Thursday, June 27, 2024

Gratitude and Glimmers #85

The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise.
It is not that we seize them,
but that they seize us.
--Ashley Montagu

I like that perfect description of a glimmer. Welcome to my post for June where I share things that have given me a glimmer of joy over the past month. You can find links to more posts like this one at LeeAnna's blog, Not Afraid of Color.

1. I think the thing I like best this month happened on June 26 around 2 am. The tiniest of foals was born on Black Goat Sanctuary, which is just under 300 km northeast of me in Ontario. I've followed them on Instagram @totes.thegoat for some time, but since they saved the latest two mini horses, who were used as they do female dogs in a puppy mill, I've not missed a post or story I do believe!

Sophie and Freya came to them, starving, with horrible hooves from lack of care, and surprisingly, both were pregnant. Look at that photo, showing what just a few months of good nutrition and care can do for sweet mama Sophie. Freya delivered a filly, Daphne, who is such a hoot, on May 4. Sophie delivered a colt early Wednesday morning and it’s such a good thing Megan, one of the founders, was watching on camera because he couldn’t break through the membrane, and had she not RUN down to the barn to break it open, we would’ve had a very sad story. He’s so tiny!! Only 16 pounds! The vet has been out to give his mama some pain meds, as it was a hard labour on that poor old girl, and to check on the little guy because he wouldn't latch. He'll be getting some blood work done tomorrow to check if he got enough colostrum (they pumped from Sophie and fed him). He is nursing now though, milk bubbles at the mouth and all! The photo below shows you just how tiny the baby is!

Megan's husband is the measuring stick!

I follow a few sanctuaries and they are a lift to my spirits and a balm for the soul. I love animals and it is so good to see good people doing good in this world. 

2. I love dogs. I love how often Rufus lies with his paws crossed. 

And I love the newly reshaped beds in our ‘oasis’ garden

I love taking him for a walk at the Leamington marina

I like how Bella decided to join the family watching one of the Oilers vs Panthers games. She didn’t stay on the couch long, but she hung out in the same room at least! 

3. I like how many times Bella poses and slowly blinks, owl-like at me. 

 From top left down: Coming from anywhere in the house when she hears ice cream is being served (Rufus does this too);  stretching out because it’s hot; yes I like a blob of coffee cream but only if I ASK for it; otherwise forget it; joining me in yoga—she prefers savasana pose;stretching out (note her back feet are on either side of the chair leg!) on the deck with us; and finally the big photo is evenng before-bed nap in her hammock. I can’t with her tail!

4. I am thrilled that a local florist and gift shop wants to sell my makeup bags! Here are three I dropped off in colours she requested. 

5. I like this sign I saw in Home Hardware when I bought an oriole feeder.

6. I also love this post I saw on Instagram. So well said. 

7. I love this weeping willow tree I see when I go this route on my daily walk. 
It’s really that green!

8. A show I watched in June on Netflix called Secrets of the Octopus was absolutely captivating and so informative. I’ve read two books in the past year, one fiction, the other non-fiction, on octopuses and they are fascinating intelligent creatures, older than dinosaurs. I also enjoyed Adrienne Arsenault’s interview with Céline Dion on CBC Gem, and I’ve started the documentary on Prime which is searing in her honesty and openness. I’ve loved her from the very early days and have several CDs which are now in my digital library since I downsized my collection. I like streaming TV, and I like the family sharing that allows me to watch Prime and Disney+ through Brianne’s subscription. We’ve shared our Netflix with our daughters for years though now Dayna lives in the States she has the US version. 

9. I love spaghetti. I love it even more when it’s made with some frozen tomatoes from last year’s garden and a basil ‘bomb’ I made from this year’s garden topped with freshly picked basil sprinkles. Add Caesar salad with homemade dressing and a glass of rosé from the south of France (beautiful dry wine), oh, and a slice of bread and I am one very happy diner!

10. Last of all I love that Brady’s health has improved so that we can bring him here again in July for a lovely couple of weeks visit!


  1. There is a lot to love in this post, but the news about Brady's health and upcoming visit are super joyful indeed!!

  2. Brady, fantastic news, and a flying visit, that will be so wonderful.

  3. The small things really add up to a lot. Plus the big thing on Brady's health and you are over the top with the good stuff.

  4. how absolutely lovely, yes to the reminders to live and let live and notice the miracles of nature, yea for Brady, LOVE animals and hope that tiny baby thrives along with mama, and what recipe do you use for cesar dressing? Hasn't Rufus matured into a good boy!

  5. The mini horse and her foal are the best story! I'm going to go follow them on Instagram, too. Such a beautiful tree - that's a wonderful sight on your walk! And I'm so glad Brady is doing so well. I bet you can hardly wait for him to come visit!

  6. You have lots of glimmers for June. But the best has to be that Brady is doing so much better. Hope you have a couple of very fun weeks with him.

  7. SO much to be thankful for! I love all of the things that you're grateful for - and especially for Brady's improved health!

  8. What beautiful glimmers...and you saved the best for last!!! I've been thinking of Brady and just dropped you a note yesterday. That miniature horse story is like a Cinderella story with a beautiful ending. Love the tree. And both Brady and Rufus as such wonderful friends. I hope July is just as full of wonderful glimmers/

  9. I like how our amazing pets benefit our health and mental fitness. The story of the now-mother horses was captivating. Such a sweet story. Let's hope the little one continues to thrive.

  10. I haven’t been regularly ready my favorite blogs due to my own “gut issues” , so I didn’t know about your Brady! Wow that’s a bummer. Our oldest granddaughter has suffered similarly for years. She was finally diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, and after almost 8 years is doing better. She does still have “ flare days” but much less frequently! I am so glad to hear Brady is doing better. It’s not fun, for sure.
    I love your Star blocks. I definitely want to do some of those!

  11. Oh, such good news about Brady....the news I was hoping to see. Love your loves...watching baby animals and live animals in our midst is so soothing for the soul. Willows are among my favorite trees (white birches also) and i love there really is a Willow on Willow St where we live. I will think of you on your walk too when I walk by mine today.


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