quilt inspector, Bella, thought, in keeping with the 'one' theme, I should  do one motif on both sides. So I did.
The lower corners didn't get quilted because they get cut away to box the bottom.

Then it was time to look for a lining. I wanted a contrast. I wanted some Art Gallery Fabrics because the hand is so lovely, and similar to the fine hadn't of the batik. After a few pulls from my stash, it occurred to me that I should use some fabric that I 'won' - get it?! And then it hit me that hey! I'd won the batiks from Anja, so it the idea was sealed.

The lining fabric I settled on is what I 'won' from Mari in the Hands2Help comfort quilt drive in 2021. Everyone gets a prize, so it's not exactly what I won but close enough!

I did plan the quilting so the checkerboard effect would work at the zipper as well as at the sides of the bag. 

The bag is listed here in my Etsy shop, though I seriously considered keeping it! However I have um...probably half a dozen makeup/toiletries bags that I've made so I think I can let this one go!
One fabric. One quilting motif. Project #1 complete of 2023. Using only fabric I 'won'😉

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: original design
Size: 9.5" x 5.5"
Fabric: 'Citified' by Sherry Shish for Island Batik
Batting: Thermore by Hobbs Batting
Lining: 'Garden Dreamer' by Maureen Cracknell for AGF
Quilted: on my Bernina
Threads: pieced with Sulky rayon and Aurifil cotton; quilted with Sulky rayon; Aurifil 50 wt cotton in the bobbin

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  1. Well done! I've made a baby quilt top. I'm going to try to FMQ on my new machine on Saturday. ☺

  2. Fun play on words and beautiful bag! I love that you knew immediately what you would do when you read the prompt; kismet.

  3. Love it!!! The "one" colour and "one" quilting design, paired with fabric you "won" is a perfect match!

  4. how neat! love your bag and the quilting and is that your cat? so pretty

  5. Pretty bag, pretty cat, pretty clever.

  6. No, wait, this can't be Sandra's blog. It's not the last minute yet. So many creative ideas coming forth for the theme of "one". And it's Bella approved.

  7. Well, that's very clever-- one, one, won, won! Doesn't that make four? :)

  8. One, one and Won, they all add up to another beautiful bag, I would say this is a keeper.

  9. Love the one play on words, very clever!

  10. Fabulous. I know what I'm going to do but my main sewing machine is officially sick. Part ordered. Michelle in Scotland.

  11. Great idea!! The quilting texture on that is pretty cool!!!

  12. Very nice! I alway forget about doing whole cloth quilting before making a zipper bag. So, I appreciate the reminder! It's an adorable bag that I bet by now has already been sold. Good for you!

  13. Well done you!. Love that bag & I can see someone enjoying using it when they've purchased it. Take care & hugs.

  14. I love the pun of it all; a gorgeous bag!

  15. Hi Sandra, what a lovely bag. I was perusing through your blog and saw that it was Project Quilting time again - so I rushed right off to make my own little project. I've done that FMQ design by Christina Cameli - on a gift basket that I made based on her Craftsy course. I love it also. Thanks so much for linking up both of your projects on Free Motion Mavericks! Take care.

  16. It's been fun to see how different people have interpreted this challenge. It's a beautiful bag, the white makes it really elegant looking.

  17. Way to carry the theme through to the finish, Sandra!