Saturday, April 12, 2014

Reflections 2

It occurred to me that I did not stay on topic as I had planned yesterday, but veered off into talking about our "last time" things we are doing as the countdown is happening.

Sniff, sniff!  I decided to pack up my sewing room today.  Of course I'm now assailed by a driving urge to machine quilt my Brrr! Park quilt.  Too bad; the only project I've left myself is my Self Round Robin appliqué and the hand-quilting on that runner that I might just get finished.  I do have a couple of items that have not fit into that Rubbermaid tub, sewing machine caddy, and navy blue toolbox, shocker, I know.  I LOVE that toolbox, bought in the hardware department at Canadian Tire several years ago, it has followed me to many a retreat, and now two trips to our condo!

So, back to reflections.  17 books.  Yoga classes.  A wonderful 4 1/2 months at Rosemary Court doing Ashtanga again.  I will miss it!!  I can't work for money here in the US, but I wanted to keep my toes in teaching Yin yoga.  So I started teaching in our clubhouse on Saturday mornings for free, just for the residents here in the 'hood.  It was a win-win situation:  I got to continue teaching, they got introduced to this awesome and much-needed style of yoga, and there were such a variety of abilities and ages that I got to use my brain a lot to help modify poses for people.  Today was our last day, and the group, 8 regulars, gathered around me at the end to give me a thank you card and a Vanilla Visa gift card!  I was so touched; it was so sweet of them.  It is a wonderful group of people, and we plan to reconvene in the Fall.

Such good times with several friends down here:  attending two different guild meetings and a quilt show, kayaking twice, bike-riding, dog-walking, wine and snacks with the gals within our condo building on a couple of occasions, a short but special few days with Dayna here, car races, suppers together here with John and Brandy, going out for breakfast, day trips with Kingsville neighbours, a wonderful day with Lorraine who I hadn't seen for 6.5 years, beach walks. . . good memories to revisit time and time again.

Sewing.  So I brought 26 projects.  I got 11 finished.  Wow!  That's more than I thought I had accomplished!  I know finishing two of the three charm squares quilts was a real surprise for me.  The third charm square quilt goes into the other category, that of "well on their way to being finished" quilts.  In that category I have four quilts: the third charm square quilt, the hand-quilted runner, a Gears wall-hanging for my husband,  and Brrr! Park.  Woot!  Woot!

I've written 66 posts since we got here!  Not counting this one.  I've made a new friend in Nevada, Christa Watson, whose blog is so good, and who is so kind to write back to my comments, read some of my posts, and even comment on a few!
My name in lights, lol.  #3  (picture used with permission)

I've become intrigued with Modern Quilting.  Discovered more online quilt shops than Hancock's of Paducah!  I am quite amazed at just how much of my shopping this winter has been done online.  The world is changing.  This winter I read less magazines, but more blogs.  If I could just figure out WHY it won't add them into my sidebar, you could see the ones I follow.  Grrr.  I did change the layout tonight, even customized it a bit so the pictures are a bigger display.  I'm still trying to figure out how to add some tabs so I can put my tutorials under one "folder".  I like organization.

I've started a regular meditation practice.  I love it.  It was the weekend in West Palm Beach with Sarah Powers that did it.  I'm discovering more about myself, liking myself more, honouring myself more, getting my mind out of some of its worn down futile tracks.  I am filled with gratitude and happiness daily.  Really!

And I'm on my way to getting a pattern published.  A goal I didn't know I had, but has now formed.

Wow.  It has been a most productive, yet never frenzied, few months!  Now, to write these posts in a more productive manner, without taking over an hour, as this one has, sigh.

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  1. Wow that's one looong list of accomplishments of which you should be VERY proud!!