Tuesday, April 8, 2014


.... albeit slow progress.

I've been avoiding my Self Round Robin for many weeks.  First it was just the thought of how to find the perfect appliqué for the four corners.  But I managed to narrow it to 2 or 3.  Then I found a couple of others, and decided on one.  Enlarged it.  Nope.  It didn't adequately fill the space, and it was too much of a repeat of the centre.  Back to searching.

Here is my quilt so you can remember it:

I put it on point during Dayna's visit...at the end of February, egad!  I'm not a big fan of appliqué, and doing all that I did on Seaside Rose kind of makes me cringe at the thought of what I've got myself in for. However, I LOVE it on point, and I AM excited as to how it is going to turn out, despite the somewhat daunting task of doing all the appliqué, which I will do by machine.  The centre block is by hand.

So today I did not turn on my machine.  However I have spent some time prepping the appliqué, and I'm only half done.

Gosh, this glass dining table is a gem as a lightbox!  I'm modifying a pattern from April 2014 "American Patchwork & Quilting" magazine.  I am so far behind in this guild project, it's not even funny.  Sigh.

Today we spent a bunch of time running errands, and when we got home, I spent time on the computer, putting together and printing out a comprehensive Condo Closing List much like that we have for closing our house in the Fall.  I also booked our Charleston hotel and investigated a couple of dog kennels in Savannah.  I am so excited because we are going home a different way this time, and taking an extra day. This is so that we can stay in Savannah, Georgia, on the first day, and then Charleston, West Virginia on the second.  From Charleston to Detroit it is only 6 hours, so an easy final day.  I know that Detroit/Windsor is within a day's driving distance of so much of the eastern US, but it continues to amaze me just how close. 

And, I finished The Tiger's Wife this morning.  Excellent.  I just loved her use of language, the symbolism, and the deep connection between grandfather and granddaughter.  I loved the interweaving of stories within the novel too.

Off to trace some more flower parts!

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  1. Pictuuurrrrres!!!!!! Sounds like it'll be a beautiful drive!! I merely have to read the words "West Virginia" and John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads", plays endlessly in my nobby lol.