Thursday, April 10, 2014

Woot! Woot!


On one of my favourite blogs I follow, and a favourite online quilt shop where I have helped clear some shelf space this winter, was a final giveaway of her year of giveaways.  This is Christa Quilts! a blog I've mentioned a few times over the past few months.  She had 14 prizes!!!  I was winner #3 (3 is my favourite number, and my birthdate) and I won a Kona solids layercake! I am SO EXCITED about this, as it's my first win, and I have entered a LOT of giveaways over this winter, all to no avail.

Last night I dreamed this!  In my dream I was telling someone that I never win these blogger giveaways, and I finally won someone's but it was a prize I didn't want.  LOL!!  This is most definitely a prize I DO want!!  I've noticed, in my discovery of Modern Quilting this winter, how the use of solids has become very popular.  I have, like none.  So thanks to Christa's great deals on Kona solids with her old online store (she's now moved to selling precuts through I have been able to gather, a few a lot of solids:

Confession:  I have a few more coming from her store in the mail!
I did buy a pack of fat quarters from Pink Chalk Fabrics, too:

 In the sunshine.... mmm.
And on the kitchen table in a stack.  They make me think of the days when I cross-stitched.  When I bought all the embroidery floss I needed for a project, I loved seeing it together, running my fingers over it, just eating up the colours.

It's hard to know just who to support when there are so many online fabric stores, and your resources are somewhat limited, but Christa's old store has free shipping within the US, which I found is a big plus.  There is no minimum.  That hooked me for sure, as most places require a minimum $$ amount, some as high as $200!  For my birthday present I bought Downton Abbey fabric from Fat Quarter Shop, plus a few others, cough cough, (great sale fabric for backings there) and the shipping cost me $12.  Ouch. Right now they have a free shipping special on orders over $40; when I ordered my fabric it was 20% off all fabric.

I'd actually planned a post reflecting on what I'd accomplished this winter, but I think I'll save that for tomorrow.

It's time to make supper.  Speaking of eating up, we are eating up our pantry stock as much as possible, so tonight it's veggie lasagne, mmm.  Next week, we head back north to Kingsville.