Wednesday, January 18, 2023

So Much to Say!

There is a lot in the post today, but I'll keep it short so I can get back to work. I've been busy, though not crazy busy. I have a few irons in the fire as they say, and I'm here to tell you all about each one. First of all, the Villa Rosa Designs blog hop begins this week; my day to post is Sunday, January 22. My top is done, and it has marinated on the design wall overnight while I contemplate taking off the extra row I did, which is sort of but not quite, a border. My gut is leaning, though only slightly leaning, towards taking it off. It does add that bit of unexpected, wait, let me look again, idea. Here is the block you may have seen on Instagram.

There are a ton of prizes to be won during this hop which begins tomorrow, January 19! The schedule is below.

The Stay At Home Round Robin has started, running  from January 16 through March 13, and hosted by Quilting Gail and five other bloggers. I have watched each year with avid interest as the quilts evolve. I am going to join in this year, hoping I haven't added too much to my burgeoning list of activities. Since when has that ever stopped me? Ha! I'll be posting my centre block on Instagram.

In the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, I have decided upon my main project, one that was in Quick & Easy Quilts, the August/September 2022 issue, to which my library subscribes. It is a design by a Saskatchewan quilter, cool! Here are my first four blocks in dark and bright blues. I am restricting myself to what is in my scrap boxes, and drawers, which contain 1/4 yard and less, remainders and stash, so it will be a lot more scrappy than her original design.

I've already started working on one Hands2Help project with another percolating. This first quilt project might deviate a little from the one in the magazine (the same magazine, incidentally, as my RSC!) because I think I will make the stars in rainbow colours, but dark ones, as opposed to all black on grey background. It uses a ton of 2.5” squares, which I’ve been cutting from my leftovers of novelty and floral prints in an endeavour to get rid of them. My AccuQuilt Go! Cube cutter 2.5” die has been put to great use.

Project Quilting 14.2 challenge is out and I know exactly what I'm doing, but the Villa Rose Designs quilt must first be finished. No teaser pics here.

You may recall my latest pattern, Rainbow Neighbourhood, the link to which is on my sidebar. Well, it has been getting some love, much to my delight.

Tomorrow I'll have a post explaining just exactly how much love has been shown by a quilting group in North Carolina! They are doing such a cool activity. The other exciting news in the RN department is that Island Batik is sending me fabric to make the twin size quilt! That will mean I can put a photo of an actual twin quilt beside the throw quilt on the cover. I will be supplementing fabric a bit from my own Island Batik stash from my ambassador days, but they are supplying the bulk of the fabric. So far only darling Michelle has made the actual quilt, which I just adore:

My version is going to be using a rich midnight blue background with the rainbow neighbourhood of houses and flora situated upon it. 

Finally, a little plug for Make Modern, an ezine to which I've subscribed for several years now. They just published their 50th issue, and it is another beautiful one with ten patterns and various articles within it. I love seeing quilt designers' works from all over the world published in this magazine. That link is an affiliate one, just so you know. I'm a happy subscriber, affiliate, and contributor...
Since I didn't have any quilts published in magazines last year, I've decided this year to pursue that a bit more, and I have one already accepted for Make Modern November/December. I'm really pumped about it! I have three more submissions, one more for them and two for Golden Peak Media, that I'm waiting to hear back on.

As promised, here is the lineup of bloggers for the Villa Rosa Designs hop which starts tomorrow!

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  1. Oh you are busy! How do you keep your sanity? Looking forward to seeing these projects evolve.

  2. I love that I can borrow quilt magazines from the library. I get the e copies so I don't even have to worry about getting them back!

  3. You have a lot of irons in the fire and I am excited to see more. And ooh, I'm especially interested to learn about what is going on with Rainbow Neighbourhood. Yay!

  4. Wow, how busy are you! All sounds good & exciting & look forward to hearing more about them. Issue 50 of MM was good and in April I get to meet Lara at AQC in Melbourne. Look forward to it. I've thought about another submission, but didn't realise they had that much already if yours is not till the end of the year. With all that you have ahead, are you doing the usual QAL in April.? Take care & hugs from down under.

  5. That little ivory strip that meets the blue triangle... barely, yet perfectly different from the other ivory strips. I love that so much.

  6. You've got some fun projects in the works for the RSC this year. I'm doing the SAHRR for the first time this year, like you I'm hoping I've not bit off too much on the new project front. Good luck with all your efforts at getting patterns into magazines. It's always fun to open a quilt magazine and recognize the author of a pattern.

  7. You have been busy and it's fun to see snippets of what you've been working on! It looks like you and I chose the same pattern for the blog hop, but I look forward to seeing your take on it as our color choices are completely different! Happy sewing!

  8. You amaze me! Hooray for the IB Rainbow quilt. I plan on making it....are you doing it as hop? I would wait to start but might with my blues for RSC....have to get through this week's hops first!

  9. My Sandra: Such amazing projects you have going. It is so fun to see them and read about your successes. Congratulations on having a pattern selected for MM in Nov/December. And a twin houses quilt will be great. The thing about sewing with scraps is that all of our projects keep producing them, so it is a never ending supply. Look forward to seeing your Villa Rosa quilt.

  10. Your year has got off to a busy, but exciting, start!

  11. You're a busy lady!!! But it all looks like fun! I'll be following the Villa Rose blog hop!!! It promises to be full of eye candy! Happy Quilting!

  12. sounds like retirement suits you! good for you!