Tuesday, May 13, 2014

One Step Forward...Two Back?

I think this is the longest stretch I've gone without posting, from May 9 to May 13 today.  I feel like the salmon spawning, struggling against the current of life.  However, it's all good.  This morning I felt a little anxious about my lack of accomplishments over the past few days, but I went for a 5 km walk with Rocco after reading email and hopping around on several of the blogs I follow.  Barely 1 km into our walk, after breathing in the chi of Lake Erie and the ancient cottonwoods, savouring the wonderfully warm and humid air today, I felt much better and centred once more!

Here is one of the on-the-go projects: quilting Summer Daze.  I am doing a basic stipple, but I might go back in and "ribbon" the stipple, a tip from Cynthia's Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework.

I've also been cutting and cutting, and sorting through my scraps...
Organized chaos this evening
I think there are the makings of three quilts in that picture.  Note the cool Rubbermaid drawer organizers I picked up at XS Cargo in Windsor for $1.99 on Saturday!  Perfect for storing 2.5" squares.  And yup, that is a mostly cleaned-out dish of catfood in the top right corner....Bella has taken to preferring to eat on my cutting/pressing table, as well as drinking water out of a juice glass. . . cats!

For the scrap quilt #5 in Scrap-a-Palooza, I noted that I seemed to have rather a scant supply of dark blues.  Cough.  Not.  I totally forgot about the under 1/2 yard roll-ups I keep in my plastic drawer organizers.  Yay!  So I've been happily slicing off 2.5 strips and cutting the strips into 2.5" squares.  I think I have about 120 squares of both the dark blues and the lights.  It's not enough yet.

And, ta-da!  Here is the Christmas scrap quilt #2 (#3 for me as I'm not doing them in posted order) on the design wall.  I DID have enough Christmas blues to do the centre blue, and then thought that green would flow nicely for the second spiral, meaning the outer one would be red.  As a result, I needed a LOT more red 4.5" squares.  Since I am planning on giving this to my grandson, and red is his favourite colour, it just all fell into place perfectly.  You'd think I planned it that way.

I hope to sew it up tomorrow, finish quilting Summer Daze and MAYBE sew up some blocks for the scrap quilt #5. 

And where is my Self Round Robin?  On the design wall...off the design wall...on the design wall... I am avoiding the appliqué round, I openly admit it!  The guild meeting is one week from today; did I mention yet that I work well under pressure?!


  1. Love that Christmas quilt! It turned out beautifully. So happy to have you sewing up my Scrap-a-palooza quilts.

  2. "Lack" and "accomplishments" should never be found together in the same sentence! For shame! Like you didn't do anything else at all on the days in question??! Your list of accomplishments puts most of us (even us non-quilters lol) to shame in a big way. Never feel that because there may be a gap of a few days that you've accomplished little. You've lived, breathed, loved, eaten, conversed, cuddled..........those are all different types of accomplishments!

  3. You're absolutely right. I will remember this. :-)


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