Saturday, June 29, 2024

Rainbow Scraps Progress

I’ve been so focussed on the Grinch quilt, makeup bags, and my quilt along quilt, Spring Sparkles, that the RSC projects June blocks only got done this week. I have two ongoing projects this year. Here is my blue work for the month of June:

I am really liking the Strippy Stars blocks on black with light and dark grey corners.

Project one is a Lego bricks style block using strips, though sadly never enough of them! I’m making two 10” finished  blocks each month. The plan is to make them in eight colours for a 40 in.² quilt. Here they all are so far:

My second project came about because of Anne-Marie of Stories from the Sewing Room who is making my Strippy Stars quilt I made last year for her current RSC project. It really made me want to make more of those fun blocks. The centre is a crumb block and the star points are made by making a large strips block for a eight at a time HST method. The free tutorial is here.

Because I only started this a couple of months ago, I have to play catch up! This one will be like the first one, nine blocks for a 48 in.² quilt.

I am looking forward to an event-filled long weekend here: not only are we celebrating Canada Day, but the neighbouring town, Leamington, is also celebrating its 150th birthday. There is a classic cars cruise down Erie Street from downtown to the dock and back with not one, but two car shows and two days of live entertainment at two venues, one downtown and the other at Seacliff Beach at the Sunset Amphitheater. We plan to attend them both for part of the performances. July 1 sees two big names in country music, (of which neither of us are fans but we do love live music) Michelle Wright and Terri Clark. These are free! We’ll take in Terri Clark most likely because following her performance are the fireworks over the lake, which are always a treat even though I have mixed feelings about them, cost and animals effects.

I am standing at the end of Erie Street with the dock to my right which is where the Pelee Island ferry comes in, looking out to the harbour and marina. 

I do love my country and am, like my dad, a proud Canadian, though I do feel the weight of the colonization that happened with the grave horrors of trying to wipe out a culture and its people, much like what is happening currently in Gaza and the West Bank. We have made progress in reconciliation, but not enough. I hope to see a lot more of the 94 Calls to Action from the 2015 Truth and Reconcilation Commission met in my lifetime.

94 Quilt from 2021

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  1. Both scrappy projects are coming along beautifully. Happy Canada Day!

  2. The stars are so much fun. It is never too late to add a new project to the list if something catches your eye.

  3. You've had a full month and I'm glad you still had time to finish up RSC blocks. Enjoy your event filled weekend!

  4. Love your Strippy Stars. Thank you for the free tutorial

  5. Hi Sandra! Oh, that picture of the Lake just gives me the chills it's so pretty. I, too, enjoy fireworks except when I think of all the animals and people with PTSD. Each time you share a new RSC's monthly block of string stars, it makes me want to go make a bunch myself. I just LOVE how those look and how the project is slowly coming together. Gotta love secondary patterns! Happy Canadian Day, my friend. {{Hugs}} a bunch. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Happy Canadian Day, Sandra. What a busy month. Love your RSC blocks and the way you use up your (never ending) scraps! It sounds like you will have an event filled weekend. Fireworks, live music and a car show! Enjoy.

  7. Enjoy your celebrations...there are many. The picture is so beautiful...and so perfect. Last year we were in the harbor taking the ferry home for the fireworks, so much fun. Percy didn't love them, so I do feel badly for those who have trouble with it. Your RSC blocks are stunning!

  8. I'm loving those bright and cheerful blocks, Sandra!!

  9. Love all your blocks and I'm really enjoying creating my version of your pattern. Maybe next year I should try your strip blocks. 😄


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