Sunday, April 13, 2014


First moment of "crazy"
Went one last time to JoAnn's (I KNOW; I'm so bad; like we don't have them in Detroit...)  However, I NEEDED to use my two 50% off coupons which only started today, to buy some duck cloth and Pellon Fusible Fleece to make a couple of bags.  Well, the bar code hadn't loaded on my JoAnn coupon on my iPhone, drat, and so she suspended my order so I could go next door to Five Guys Burgers to see if they had free wifi, nope.  So, a crazy dash across the parking lot to a restaurant in which we once ate to piggyback on their wifi, to reload the coupon (in 90 degree heat today too) to save $8.  Sidenote to those of you who have Smart phones and are wondering why I don't have internet on my iPhone...well, I do, with my Canadian Telus SIM card.  However, we put in our American AT&T SIM card when we're down here, which is a GoPhone plan, and it doesn't have internet, or if it does, I think it's really expensive.

Second moment of crazy
was making a crazy left turn on a 6-lane 50-mph state road, and parking in a closed barber shop, (that I think might just be the barber's house when it's "CLOSED", oops) and and risking my neck by braving the perils of fire ants, spiders, and snakes, to get a pic of "my" jacaranda tree,  ... then later a crazy u-turn on that same state road to go home.

Oh yeah, it was worth it.  And these were taken with my almost-3-year-old iPhone 4!  Might have to walk down there with my HD iPad.

Started off my Sunday just "splendiferously": went to Rosemary Court for Ashtanga, Mysore-style, just wonderful.  Followed that up (after a coffee and scone of course!) with a 3-mile dogwalk as per usual Sunday route.  Mother Nature gave me a gorgeous splash of colour, just like last Sunday with the teal and black Kingfisher.

Third moment of crazy!

White or Giant Bird of Paradise Flower

Stunning colours
The foliage looks so much like Joe's banana plants he grew last year.  He didn't get any flowers, however.  I did not know what exactly this was, so I googled blue flowering banana plant, and voilà!  I found this site.  (Scroll down a little ways.)  Cool. So it is also known as a Wild Banana!

I think that is a pretty crazy-looking (in a drop-dead gorgeous way) flower!


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